Israel – Rabbi: Kahane Would Not Approve ‘Price Tag’


    Apartment set on fire and 'Price tag' spray-painted near the door at Pat neighborhood in Jerusalem. November 14, 2011. Photo by Uri Lenz/FLASH9Israel – Rabbi Yehudah Kreuser of the Binyamin-region community of Mitzpeh Yericho said, Monday, that Rabbi Meir Kahane would not have approved the “price tag” vandalism carried out against, Arab, leftist and military targets in reaction to actions taken against Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.

    Interviewed by Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew service, ahead of Monday evening’s 21st anniversary of Rabbi Kahane’s murder, Rabbi Kreuser who heads the Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea, started by Rabbi Kahane, said that Rabbi Kahane was against illegal activities, saying people could not take the place of authorities, the state or the Israel Defense Forces, rather that those in charge should learn to do the right thing.

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    1. He is right Rabbi Kahane was a man of peace and against violence contrary to what other people pertrayed him as.He only wanted jewish people to do the right things for the benefit of the jewish people.
      May we all remember him for the good he has done to Klall Yisroel

      • Wrong. He was violent and condoned violence against the palestinians. He would, indeed, approve of “price tag” and that is why we have to ostracise anything related to him and his policies.

    2. Are we talking about the same Kahane or is this a bit of revisionist history? My recollection is that he was passionate about nulification of any civil laws that he believed were contrary to either daas torah or his quasi-racist belief in the expulsion of all Palestinians from EY.

      • You are correct… but, he wanted to change these laws through the Israeli democratic system. Read his books or watch his Youtube speeches. That being said, he also believed that there were times where the ends justified the means… He would never condemn physical actions that put his issues on the front page. While it is true he never publicly encouraged them, he did provide a wink and a nod. As an anecdote, Rabbi Kahanne HY”D was in my home the day before he was killed… a rare and prophetic person with an enormous sense of mission…. HY”D.

      • And was he wrong? racisim is not always “anti-Torah”. What about Amalek- we are told to kill out a whole group of people not for what they have done but for what their genetics are! Tell me, is that racism or what?

      • What he said was that all residents of Israel should be required to take an oath to follow the laws of Israel. Jews would have rights and Arabs would have rights as well-somewhat more limited than the rights of Jews. Failure to follow the laws means that you are expelled from the country. He pointed out how many thousands of lives would be saved by doing it his way. Of course, he was right. There are plenty of places on earth where Arabs have rights and Jews do not, this would be the one place where Jews have rights and Arabs have less, but still more than in any Arab country in the world. What we have instead of Kahana’s plan is chaos. Arabs supposedly have the same rights as Jews, but the whole world knows that it is not the case. Try being a Palestinian trying to get to work every day, it is a nightmare for them and dangerous for us.

        The rest of his ideas were correct as well and superior to what is now in affect. Does Israel follow Torah? Ask a couple wh wants to get married, but doesn’t want to go to Mikvah first. Ask someone who wants to take a bus on Shabbos osee a movie. They are confused, rightly. If you are going to follow Torah, follow Torah.

    3. Fight illegality with illegality- if u must- he was arrested – not that I disagreed with him at all- I have the highest regard- woish we were passionate in what we believed in


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