Rockland County, NY – Free Storm Debris Removal in Monsey


    Downed tree limbs awaiting pickup on Brick Church Road in New Hempstead which was left without power for 106 hours following last week's stormRockland County, NY – Following last week’s freak snowstorm that left much of the Monsey area without electricity for almost a week when falling tree limbs snapped countless power lines, the Town of Ramapo Highway Department will be offering free removal of downed tree limbs to all residents.

    Residents are instructed to pile their downed tree limbs at the curb for removal. The Highway Department estimates that it will take weeks to remove all the accumulated debris.

    There is no maximum length or weight for tree limbs to be removed.

    “If you can drag it to the curb, we will take it,” dispatcher Ted Collins told VIN News.

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