New York – Chol HaMoed: Places To Go


    Ultra Orthodox Jews looking at a poster of the Bet Hamidach during Simhat bet Hachoeva in the sukka of Hurva synagogue , in the Old city of Jerusalem , Oct 13 2011 photo by Serge Attal / Flash 90New York – During Chol Hamoed, families are always looking for a fun Kosher gateway with children and adults, we are linking to The Jewish Press, and Brooklyn Weekly Link magazine who have compiled a special Chol HaMoed guide of places where you can spend your days.

    If you know of any other kosher entertainment locations and like to share with our readers, please post in the comments section.

    From The Jewish Press: here PDF

    From Brooklyn’s Weekly Link: here PDF

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      • #2, you happen to be right on the money. Today its all about fun fun and fun. During the summer for 2 and half months straight, kids are just having fun. Very little learning is done. Thats why there are so many tragedies in the summer, due to the lack of limud Hatorah. Thats not my quote, its Rav Shtainman. But rest assured there are plenty of shiurim during chol hamoed as well. You wont find the list in the jewish press, thats guranteed

        • #2 writes, “But rest assured there are plenty of shiurim during chol hamoed as well. You wont find the list in the jewish press, thats guranteed.” Why do charedim of a certain mentality have a need to denigrate the Jewish Press? This was a list of fun family activities, not shiurim. As a centrist Orthodox reader of the Jewish Press, I appreciate that the paper offers a wide variety of Torah writers, including Rav Moshe Meir Weiss, Rav Dovid Goldwasser, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier, Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Rav Avigdor Miller, zt”l (there’s a column every week from Rav Miller’s son-in-law based on Rav Miller’s teachingss). To denigrate the Jewish Press is to denigrate all the rabbonim who write for it.

        • Your quote some “Rabbi Shatainman” (??) as having made the really naresh statement that there are “so many tragedies” in the summer” because of the lack of limud torah. Actually, I can probably show that such tragedies are even more highly correlated with eating ice cream or other stuff that goes on in the summer. Did it ever occur to you that the summer is when people are out driving more, there are more kids in swimming pools, hiking etc. In other words, there are more tragdies in the summer than the winter because thats when there are more higher risk activities happening. Yes, I’m sure someone may have been tragically killed by a falling shternder in a beis medrash or slipped on the ice outside a mikvah in the winter put those are really not frequent events. Please save your comments for this Rav and others who believe in such cause-effect meshugaas. All the really important gadolim have consisently highlighted the importance for bochurim and kollel yongerleit to get away from their seforim periodically and get some relaxation and engage in some “fun” activities.

          • There is nothing wrong with relaxation but 2 and a half months? Thats more than 20 percent of the year. Does your boss allow you to take off for so long? I am sure you work harder than kids. All will agree that the American vacation structure is too excessive and yes there is a lack of limud hatorah during that period. Go back to your reform temple, mister

            • Your response has no relevance to your earlier point that the proliferation accidents resulting from summer-related activity is somehow related to bitul torah. And yes, most of the frum yeshivot make matters worse by giving the kids off on chol hamoed and also closing the schools for the days before and after yom tov to given the rabbonim and administrators time to prepare for yom tov and then to recover from all the hard work sitting in shul over yom tov. If you go swimmining in the winter not only will you have the same risk of drowing, you also have the added risk of hypothermia. Perhaps suggest to your “Rav Shtainman” that he should chain his talmidim to their tables and shtenders 24×7 to minimize bitul torah.

            • There were plenty of tragedies this past summer that was not related to swimming and hiking. Its not my fault that you are a kofer beikar and have no emunas chachamim. As I said before, return to your Reform Temple and consult with your Reform Rabbi for advice

          • Sorry, I don’t also really know whats the cause of the summer tragedies, but what could really do make …. is “bizoyen talmud chuchem” “yashceni nuchush”.
            It doesn’t really matter from which sector you are coming from.
            You could say you disagree with rav shteinman, but he is not some rav or narash.
            Good moed.

