New York – Prominent Rabbi Makes Robo Calls For Turner


    Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein is the founder of Ohr Yitzchak, Ateres Naava Seminary for Girls, and Ohr Naava Women's Institute in Brooklyn, NYNew York – A Brooklyn rabbi who confesses that he knows absolutely nothing about Bob Turner, put out an automated phone call paid for by the National Organization for Marriage endorsing the Republican candidate for the congressional seat vacated by Anthony Weiner to make a public statement against Democrat David Weprin, an Orthodox Jew who came out in support of gay marriage.

    Noted lecturer Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, founder and director of Ohr Naava, told VIN News that when the gay marriage bill was passed into law, he began to wonder if the time had come to leave the country, given a medrash that states that there can be no shemira in a place where gay rights are legally sanctioned.

    “I called my Rebbi, in Israel, Rabbi Gamliel Rabinovich, who told me to make a machaa, a public statement saying that I am completely against this. Now that this election is here, it is my chance to make my machaa against the gay marriage bill.”

    Rabbi Wallerstein conjectured that perhaps it is that lack of shemira that caused the recent fatalities within the Jewish community during Hurricane Irene.

    “I have no political leanings whatsoever,” said Rabbi Wallerstein. “But I am very political when it comes to toeivas Hashem and His name. This was a vote against Hashem. This is my chance to stand up and vote for Hashem.”

    Rabbi Wallerstein said that he is further committed to making the same statement in future elections against any other Orthodox politician who supports gay rights.

    To listen to the Robo calls click below.

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    1. Just a few months ago, Aguda honored Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has been voting for the gay marriage bill for several years. Silver delivered $18 million in TAP scholarship money to yeshiva students. Meanwhile, Aguda disappeared during the gay marriage debate. Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky now says it is “assur” to vote for David Weprin because of his gay marriage vote.

      Can somebody explain this to me?

    2. Its refreshing to know that there are rabbonim who will blindly endorse a candidate on a single issue without even knowing the candidate and his other positions on matters of potentially even greater importance to yidden living in that district. Kol hakovod to the latest and most narrow minded and politically inept intruder yet into this election. Perhaps if he made some further inquiry, he would know that Weprin is a much stronger candidate on just about every other issue than what people do in their bedrooms.

      • Actually your prett narrow minded yourself. This is not simply a “bedroom issue”, as you so eloquently call it.
        it is a school curriculum issue
        it is an employment issue
        it is an income tax issue
        it is an entertainment issue
        it is a moral equivilence issue

        Just to mention a few.

        • If you really believe that prohibiting gay marriage will increase employment opportunities in New York and have a significant effect on the taxes we pay, maybe Turner can get you on the Jerry Springer show with those other dysfunctional clowns who spread such nonsense.

    3. Turner helped create the Jerry Springer Show. For those of you Yidden without a TV, here is what Wikipedia says about the Jerry Springer Show:

      The Jerry Springer Show is ostensibly a talk show where troubled or dysfunctional families come to discuss their problems before a studio audience so that the audience or host can offer suggestions on what can be done to resolve their situations. In actuality, the show has come to epitomize the so-called “trash TV talk show”,[2] as each episode of the show focuses on topics such as adultery, zoophilia, divorce, homophobia, incest, infidelity, pedophilia, pornography, prostitution, racism, strange fetishes, dwarfism, or transvestism, which frequently result in fighting between guests. At one point, the show proudly boasted that it was voted the “Worst TV Show Ever” by TV Guide magazine. The show also bragged to be “an hour of your life you’ll never get back”. The Jerry Springer Show has received widespread criticism and caused many controversies for a variety of reasons including its elements of prurience, explicit language and the exploitation of the vulnerable.[3]

      • Hey birdbrain,
        the Jerry Springer show is a commercial enterprise, of the entertainment variety!
        If you find it objectionable, TURN IT OFF.
        Mr. Weprin helped sheppard a hertofore unavailable legal mesure into law.
        He crossed a line, few in the orthodox community dared cross. He desrves nothing less than our scorn.
        I might add that if he caved so easily on this issue, there is no reason to think that he wont cave on every issue down the line.

      • What does one thing have to do with another? Besides didn’t you know that anyone could type anything on that site??? It doesn’t make it like halocha l’moshe m’sinai.

