Deptford, NJ – NJ Teacher Faces Sanctions In Alleged Verbal Abuse


    illustrationDeptford, NJ – A New Jersey teacher faces discipline after being recorded telling a special-needs student that he was a “tard” and responding sarcastically to the student’s pleas not to be called “special.”

    Superintendent Michael Dicken says the Gloucester County Special Services District board placed the teacher on paid leave Wednesday but will not say what discipline he faces.

    The student’s parents told, first to report the case, that their 15-year-old son had been bullied before. They urged him to use his cellphone to record video of the teacher.

    In the video, the teacher tells the student: “You want me to call you normal, and you don’t even know what it is.”

    The district didn’t identify

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    1. Fox News identified the teacher as Steve Roth. He should be fired, forthwith! It is bad enough that students bully other students. However, teachers bullying students, especially special needs students, is a bunch of garbage. I saw the tape of the teacher harassing the student. He has used his position of authority to harass and intimidate someone who depends on him for guidance.

      • Wow, that’s heartbreaking that a teacher would talk about her kids w\special needs in that fashion!

        My 4 year old daughter is Autistic, and she has the nicest teachers ever! We feel blessed that she’s in such a great program! I cannot imagine how hurt I would be if I knew my daughter’s teachers talked about her like that!

        Teachers who despise their kids…. shouldn’t be allowed in a classroom!

      • I hope teachers of special ed do not refer to their students as “the stupid ones”. We should however be aware that even the nicest teachers sometimes let off tension by joking about their students with other teachers. This happens, it just should never be within earshot of parents or students.

    2. This Roth should be “disbarred” from teaching. And paying him to sit in the rubber room? Disgraceful. He gives teachers a bad name. Thank G-d most are nothing like him.

    3. You have to give credit to this young person for keeping his cool and just turning on his recording device. That really is brilliant. Many non-disabled people would not have the yishuv hadaat to do that. There is a lesson there.


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