New York, NY – Bloomberg: School Bus Strike Looming; Would Affect 152,000 NYC Students


    New York, NY – Parents of school kids who take the bus to city schools are being told that a strike may be on the horizon.

    According a letter being sent from Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott to parents today, the bus drivers union ATU Local 1181 is threatening to strike over the city’s plan to ask for bids for service to transport special education pre-kindergarten children for next school year.

    The letter says the union wants job protections for current bus drivers.

    In response, the city is filing a charge with the National Labor Relations Board.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg is holding a news conference at City Hall this afternoon to discuss the possible strike. In his press conference Bloomberg slammed the union saying it’s an Illigal strike, that could affect more than 152,000 students.

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    1. I’m not sure what the big deal…most yidden in new york live relatively close to the yeshivos where the kids go to school and relatively few go to public schools. Like parents all over the country they can drive their kids to school during the strike or take the bus/subway or even c’v walk the way our parents and grandparents did in the alte heim.

      • Good thinking. Of course, with so many families on double incomes, the first and second graders will have to take public transit our walk by themselves. Just like in the alte heim.

        We just had a major situation involving a young child walking alone. I hope no one’s looking for a repeat.

      • With all due respect, plenty of Jewish children attend public schools. Perhaps there aren’t many frum yingelach (and with the tuition crunch I think this is slowly changing) but there are Jewish kids in the public school. For both Yidden and non-Yidden the strike will be a tircha, especially as the weather cools.

    2. With all due respect, in the alte heim the mothers weren’t out working. School hours are much shorter than work/commute hours and this would be a real hardship for many parents.


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