Kiryas Joel, NY – Fire from Shabbat Candles Injured Disabled Elderly


    Kiryas Joel, NY – Fire department and Kiryas Joel Hatzolah responded Friday night to 101 Forest Road for a person injured in a fire from Shabbat candles.

    A helicopter was requested and transported the disabled 70-year-old woman who had sustained burns to 75% of her body, to Westchester Medical Center.

    A second victim was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

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    1. After the seuda she wandered out to the dining room and her husband heard her screaming when he got there her clothes were all burnt. Right now the doc said she has 10% chance. No one knows how she got there since her walker and stick were in her bedroom. She is in critical Zisa Ruchel Bas Hindel

      • How does a disabled woman catch fire “sleeping by a table”….Some of the posts above make no sense. Was this an accident? Is there some suggestion of foul play? If she was disabled, how did she “wander into the dining room?

    2. She is at the westchester hospital. 80% of her body burned. She is on a respirator. The Doctors r giving her only 10% chance to make it for the next 72 hour.

      Her nurse clams that she put her in to her bed 10:00pm to sleep and no one knows how and y she came back out. And how This happened around 10:15. 15 minutes later

    3. All this goin on is just freaky scary. U never know who or what will happen next. Was this in her own apartment, only w/ an aid? Didn’t a smoke alarm go off? Saddd…..

      • What so “freaky scary”?? An elderly and disabled woman left alone by her caregiver knocks over some shabbos candles and starts a fire. Accidents like this are unfortunately quite common in that demographic group


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