Danbury, CT – Two Students Killed En Route To Waterbury Yeshiva (video)


    Chesed Shel Emes on scene Danbury, CT – Two Flatbush residents heading back to Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel in Waterbury, Connecticut died last night after the van they were in rolled over on Interstate 84 between exits two and three in Danbury, Connecticut at 12:30 AM.

    VIN News has confirmed the identities of the two boys as Dani King, age 15 of Brooklyn and Eli Schonbron, age 16 also of Brooklyn. The nine other boys in the van sustained injuries and Connecticut State Police reports that one other boy in the van suffered serious injuries as well.

    State Police could not confirm the cause of the crash or whether or not any of the eleven high school bochurim in the van were wearing seatbelts. The interstate was closed for several hours last night and reopened just before 4 AM.

    According to the Danbury new site, NewTimes.com, The 1998 Ford Club Wagon, is registered to Mark Sperling of Brooklyn. The accident was the second crash in the area within the hour. Unconfirmed reports on Twitter indicate that that crash, which took place on Interstate 95 southbound in Westport, involved a fatality as well.

    Chesed Shell Emes (CSE) is on the scene.

    Two killed in Danbury highway crash: wtnh.com

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    1. Just a reminder that today is B”ahab (Monday,Thursday and Monday) many yidden say slichos on these 3 days with some even fasting. I am on the way and I hope even many that usually don’t will make an extra effort to say slichos over the next week and a half. Lets show the Eibishter that we really mean it when we say we are going to do Teshuva and we take these terrible tragidies to heart.

        • following succos and paysach – the rabbi’s established the Monday (bais – second day of the week) Thursday(hay – fifth day of the week) and following monday to be special days of prayer (slichos) hence B”HaB. In years past many not only would say slichos but would fast as well and during mincha read “va’yichal as you would read on any public fast day. because the month of tishrai is a festive one these days are postponed until after tishrai or as we are now in the month of MarCheshvan.
          The reason giving for instituting these days of prayer is that during the holiday season where people are festive, there will usually be improper behaviors exhibited – whether mingling of the sexes inappropriately or just simply not behaving as G D would expect from his flock….

          • Thanks for helping me understand, I am davening for all these families. Shalom is what all we Jews really need right now in our hearts towards each other. So much bickering and hatefulness it needs to stop now. WE say Shalom all the time and Good Shabbos and Yom Tov to each other even complete strangers its time we start feeling the words and mean them deeply when we speak them. I agree HaShem is sending warnings, we need to listen and do Tashuvah. I say Shalom to these families and I really mean it. Achdus needs to rule among us. We are all the time holding each other accountable about this mitvah and that one. How about the mitvah of brotherly love.

    2. Coming from Flatbush, driving EB? That would mean they were coming from Newburgh. Where were they going if they started out in Flatbush in such a roundabout fashion?

      • Already with the questions. They were traveling on the Connecticut 84, this accident happened 5 mile east of the NY84. I would assume they just got off the 684.

      • Do you know what you are saying before you throw out such an ignorant comment? Do you have any clue how to get to Waterbury from Flatbush that you can take such a tone insinuating that the Bochrim were doing anything but coming back to Yeshiva? And to answer your question to get to waterbury from flatbush you go through the bronx to the 684N to the 84E

      • the last time i looked at a map if you come up INTERSTATE 684 and then make a right turn on to INTERSTATE 84 YOU ARE GOING EAST THROUGH Danbury, CT AFTER YOU LEAVE NEW YORK STATE . THEN AGAIN WHAT DO I KNOW I DRIVE AT THE MOMENT WITHOUT GPS

      • Are you for real? How does the route they took change the fact that two young lives were lost? Who cares where they where going? We dont know what occurred along the road that caused them to deviate from what you would consider the right way to go. BDE, that is the only thing that needs to be said.

    3. while we accept and believe all is in the hands of the HKBH please remember that vans are known to drive differently and become dangerous when fully loaded with passengers. there are changes in weight, center of gravity and weight distribution that are implicated in many accidents, often involving football High School teams.

