Israel – More Religious Girls to Serve in Army Than Ever Before


    FileIsrael – The IDF expects a sharp increase in the number of religious girls who opt for full army service in the coming year. During the draft period between April 2010 and April 2011, some 1,200 18-year-old young women who classified themselves as observant entered the ranks of the IDF. Army officials expect that number to grow by about 25% this year, with some 1,500 girls signing up for service by the time the current draft period ends in April 2012.

    For the third year in a row, the IDF held a conference Wednesday designed to answer questions by potential religious female draftees about army service. Officials of the IDF education unit, which sponsors the event, were said to be shocked at the large number of girls; over 1,000 attended, the largest number of attendees in the three years the event has taken place. It is hifhly possible that this reflects the growing population of religious girls and is not larger percentage-wise.

    Currently there are some 2,000 religious female soldiers, serving in a variety of capacities – many of them in administrative and educational capacities. At least one is in line to be promoted to the rank of brigadier-general. In response to the demand, the IDF has opened up a number of new opportunities for religious female soldiers that would be appropriate for them – ie; allowing them to avoid intensive battlefield conditions with male soldiers, and allowing them to dress appropriately, with skirts, etc. The opportunities were decided upon after IDF soldiers conferred with the Chief IDF Rabbinate and the Alumah organization, which aids female religious soldiers.

    The girls who enter into active IDF service most often do so against the advice of family and community. All Orthodox rabbis – from both the hareidi and the national religious world – ban IDF service for girls, except for the situationwhere Israel would be in such danger that everyone had to enlist.

    All of Israel’s Chief Rabbis, Sephardic and Ashkenazi, have from the beginning of the state banned such service as well – and would have liked to see all Jewish Israeli girls exempt from the army – instead suggesting that girls volunteer for the National Service (sherut le’umi) program, which the Knesset has adopted as a full substitute for religious girls who wish to serve the country and will not join the army.

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    1. Hashem yerachem, what happened with kol kvida bas melech pnima???!!! Does the kings daugther enlist in the army???!!!

      All the gedoilem no matter from which side of the isle where against this!!!

      This is thanks to the orthodox agudah and other orthodox organizations that believed we can negotiate with the secular zionists!!!

      This is the threat of zionist, this is what ourt holy rabbis have feared!!!!!!!!!

    2. Well, if all religious young men served in the army, then maybe women would not have to. With men not working, not supporting their families, women have to do it all: work, give birth, bring up kids, AND serve in the army. Indeed, HaShem Yirachem. Good for the girls! Kol ha-kavod to them.

    3. Milchemes Mitzvah: “Even a bridegroom from his chamber and a bride from her canopy” . So it’s a question on whether you consider fighting for the country a milchemes mitzvah.

    4. The army has more than enough soldiers,in fact too many. There are over a half million Russian non Jews in Israel and many other non Jewish nationalities, so the army is pact. Leave the Chareidim and frum girls alone.

      • Now there’s an idea: a tribal exemption from military service, on Jewish grounds no less, and the expansion of the Shabbes goy concept to the new notion of a Milchomeh goy! Think of where this could go — exempting Cohanim and Levi’im because they’ve got to be on call for the Mikdosh, drafting “non Jewish nationalities” to be our Parnassah goyim, etc. If this is typical of the thinking of “Chareidim and frum girls,” they don’t need to be left alone; they’re already very, very alone.

    5. Rachmana Litzlan. The Chazon Ish had said that it is yehareg ve’al yaavor for a Jewish woman. We know how many frum men come out of army service, rachmana litzlan. So it’s kol sheken for women. Of course serving in such an army is forbidden for anyone whose ancestors stood at Har Sinai.

    6. The Israeli Government is simply testing how far they can push the charadi and national religious community without them revolting I mean everyone one knows that Israel would do just fine without any women in the army I mean at the end of the day what does Israel need frum soldiers in all the elite units or some women in the army orchestra the same thing goes for the low level of Kosher food in the army and commanders whom make their frum soldiers be machalal shabos when its not needed Israel has got to wake up before the National religious join their brothers in Meah shaharim


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