New York, NY – Giuliani: I’d Have Stopped OWS Protesters on Day One


    N.Y. City police officers barricade out protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement in Manhattan November 17, 2011. New York police prevented protesters from shutting down Wall Street on Thursday, arresting at least 177 people in repeated clashes with an Occupy Wall Street rally that drew fewer demonstrators than expected.  REUTERS/Eduardo MunozNew York, NY – The First Amendment does not give Occupy Wall Street protesters the right to take over private property and engage in illegal activities, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says.

    “You have no right to pitch a tent in the middle of New York City, I’m sorry,” Giuliani said on Sean Hannity’s radio show. “That is not the First Amendment.”

    President Barack Obama’s empathy for the 2-month-old movement and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s lack of action to stop it are an embarrassment to the nation and the city, Giuliani said.

    He described the protesters as “disgruntled bums” and “leftover hippies from the ’60s and ’70s.”

    “When I see them on television sometimes, particularly the older ones, it looks like I’m seeing the leftover effects of having taken too many drugs when they were 20 years old,” he said. “They make no sense. They babble.”

    “I would have stopped it on Day One,” he said. “I would have handled this differently. I took over a city that had had two riots in the two years before I was mayor. I didn’t have a riot, because I didn’t let it start.”

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    1. His honor should be more concerned with all other nonsense he has uttered. The fact and those fools who have not learned should let Wall Street wither away. Nevada will give you a better return than computer generated stock price and the fancy toilet paper poeple are sold.

    2. I am sure if he would stay longer in city hall, we would be much better off today. It’s a loss to N.Y.C. Why did’nt he over rite the rule like mike Bloomberg to stay another 4 year term.

    3. Maybe Rudy would have until he learned that the private owners of the park didn’t ask the city to rid the park of the vagrants. I wonder how much money changed hands so the private owners of the park wouldn’t call in the cops from the beginning. My landlord would call the cops if vagrants were camped out on the grounds. Why didn’t the private owners of the park?

    4. Rudy is sorely being missed in NYC. Even the protesters would’nt be able to decry Rudy as being the 1% as they do Bloomberg. That aside, all politicians including Rudy have “skeletons in the closet” that can come back to haunt them, as did his choice of police commissioner. But run the city he did! Took it back from the dumps that a black mayor brought it down to and raised the standards to one New Yorkers could be proud of. No black man has done that. Not at city government. Not at Federal government. No one will deny that Obama is not able to bring America back to its days of pride.

      • Your racist comments prove that what drives much of the anti-Obama hysteria among frum Jews is race-based hate, pure and simple. The city wasn’t in the dumps soleley because of a black mayor when Rudy took over — it was in the dumps because of decades of liberal mismanagement, from Robert Wagner to John Lindsey to Abe Beam to even Ed Koch, who did nothing to reduce crime, littering, grafitti, etc. So don’t single out the one black mayor among that bunch. And while I agree Rudy was great, the fact is that crime began declining noticeably during the final year and a half of the Dinkins administration. And when you say that Obama is unab;e to bring back America to its days of pride, what are you talking about? America had such pride in the days of the sex maniac and liar Bill Clinton? Or during the massive budget-busting spending spree days of George W. Bush?

      • Wow, pretty strong words…racist maybe, realistic.. also maybe. David Dinkins was NYC’s first black Mayor and was just terrible. His worst moments came during the 1991 Crown Heights riots where his inaction spoke volumes and probably just fueled the fires.
        In all fairness to people of color there have been and will continue to be good black politicians….the late Harold Washington in Chicago, Cory Booker in Newark is trying real hard in a really violent city to bring normalcy back, Allen West in FLA., John Street in Philadelphia was ok as is Michael Nutter the current mayor and many more…
        Excluded from this list is President Obama whose performance is poor to bad in many areas. The shame of the black community is that they gave him their votes (95%+) just because he looked like them. Foolish reason to vote for someone.
        In all fairness Ed Koch, one of our own …was very popular but was at the helm of NYC during some of the worst scandals in NYC history..was he asleep?
        Yes Rudy would have stopped the madness quickly..too bad he wasn’t giving the orders.

      • What does a former Mayor being black have to do with ANYTHING?!

        Gripe about his policies all you want…

        But who cares what his skin color was?!

        No offense… but I hope that you aren’t responsible for raising children.

        And if you are… I at least hope you keep these bigoted comments to yourself when you’re around them! Or c’v’ they’ll learn to talk about Black folks in the same way!


        • Actually, he was a horrible mayor despite being black. The reason that his color is brought into the picture is twofold.

          1. He won the election because of race – hardly a qualification for governing anything. Appearance is not a qualification, whether color, religious garb, or anything else.

          2. The greatest failure of his administration (there were many vying for the #1 rating) was his fueling of the Crown Heights riots – a racial issue. And he sided with the hooligans, murderers, rioters, and looters against every moral value that should be upheld by every politician. He left public office with that shame, and he bears it today. He deserves every drop of embarrassment for that.

          Noting his being a black mayor in referring to his failure is not bigotry, it’s observing a fact. I have no problem with many brilliant and effective people in the world, black, white, or whatever race or creed.

    5. The only politician who actually acts on what he says. That’s why he isn’t president yet. We are not ready to elect a down to earth politician who doesn’t make empty promises. Let’s face it, the American majority is not ready to face real change.

    6. Yes, Rudy would have indeed stopped the narishkeit early on, and the atmosphere would have, literally, smelled much better in Zuccotti Park over the last several weeks.

      That said, it really is actually for the best if the incoherent stenchbaggers stay, stay, and stay some more. Let them bang on their bongo drums as long as the little dear-hearts like:

      All that this ongoing display of filth, illogical incoherence, violence, bad smells, hypocrisy and simian-level “intellect” of the stenchbaggers does is INCREASE the number of regular Americans who vow to vote against the Dear Leader of the immature children in adult bodies, ensuring that he only befouls his office for one term:


    7. I have followed the media about these demonstrations and riots, and it is difficult to find a clear message of the purpose of it all. It appears that this is simply the pent up rage of the tanked economy, unemployment, the looming destruction of the medical field and rationed health care, the growing interference of the government (yeah, I know, it sounds Republican), and the wagging foreign policy. The only consistency we see is the Obama administration being perpetually wishy-washy. So the population is angry, and perhaps rightfully so. But it remains difficult to guess just what is intended with the riots. How will camping out in a park in cold November weather fix anything? Why would Obama support this, other than suggesting that he has a heated home and they don’t – but are free to sleep in the cold if they wish?

    8. that they gave him their votes (95%+) just because he looked like them. Foolish reason to vote for someone

      So what about frum jews voting for other frum Jews simply because he’s a Yidden?
      The only reason to vote for a candidate is b/c he or she is the best qualified. Race, religion, gender etc have nothing to do with ability.

      If the protesters want to really make a difference, they should OCCUPY THE VOTING BOOTHS’

      It’s not just the frum Jews who are racist towards Obama. The Republican Party basically crossed their arms, dug in their heels, and just said no to everything. All they were interested was making sure the first African American President failed spectacularly,


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