Ramallah – Report: Israeli Orthodox Rabbi Expresses Support For Palestinian UN Bid


    A photograph supplied by the Palestinian Authority shows Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (R) in a meeting with Israeli Rabbi Menachen Furman, an Israeli peacemaker who lives in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, in his Ramallah, West Bank offices on 31 August 2011. Furman was a founding member of the Gush Emunim movement, but has since forged ties with Palestinians, including the Islamic Hamas movement in order to promote interfaith dialogue.  EPA/MUFEED ABU HASNAH / PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY / HANDOUTRamallah – Rabbi Menachem Froman Wednesday supported and expressed his and other Israeli rabbis’ wishes for success to the Palestinian bid to gain full United Nations membership of a Palestinian state within 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital in September, during his meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas.

    Froman said that establishing a Palestinian state benefits the peace process and Israel, as well as working to achieve comprehensive, just peace and stability for the region and the world.

    Abbas received Froman in his Ramallah headquarters and reiterated the Palestinian leadership’s commitment to the peace process with Israel and that the Palestinian bid follows Israel’s refusal to abide by international law and agreements.

    More at Palestine News Agency

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    1. Not only does this ‘schwantz’ go to meet the enemy for no valid reason, other than self promotion, but this ‘choilem goilem’ is wearing tefillin, to boot.
      With moron’s like this one, who needs……………

    2. Israel’s refusal to abide by international law? Is this Rabbi asleep? What about all the rocket attacks Israel receives from the so-called Palestinians? What about Palestinians non-recognition of Israel and refutation of Jewish claim to Jewish holy sites? Arab countries refuse to allow Palestinians to live freely in their lands because the Arab countries do not recognize Israel. Israel has no right to give away land that Hashem promised to us and for which Jewish blood was spilled defending the Holy Land-which is not holy for any muslim. Giving away land to these people can only result in more harm-the more you give them, the more they want.

    3. Its a legitimage point of view among some frum yidden who live in the settlements so I wouldn’t discount it entirely. They believe it would facilitate a long-term peace process. However, why is this rav wearing tefillin during a political meeting?

      • Shame on you for using Holocaust terminology with respect to an orthodox rabbi who is seeking to engage in direct dialogue. He is not some “armchair” activist since he and his followers live in the area most directly affected by any deal with the Palestinians. He feels that recognition of the Palestinians is consistent with daas torah and you should respect his right to communicate directly with somone who may control the area he lives in withing several months.

    4. Same deal as the Kook Klutz Karta, just that his act is less transparent and he is more intellectual. He appears really misguided when in reality he is the same as they are – looking for attention and willing to do anything for it. The tefillin are an act as well – a holier than thou act that fools his dupes into thinking his krum deos are also somehow kedusha.

      I wonder if he gets a few bucks from the yishmoelim the way Moshe Hirsch did.

      • Why do you say that? He looks like any other normal frum rebbe in EY? Are you judging him harshly because he wears white socks with a dark suit or that he is not is a streimel and bekeshe??? You might not agree with his political agenda but don’t be so judgmental based on appearence.

    5. You are not to conduct business while wearing Tefillin. It is for prayers and only prayers. This guy is a sorry situation that clearly wants his sunshine more than anything else in this world. This guy is about as religious as a carrot that walks naked in the rose garden with a top hat and a box of chewing gum.
      But it is always a pleasure to see how far the palestinian faction will go to try to look like they are doing our G-ds bidding. Right?

    6. it’s people like him that are holding up the so called peace, if they keep promising them that they are getting all they want, so why should they settle for less?

    7. He is very extreme. His wearing tefilin all day is not unique, however and is very popular in Eretz Yisrael. However, I would like to caution that he may not have said everything that the PA claims he has said. I doubt he supports statehood according to the PA’s presentation. But he is in support of the settlers remaining in whatever territory is under PA rule, and is in support of continued settlement of all of Eretz Yisroel, even within a PA state.