            • Your prior post attributes this comment to Rabbi (Eliezer?) Shtainman, a lesser known rabbi who I think is a rav somewhere in eastern Europe. Now, you say this is an insult to a more prominent rabbi in Bnai Brak, Israel whose name is Yehuda Leib Shteinman. They are very different people. Which one are you quoting but in any event, I doubt even Rabbi Shteinman (from BB) would have said that releasing kollel yongerliet from their limud torah for a few weeks in the summer bein hazmanin is the cause of the tragedies we have experienced.

        • Hey, big Tzaddik, you just wrote one big piece of Motzi Shem Ra. The Jewish Press itself is full of Divrei Torah – Rabbi Goldwasser, Rabbi M.M. Weiss, Rabbi Shafier, Reb. Esther Jungreis, to name a few.

      • and you are writing this while sitting at a shiur in shul! taking the children to a park is what “bonding” with the family and making memories is all about. little kids don’t need to sit and learn on chol hamoed.

        • “Little kids don”t need to learn on Chol Hamoed?” kids should be taught from a young age that a little learning EVERY day is proper. in my area they have father-son learning every morning of Chol Hamoed for an hour so the kids get a dose of Torah before heading out on their trips.

          • Even kids should have a day off from learning now and then. They are more likely to want to learn if they aren’t made to feel like they are being “forced” to learn every day. Any educator will tell you that reseach shows kids becoming willing learners when they are given some flexibility in their schedules.

    1. Go to the park and play ball like we use to do instead of spending tons of money. Teach the kids the simple things in life are better. We are spoiling the kids. We used to be happy just by playing ball in the park till the sun went down, now we have to take them all over the place. Enough of this nonsense.

    2. Coney Island is open. Go there and save money on tolls, gas and help the NYC economy. You can even daven mincha with a minyan at the frum Brighton Beach Jewish Center.

    3. If your kids are a bit older (>10-12 years ) than you should definitely consider taking them to the American Museum of Natural History (79th and Central Pk West) or the Metropolitan Museum of Art (across Central park on 5th Avenue). These are two of the greatest museums of the world but its amazing how few New Yorkers have actually visited. After the Met, you can walk over to the Jewish Museum, a few blocks down Fifty Avenue and view a magnificent collection of Judaica. These options would make a lot more sense than taking the kids to coney island or some amusement park and would be much more productive.

    4. There is also a wonderful torah-focused museum organized by the Liozna rebbe, H’rav Shaul Shimom Deutsch, Shlita, which shows many of the wildlife and flora mentioned in the torah from the time of the beis hamikdash. Although he is prominent lubavitch rav, the exhibits are objective, well organized and do not push any agenda from a chasideshe or moishichist perspective and are all entirely appropriate for yeshiva age children.

    5. went to PA through NJ and barely paid any tolls. went with Holland tunnel and came back with Verrazano. Pirchei has a learning program in Torah Vodaas from 10 am to 11 am and they give discount on admission to a lot of the Chol Hamoed programs. We saved a lot on admission to Dorney because of them.

      • Yes. But what (PA) bridge or tunnel did you take before going on to the Verrazano Narrows Bridge?! There’s no way, coming from new Jersey to avoid crossing a PA run tunnel or bridge, and paying the newly-increased toll!

    6. For those interested in the history of Am Yisroel, who are up for a drive to Philadelphia, the National Museum of American Jewish History is a nice place to visit. It’s a brand new museum, and there are many other historical sites nearby like the Liberty Bell and the Franklin Institute. Nu, let the kids learn something interesting!

      • I am avoiding that museum. Any “Jewish” museum that has their grand opening on Friday night will not receive my business.

        I do agree that alot of Americas history was born in Philadelphia.

        • Actually, the Museum’s grand opening was held on Friday morning and Saturday night. There were no events held during Shabbos. So I’m not sure what your objection is, and you’re missing out on a great educational experience.

    7. Don’t know the cause of tragedies ,Kids have no more obligation to learn then we do ,But instead of pointing the fingers at ourselves for Bitul Torah and get of of the stupid Internet with all its chazerie we point it at our children ,I’m no big tzadik but do understand that not our kinderlech KEH ,are the cause of tragedies ,We Are

    8. We have gone to the Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead Long Island about four times already. It is a very relaxing place especially nice for younger kids although my 18 year old son loves it too. This year they added a small butterfly house and a bird house with exotic small birds that they allow you to hold. Feeding the string rays is lots of fun too.


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