    4. I passed the wreck this morning on the way to work. Didn’t know that unserer were involved until now. They could have been on their way to Waterbury.

      • And if “unserer” weren’t involved it would have been less of a tragedy? Sometimes, I wonder about the parochialism here. This was mamash a tragedy whomever was killed and the sorrow of those families is no less significant. B’DHe and may we know from no more such tragedies, yiddin or goyim since they are all the Ebeshter’s creations.

        • I didn’t mean to imply that it would be less of a tragedy if it was “yenem” insted of “unserer”. It was just that I passed the wreck this morning and said, “Oh, a roll-over”. It wasn’t until I checked into VIN this morning that I found out that it was a personal tragedy and not a general tragedy.

        • It happens that the 15 passenger vans that are so common in our communities anre the vehicles most prone to roll-over. Almost any sharp manuver at highway speed, for instance an evasive manuver, can get one of these things to roll.

    5. The Eibishter would rather we display yashrus and kavod bein adam lichaveiro than come with Selichos. Anyone can say Selichos. Let’s see us stop harassing girls going into schools, stop burning down seforim stores, stop defrauding each other, stop treating non-Jews like they are here to serve us, start reaching out to chilonim with compassion and friendship rather than with stones and spittle. That would be a start.

      • Not sure exactly what youre trying to imply if not to make away with slichos. A big part of teshuva is as the Rambam says is saying vidduy and being mispallel on Teshuvah and slichos consists of both. And as far as your recommendation with regards to bein adam lachaveiro it is well taken though some of the examples you give are carried out by a few and not by yidden as a whole.

      • Nicely put. True we can not know why any such tragedy happens, but in light of a loss, lets check our own balcony and make sure that noone is hanging off to have another.

      • Without giving a stamp pf approval to any of the actions you mention, I would like to suggest you read the history of the “old yishuv” in Eretz Yisroel. You may then begin to understand where the chareidim are coming from.

    6. BDE

      Per the local Danbury newspaper, only the driver was wearing a seatbelt. None of the other teenagers were wearing seat belts and many were thrown from the van as it rolled over, while taking a sharp left turn on the highway between exits 2 and 3.

      • Which means what? It is generally a good idea to wear seat belts, but the law is only the driver and front seat passenger are required to.

        Almost no-one who is a passenger on a bus or in a van wears a seat belt.

    7. We are hearing that the estimated time of the Levaya of Eli Schonbrun and Dani King will be 1:00-1:30 PM at Shomrei Hachamos, on Fort Hamilton and 43 street in Boro Park, NY.

    8. A terrible tragedy occurs and all everyone has to talk about is what routes one takes when going to Conn. from Flatbush? Who cares? We should dwell on why such tragedies happen especially since so many are happening lately. Hashem is telling us something. Teshuva can be done any time not just before Yom Kippur. Everyone should search himself and take on some improvement.

    9. stop the nonsensical fighting about how to go to CT!!! Can’t we learn anything about tragedies- our life is short and we never know when we might get called back. Make the most of your time and that does not include fighting about directions!

      • two young bochrim were killed today, the only comment that should be on the page is b”da….thats it!! nothing else! think about the boys family and friends…think how much pain they are going thru right now?! everyone needs to learn from this, and take something for themselves..no more tzaros should happen.

      • And why would a 13 year old van be any different than a 5 year old van. Ford made the same van for more than 20 years with little differences, as long as the vehicle is maintened properly age makes no difference. Do you buy a new vehicle because your other one is old? Give your money to Tzedaka and as long as your car runs good why buy a new one. 1998 is not old for a car or van.

    10. Who? what? When? Why? which direction? how did they get there? Who cares for now?
      Is everyone here forgetting that we just lost 2 young boys??? Is everyone here forgetting that their parents and families are suffering unbelievably yissurim now? I think we need to focus on this now.