      • I DO HAVE A TV…and Jerry Springer’s family were Holocaust survivors. Though he is an ultra lib. lawyer who has absolutely no morals, you are VERY mistaken regarding Turner’s association with Springer. Springer’s show was a circus act that appealed to people who enjoyed watching cars crash and burn, it was a money maker plain and simple…please do some research before you speak!

        • These same pathetic hypocrites who are trying to make a connection between Turner & Springer (ridiculous), are the same ones who voted for obama despite HIS proven connections to racist “reverend” wright (20 yrs sitting in his church), the Jew-hating arab college professor whose name escapes me now, & the other known terror loving friends of his…

    4. I really do not see what the Jerry Springer show has to do with anything. The difference is so obvious. Bob is not saying we should accept the show and that its perfectly OK for everyone – hes also not frum –

    5. When Weprin loses tomorrow, it will serve to initiate the downhill trend for the DIMocrats leading to Obama’s ultimate electoral defeat in November 2012, just as the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts began the inexorable wave that led to the crushing defeat of the dims in the November 2010 elections. The massive, nationwide buyer’s remorse over Obama’s incompetence can no longer be reversed. Out of the entire U.S. population, only blacks and liberal Jews still support the Anointed One: blacks, who overwhelmingly support Obama, do so out of racist reasons based on little more than his skin color, and those of my fellow Jews who, sadly, have not yet been able to cure themselves of mindless liberalism, support him out of terminal blindness – no doubt they are descendants of those who fell for Shabtai Zvi.

      • As I don’t live in the voting area, or even the US, for that matter, I could care less who wins the election, but your remarks are extremely racist – once you bring up a person’s skin color, you are no better than those who cast their votes based on this. I personally think that American politics are terrible and very corrupt. If your country had a decent electoral system, things would be much better – for everyone.

        • you really should look up the definition of racist, especially since you could care less, which means you care a lot.

          Unless you meant you COULDN’T care less, you should know that describing the ethnicity of the voter data base does not constitute racism, any more than saying the overwhelming number of people who keep SHabbos are Jews is racist.

        • Your comment is illogical to the point of childish foolishness. The poster in #29 merely points out that a certain population exhibits a voting pattern based on their own racism. (Since you evidently can’t understand this, let me help you: 96% of black voters chose to vote for Obama in 2008. 96%!!!! Outside of controlled communist “elections,” only robots and racists exhibit such a voting statistic). Your completely mindless response to his statement of FACT is that the person who points this fact out is himself a racist?!?! That makes no sense whatsoever, and is entirely unjustified – it is mindless name calling on your part. It is a reflection of a complete lack of any coherent argument on your side.

          To illustrate the utter lack of logic inherent in your question, consider this puzzle: Is the person who points out a statistical correlation between drinking and driving accidents necessarily a drunk just because he points out the correlation???? Obviously not – you are a fool.

    6. Last week a letter was sent out in the Marine Park Frum community claiming to be from the “khal” it was endorsed by some of the local seasoned wannabe politicians who were claiming we owed some sort of hakoras hatov to werpin. A loval Rov (Daas Torah) explained in his weekly drasha that bmakom chilul hashem there is no mitzva of hakoras hatov. Very similar to what Rabbi Wallerstien said this is clearly a chilul hashem and we must take a stand. it is unfortanate how even some of us frum people who send our kids to the finest yeshivos and make sure to buy the nicest esrog will forget everything we stand for when it comes to brown nosing a polition. I for one will vote tomorrow for turner just for this reason and i hope this turn out will turn werpins chillul hashem into a kidush hashem

      a kesiva vachasima tova to all of klal yisroel

    7. B”H
      I am so thankful to see someone finally stand up and oppose immorality in our generation, despite the personal attacks he will undoubtedly experience for doing so. It is people like Rabbi Wallerstein that inspire me to hold firm in my commitment to Toras Emes and make a similar stand in my realm of influence.

    8. I understand not voting for Weprin because of his stance, but how could anyone vote for Turner after the filth he’s polluted our culture with? Yes, he’s not frum, but his past actions are so against what we believe that I wouldn’t think we’d want to do anything that under any circumstances could be seen as an endorsement of him. Voting for him isn’t just a vote against Weprin, it’s a vote FOR him, someone who is incredibly problematic in his own right.


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