Queens, NY – Daily Deals Sites Continue To Grow Into Kosher Market


    Queens, NY – The success of Groupon, a group purchasing website, has filtered down to the Jewish community with one kosher group couponing site finding a recent deal flooding its website, selling 2,000 coupons within twenty four hours of being introduced.

    KosherKouponz, the largest of the kosher groups, offered $50 worth of groceries at a Queens super market for $35 at Aron’s Kissena Farms this past Tuesday, selling nearly 3,000 coupons in the past four days.

    The deal, which was introduced on Tuesday, September 13th, flooded the website with 2,000 coupons sold in the first 24 hours.

    “We have had success with a number of big deals, including Carlos & Gabby’s, Season’s, Natural and Kosher and EL AL” remarked David Siegel, CEO of the 9 month old group purchasing site. “However, this has really exceeded even our most optimistic expectations”.

    With the buzz surrounding Groupon’s hotly anticipated $20 billion IPO, many entrepreneurs have jumped into the daily deal business, offering discounts on everything from popular restaurants to gym memberships to hotel stays. The site was initially launched in Teaneck, but quickly expanded to Manhattan, Far Rockaway, Queens, Brooklyn, Riverdale and Los Angeles.


    Yeruchum Brazil, VP of Sales told VIN News, that “it has been a lot of hard work, but Baruch Hashem, we have grown tremendously and are now reaching 20,000 subscribers everyday. We believe the market offers many more growth opportunities and we intend on pursuing them in the coming weeks”.

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    1. This is terrific.
      The deals are great.
      The stores really honor the coupons with a friendly attitude.
      Just be careful to read the details, i.e. the expiration dates… when the coupons are honored…etc…etc..

    2. What’s the website? How does it work? I never use coupons because they’re always for treif things & I don’t need 72 jars of marinara sauce anyway. Is there an Idiots Guide to Couponing out there?

    3. BTW the new cafe/restaurant that they are advertising, Blueberry cafe in Flatbush is absolutely unbelievable, you must go see, self serve frozen yogurt and toppings bar, plus awesome food…. I love their Cookie Monster Dream!


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