New York – Brooklyn DA: Midwood Anti-Semitic Arsonist Would Face Up To 15 Years In Prison


    NYPD hate crime investigators at the apparent bias attack in Brooklyn, on Nov 11 2011, in which cars were burned and anti-Semitic messages were scrawled in the predominantly Jewish neighborhood.  Photo: Shimon GifterBrooklyn, NY – In an interview scheduled to air tonight on Talkline tonight with Zev Brenner, District Attorney Joe Hynes came out strongly against the recent anti Semitic acts of vandalism in Midwood, saying that he will ask for the maximum jail sentence of up to fifteen years in prison for anyone convicted of these crimes.

    “I will not tolerate these acts of violence in this county,” DA Hynes announced on Talkline, saying that his office is actively working to apprehend the vandals and that there will be no plea bargains for anyone convicted in this case.

    While DA Hynes said that not all acts of vandalism should be classified as hate crimes, there is no question that by painting swastikas and defamatory slogans against Jews on both cars and benches on Ocean Parkway the Jewish population was clearly targeted and these acts are therefore considered to be hate crimes.

    Hynes said he found the acts to be particularly despicable as they occurred just days after the anniversary of Kristalnacht and in an area that is home to many elderly Holocaust survivors.

    The District Attorney’s office is actively pursuing forensic evidence that was left at the scene, including beer bottles that may have DNA samples and/or fingerprints of the vandals.

    Listen below to the full interview. (Talkline is heard nightly on WSNR 620 on the am dial)

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    1. Let me ask a question that might make some people angry whats if it turns out it was a boozed up Jewish kid who did it? I mean its very nice for Hynes to be yapping to the media however they don’t even have a suspect yet ?????????

      • it did happen once before many years ago

        it turned out to be a Jewish guy who had a beef with some people and made it look like a antisemitic crime

        and the answer to your question,

        the only reason it would be 15 years (and that really would never happen he is just blowing smoke ) it would have to be a hate crime if it would be a boozed up jew then it would be just a vandalize crime plus i guess some other stuff

        I think

        • Meanwhile, what’s the jail sentence again for a “boozed up” kid, or adult, or off duty cop, who drives around drunk and kills someone? A lot less than 15 years…

    2. Sadly, today’s OTD youth include elements who are so far gone that they would do a thing like this to get attention and act out their frustration.

      Whoever it is deserves 15 years or more, but if it is an OTD kid, those years might be best spent in a psychiatric hospital. If the culprit was not born in the US, d


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