    11. Please, dear brothers and sisters! Please let’s prevent the next tragedy by getting the message that Hashem is sending us! Let these recent korbonos not be in vain!! Shimmy Grama from LA, Moshe Gruber from Monsey, 3-year-old Akiva who was niftar by drowning in a bathtub (mi bamayim…), Rebbetzin Kanievsky, Rav Ungarischer, Rav Dov Schwartzman –all of these tragedies in addition to the petiros of gedolim over the past half year and the horrible murders of Leiby Kletzky and Rav Elazar Abuchatzeira at the hand of supposedly frum Jews. How long will we let this list get before waking up? Every single person must take a kabbala now before it’s too late. Make shalom with someone with whom you are in conflict, even if you are sure you are right. Be mevater for the sake of peace. When we are united, Hashem protects us. When we are divided –or as Haman described us to Achashveirosh “mefuzar um’forad” –then we are in great danger. If we make peace between ourselves then Hashem, the “oseh shalom,” will bless us with peace as well. We can’t blame Hashem for these tragedies and say “Ad mosai?” Do you know until when? Until we learn our lesson and band together as one. Even when disagreeing for holy purposes, there mustn’t be a personal agenda, hatred on a personal level, revenge, besmirching for its own sake. There is almost no one today who knows how to have a machlokes lesheim shamayim without transgressing many issurim in the package. Lashon hara releases destructive forces and this is the price that Am Yisrael is paying with these korbanos. Wake up

    12. Folks… two teens were killed in a car accident, several others were injured, and parents are now mourning a loss that no one should ever, ever experience. I don’t care if they hoped to get to their destination by way of Chicago! Please, PLEASE put your egos aside and focus on the tragendy at hand. Their families, their communities, and ALL of us would do well to take all this energy into supporting the mourners and each other. Think back to a funeral (anyone’s) you’ve ever been to. Can you imagine this kind of bickering, out loud and in public? And to debate/ fight/ argue about who says what tefillot on what day and where is insane. The take away messages? Make sure you and those you love ALWAYS wear a seat belt and appreciate the brachot HKB”H has given you. And please, PLEASE… if you don’t like what I’ve said, please don’t attack, debate or pick apart my words. Put that energy into your tefillot and prayers for those whose lives have been lost and towards a refuah shelaymah for those who were injured. Kol tuv and much respect… Rach

    13. Where are the tzadikim from before who can tell us why such tragedies happening..
      This morning 2 bucherim ,yesterday a 8 year boy from monsey,last week a child from Lakewood ….Hashem yeracheim…let us all be mekabel tshuveh and learn extra few minutes for those holy neshumes and be mispalel their parents should be able to have koach to handle those losses……Burech dyen emes

    14. In the summer of 1987 while on a trip back from an amusement park in Virginia a van full of bar mitzvah aged kids from Gan Yisroel in upstate NY, There was a terrible accident in what appears to be similarites with this tragedy, the van rolled rolled flipped and tumbled down a ravin and some of the boys were thrown from the van, a precious gem named Laibel Kahan lost his life that day. He was my friend and classmate, we all grew up very quickly that summer. The Lubavitcher spoke after at a Shabbos “farbrengen” that we need to have “Ahavas Yisroel”. It was not a bad message then and it’s certainly not a bad message today. “bila hamoves lonetzach, umocho hashem…….”

    15. I know that section of I-84 well. It’s very straight between Exit 2 and Exit 3. At Exit 3, the right lane is an Exit Only lane going to Route 7 and the Danbury Mall, and the left lanes curve left to continue eastbound. The only thing that occurs to me is that the driver saw the “Exit Only” sign for Exit 3, and possibly made an error in judgment trying to get to the left.


    16. #24 and #40 your comments are so intelligent and so truthful. We have to heal the rift within the Klal and become “one” as Hashem intended. Many of us have chosen different pathways within Judaism, yet we are all still Jews. Who cares if you daven at Chabad or with Satmar? What difference does it make if you are a Chassid or Modern Orthodox or Conservative? What matters is that we are all Jews and denigrating each other serves no useful purpose. In fact, it is very divisive and takes away valuable time that can be far better used in studying or performing mitzvot. I beg all of you to put aside your bitterness towards other Yidden. We must stand together – united before Hashem. Perhaps then, and only then, will Moshiach consider coming.


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