New York, NY – Brooklyn Residents Say Hello to the Muni-Meter


    New York, NY – Muni-Meters, the pay and display parking meter system that has been used in Manhattan since 2009 will be installed in parts of Borough Park, Midwood and Kensington over the next few days and the New York City Department of Transportation continues its efforts to phase out the ubiquitous parking meters that line the city’s streets.

    The DOT hopes to have all older style parking meters replaced by Muni-Meters within the next eighteen months.

    As of November 19th, Muni-Meters will become operational on
    • Corteylou Road from East 17th Street to Coney Island Avenue
    • Ditmas Avenue from Ocean Parkway to Dahill Road
    • 16th Avenue from 44th to 54th Street
    • 18th Avenue from Ocean Parkway to Dahill Road
    • Coney Island Avenue from Ditmas Avenue to Friel Place
    • McDonald Avenue from Webster Avenue to Cortelyou Road
    • Sections of East 2nd Street and East 3rd Streets

    Muni-Meters will be installed in the Brooklyn College area on Tuesday, November 22nd on
    • Campus Road from Nostrand to Ocean Avenue
    • Bedford Avenue from Avenue I to Campus Road

    The DOT trumpets the many advantages of the Muni-Meter, which frees up sidewalk space and creates more parking spaces within the same curb space in addition to featuring a convenient pay and display system. Parking meter rates at Muni-Meters are twenty five cents for fifteen minutes at short term parking spaces, $8.00 per day at long term metered spaces, with no charge for parking on Sundays.

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    1. Maybe now i can find a parking space ..i have wittnessed many times store owners breaking the meter with clips and other pieces of metal so they can park there all day without paying..

      • “Parking meter rates at Muni-Meters are twenty five cents for fifteen minutes”

        Bloombergs march to double everything has now finally been completed.

        All without a peeps from our Reps. BTW When are getting our bus transportation vouchers, Greenfeld?

    2. Great. Get ready for a massive ticket blitz for all the people who won’t be familiar with the change or display the ticket incorrectly. You are falling for this as well. You pay taxes only to be charged to park on the street.
      Chevra, move out of town! It is not to late. Your homes still have value.
      (Don’t forget to get your favorite bowl of cholent on the way out and enjoy your last out of control ezpass charge.)
      A gitten shabbos.

    3. The TEA’s will have to cut people some slack. First you park then you seek out the Muni Meter, then you pay and return to your vehicle…what will stop them from writing a ticket during that interim period?

    4. As someone who has difficulty walking I detest these muni meters. Now I have to walk nearly a block to put money in this thing, walk back to the car to put the receipt in the windshield, and then finally to my destination. For many people it isn’t a big deal but for someone like me walking an extra block or block is torture.

    5. To #11- If one doesn’t have change, the meters will take a credit card.

      To #13- You DO have to place the receipt in the windshield. It specifically states that on the meter. Otherwise, there is no proof that one has paid, and such cars can be ticketed.

    6. #13 may be talking about something like the central meter in parking lots in Lawrence, where you specify your space number. The authorities just have to compare the list of spaces with time remaining with the actual cars that are present.

    7. There are actually two motions in court right now, regarding the practice of meter maids to ticket the car while the owner is busy at the meter!
      One judge ruled that for safety purposes, the meter maids cannot abort the ticket that they began writing.
      So there you go again, citizens being ticketed for abiding by the rules.


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