Jerusalem – Israel: Army Gets Green Light For Strong Military Action Against Gaza


    Jerusalem – An Israeli military official says Israel has authorized its military to take steps to stop rocket fire from Gaza, including a ground operation.

    The official spoke Tuesday after Israeli Cabinet ministers discussed a spike in rocket fire from Gaza.

    He said ministers approved military operations ranging from surgical strikes on Palestinian militants to a broad ground offensive.

    He was talking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue.

    The decision stopped short of ordering a ground assault. Rocket fire has all but stopped over the past day.

    Egyptian officials said Israel agreed to put off wider operations in Gaza to give Egypt time to get Palestinian militants to stop rocket fire.

    Violence flared when Gaza militants pounded southern Israel with rockets and Israel hit back with airstrikes.

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    1. I would like to see the IDF plan a strategy of defending the Israeli citizens that does not unnecessarily risk soldiers lives.
      If all the sudden Gaza had major sewege problems that made Gaza uninhabitable, that would be quite convenient.

    2. israel and the IDF have proven time and again that they are uncapable of destroying chamas. Bibi can talk tough and so can Avigdor Liberman, but when it comes to actions they’re lost.
      may hashem watch on all yidden whereever they may be.

      • I’m not so sure about your accusations against Bibi and Lieberman. I suspect that arm twisting by the White House and the US State Department have much more role in forcing the restraint that is the will of the liberals in US, not the Israeli government.

    3. This is a group in Gaza that wants the cease fire to fail. Don’t play into their hands. They would love to see Israel kill several dozen people and parade the casualties on the news.There is always time to hit back. See if you can use it for negative PR against the Palestinians.


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