Rockland County, NY – Spring Valley Rabbi Accused Of Sodomizing Boys


    Rockland County, NY – Ramapo police arrested 58-year-old Rabbi Moishe Turner earlier this week for allegedly sodomizing boys.

    The Monsey resident was arraigned in Spring Valley Village Court yesterday, and charged with seven counts of criminal sex acts in the second degree, and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

    The religious leader posted bail yesterday, and is expected back in court on Oct. 27. His case is being handled by the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office.

    Noted: An accusation are mere allegations and defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

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        • Being listed as a mashgiach for the OU makes one a rabbi as much as accidentally putting your shirt on backwards makes one a priest.

          The position requires no particular level of Torah education. There are mashgichim who can’t read a siddur. I know because I heard one of them (also known addressed as Rabbi) attempting to daven at the amud over yom tov.

          • Are you suggesting that the mashgiach in question (the one who could not read from the siddur) was a mashgiach for the OU? I’ve heard some really not too positive rumors aout mashgichim for chasidishe hechshers too. Are there published lists of OU mashgichim? Do we know it is true about the man in this article other than a previous comment which had no citation? I could not find a list on the OU website.

      • because guys like him are told not to get jobs but learn all day and collect tzedakah and welfare checks. sooner or later, they get the title of rabbi.
        when the learning gets boring, they hearken back to their degenerate earlier days when they “experimented” or were abused themselves. then they get jobs near kids, the community closes their eyes and voila, our very own scandal.

    1. This type of conduct is far more widespread than most people think. Some of the boys may be traumatized for a while, longer or shorter, but others will have given in to this Moishe as another in line. Sorry to say but the community is more worried about shemiras haloshon in shidduchim, the chumras or hilchos eruvin and glatt meat than it is about the grievous sin of sodomy.

      • u are so wright i live in this community for 28 years its very sad what is happening so many kids don’t have schools so many boys and girls on drugs so many big boys and girls out of school no body to talk to if u have money u have a chance others wise no body to talk to, 2 people get burnt only because the skirts are not 4 inches under the knees not because so many mothers and fathers and children are crying y cant we go to school its time to start exposing whats going on in this community who is getting all the funds from the county from the school programs clinic’s pushing our kids on med and getting big money from the county and collecting big money from insurance and then fund raising time to say no more enough is enough lets take our community back from these bums in the name of klal yisroel we will stop every one of these organization and schools and clinics

    2. innocent until proven guilty is a USA rule that we don’t throw an innocent man in jail as if he is guilty…if we feel he may run or he can’t make bail we WILL hold him(her) until a fair trial can be convened… even if he is found innocent by a jury, it does not mean he didn’t do it just means the evidence couldn’t prove beyond a REASONABLE doubt…that is different than a possibility of doubt…(juries today find it difficult to make that distinction)….from religious law while we are not choshed b’kishairim…that is with a kashir…at this point in this persons life he seems not to be a kashir and even if he were to be you would still be obligated to be choshed for this behavior as this is not the first time these allegations have surfaced and this kind of activity would make the person a paskind by most leading torah authorities…

      • Actually, we do. We protect them. We hide them. We tell the victims to go to Beis Din instead of the police. And the Beis Din don’t throw the monsters in jail. We stonewall police investigations to make sure the crimes are concealed.

        The communities knew what he was for decades. They did nothing to stop him. The leaders share guilt for his crimes. And so do the people who knew what was happening and followed their leaders.

    3. I’m sorry… but I cannot BELIEVE how many people knew about this man, but didn’t say anything! >[:-P

      Just goes to show, some people will straight-up worry MORE about the impact on the “community as a whole”, rather than countless little boys & girls who are routinely victimized for decades on end!

      And please… for anyone who is offended by my comments, don’t rush to judgement, because I’m not! I KNOW the entire Yidden population is not being represented by this one crazy, perverted man. But let’s be realistic! There ARE people within religions who care more about the public image of their people on the whole, than the numbers of lives that are completely devestated by these criminals & sick perverts!

      This was a HUGE problem in the Catholic church- but I know for a fact (having once been a Christian), that it’s a problem in *other* sects of Christianity as well! And almost ALWAYS, the preacher, perpetrator, priest, pervert, or whatever you want to call him, is protected, moved to a different location, etc. and the parents are bought off, or told to be quiet in the best interests of the “Catholic Faith” (or Protestant)

      When will this CLEARLY criminal & sick behavior end?!?!

        • “Ok, this one is for the books.

          This is officially the first time I agree with you, Sherry”


          Bless you MidwesternGuy!

          Well, I say let’s pat BOTH of ourselves on the back for this one, because I believe we’re right!

          The kids simply MUST come first. No matter what the religious background, culture, status, etc. Always the kids must come first, and shame on ANYONE who tried to shame the poor parents\kids into NOT saying anything or turning the perpetrator in!

          Some people in high positions of power KNOW it will help the weak & defenseless, feel even *more so* & so therefore by not saying anything… we’re giving these perverts & sickos their ammunition to do even more damage!

          I’ve got two kids I love to death, as I know all parents on this forum do! Mine are 8 & 4. If anyone EVER laid an inappropriate finger on either one of them…

          Well, I doubt VIN would post my remarks if I wrote it down, put it that way.

          Just use your imagination, my friend!

          Us Tiger-Moms rock the world! (lol)

    4. the boys knew to try to stay away from moshe turner but it was a different era back then. We never were told to tell. Please dont blame the kids from back them

      • “… the boys knew to try to stay away from moshe turner but it was a different era back then. We never were told to tell. Please dont blame the kids from back then.”

        Dear Anonymous,

        I would never blame the victims from back then! I do NOT blame the kids! Those poor kids probably even had their own PARENTS telling them not to say anything! And how horrible is that?! So no… I would never blame the victim.

        But where were the *leaders* back then to say “enough is enough”?! Let the man pay for his OWN crimes… why protect him?! Protecting him only makes everybody else look bad right along with him!

        Better to turn him in, and let people judge him based upon his OWN conduct. Worrying about what people “from the nations” will think about the Yidden, over protecting the children, was a dumb & dangerous move! How many kids’ lives *could have* been spared this tragedy had he been turned in decades ago?!

        And that was my point: people from ALL walks of life & from all different religious backgrounds have had this problem! Certain people have worried more about the religion’s PR, than worrying about saving kids!

        I say anyone who turns in a child molester is a HERO!

      • So now the Rabbonim are prescribing medication too? There is a story in the news today about blank prescription pads being stolen from hospitals. Could there be a connection? Seriously, are there meds that are effective in preventing molestation according to daas Toah and if so why have they not informed the rest of the world?

      • Meds don’t control pedophilia. Nothing can help it except putting the abuser on an island without kids. This Rabbi is used to raping boys. Do you think a pink pill will stop him from wanting to rape again?

    5. Based on several previous comments – this man was known to the community and there was even an effort to keep him from children by the community leaders. I guess this case – if proven true – shows that despite “best efforts” (read with sarcasm if you’d like) community leaders are not up to the task of protecting children, even from known molesters, something they have claimed for a long time was possible.

    6. unfortunately,the one and only person in the frum community, who was fighting for the last 5 years to have pedophiles and molestors reported and put behind bars,for all his efforts,he was put into CHEREM by all the rabbonim,and was thrown out from all the SHULL’S in willy and boro-park,
      i doubt very much that VIN’S censors will print this comment,but i figured i’ll try


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