      • “He is very extreme. His wearing tefilin all day is not unique, however and is very popular in Eretz Yisrael”

        I’m not sure how anyone can walk around all day with teffin on and get any work done but maybe thats not a problem for these settlers. Do you wear them during “asher yatzer” moments, while mowing the lawn, cooking meals or doing the daily chores we all do? Is there anything in halacha that we can bring down that requires this?

        • Well this is silly. Obviously you take them off to go to the bathroom, just like you take off your talis on shabbos to go to the bathroom.

          Is there anything in halacha? Of course. Many of our ancient sages would wear tefillin all day while learning.

          If you go to “the Rova” (that means the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem) you’ll see plenty of folks walking around during the day wearing tefillin. There are no lawns in the Rova, since everything is paved with stone, so I suppose they don’t have to confront your major sheila as to whether they wear tefillin while mowing the lawn. However, they do wear their tefillin while fulfilling the mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisrael.

    8. Rabbi Menachem Froman is the Chief Rabbi of Tekoa.

      Rabbi Froman was selected by Chief Sephardic Rabbi Shlomo Amar to write the introduction to the Chief Rabbi’s letter to Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi in Sept, 2006 (regarding the anti Islamic remarks made by Pope Benedict).

      I wish that on an Orthodox news site, the comments would show respect for our rabbis.

      • The Wikipedia article states that he has semicha from Rabbis Shlomo Goren z’tz’l and Avraham Shapira z’tz’l, both of whom served as Chief Rabbis of Israel. You can’t get a much more prestigious semicha than that.

        • Well, never mind that there are smichas far more prestigious than those granted by such polarizing political figures – but the founders of the “movements” also had prestigious smichas.

    9. Personally, my view on tefillin is this. Correct me if I am wrong. The tefillin serve as a link between your soul and the world to come. This means, anything you say when wearing tefillin is almost like “on the record” in the world to come for you to have among you when you are in the world to come. For this reason, I do not speak to anyone about anything personal or business orientated when I put on my tefillin. I do not even say hello or other regards as I can just do this with a wave or a facial expression or smile. I do not like to say a single word that I would not consider to be prayer or tehillim when I am wearing my tefillin. So for this reason, I can not imagine wearing them all day long and I believe it is about making a connection with the world to come. Not a method of being in the world to come (all day long). So I can not see how you can give to charity or conduct any business when wearing tefillin. That is my feeling on the matter.

    10. the halacha is that we are really supposed to wear tefillin all day. unfortunately as time passed most people were not on the level to behave with the proper respect for them all day. as a result the custom is to wear them only during davening.

        • yes it is clear from the gemara and shulchan aruch that tefillin were worn throughout the day just as we wear tzitzis all day. It is a daily torah obligation ALL day and only to be taken off on a rabbinic level before nightfall lest one sleeps in them. This is clear throughout hilchos tefillin most specifically siman 37 se’if 2. although it is certainly likely that their tefillin were smaller in size similar to some sephardic versions. let us not fool ourselves into thinking that we are similar to even the field workers of yesteryear.

      • If you are correct that is is assur to wear tefillin outside the house or shul than obviously all the prior posters who claimed that many yidden in prior years wore teffilin all day were obviously wrong since it is phyically impossible to do most work with tefillin on (and it was a strange minhag in the Alte Heim and generations prior to that for most yidden to WORK and earn a parnassah).

    11. Is he a gilgul of the dibbuk Moshe Hirsch?
      It is forbidden to enter a Bais HaKisey with Tefillin and the Mukata certainly falls into the category of Bais HaKisey. Certainly Abbas is in the category of Tzoah!

    12. This Rabi made a deal with the Palestinian authorities that if there will be one day a Palestinain State,his Talmidim are willing to live in this State beacuse they don’t want to leave Jehuda and Shomron.it doens not matter how you call the state,it stays Erets Yisrael.


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