New York – ‘America’s Most Wanted’ To Return On Cable


    New York – Bad guys, look out! John Walsh will be back on the air next month with weekly editions of “America’s Most Wanted.”

    The Lifetime cable TV network announced Tuesday the crime-fighting series will return for its 25th season on Dec. 2 at 9 p.m. Eastern time. Lifetime has ordered 20 weekly hour-long episodes.

    Walsh remains the host of the criminal roundup, which since 1988 has helped bring almost 1,200 fugitives to justice.

    Until June, “America’s Most Wanted” had been a fixture on the Fox network. But last spring Fox announced it was axing the series because of high production costs.

    Walsh calls his show “the court of last resort” in its mission to put criminals behind bars.

    Walsh’s 6-year-old son, Adam, was kidnapped and killed in 1981.

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      • It is not about the television show it is about what happened to poor adam walsh many years ago. I don’t think they ever caught who killed him. His father now runs this show to help catch the worst criminals and it has worked many times. His story should be very relevant to yidden considering what happened in our community.

    1. John Walsh has done an Amazing job!!! His voice sends chills up the spine. We should all stand behind him especially after what the world suffered with Little Lieby Ah”

      • Exactly. John Walsh turned his personal tragedy into a mitzvah of untold proportions for hundreds if not thousands of victims when the police were unable to get justice.

    2. John Walsh took a horrible personal tragedy and made it into something very good. The Lifetime cable TV network has made a good choice to allow this show to continue. After what happened in BP this past year there should be no negative comments about finding criminals and bringing them to justice.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more!

        It’s weird, because I never watched “America’s Most Wanted”, and yet… when I heard it was going off the air, I thought “What a shame! With all of those families out there looking for lost loved ones, or who have been victims of serious crimes?!”

        This is an important show- you never know who your neighbors are, and c’v’ sometimes it takes a tv show like this to get a person to see what monsters they COULD potentially be living by!

      • While quick action wasn’t enough to save Lieby, it caught his butcher before he could strike again. But it was because of the closeness of the community the monster was found. This doesn’t happen in most places and AMW provides a means of stopping further carnage and bringing perpetrators to Justice.
        I hope the program will look into Lieby’s murder to discover if there are more victims of Levi.


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