New York, NY – Report: Public Barred From NY Family Courts


    New York, NY – The New York Times is reporting that a 1997 order opening family court proceedings to the public is being disregarded around much of the city.

    The newspaper reported Friday ( ) that over one week a reporter tried to enter 40 courtrooms around the city but was allowed access to only five. During those attempts, the reporter didn’t identify himself as a journalist.

    When the reporter did identify himself, he was required to show his credentials and get clearance from court officials.

    The administrative judge of the New York City Family Courts told the Times she was troubled that the courts hadn’t been accessible and said she planned a review. The supervising judge of Bronx Family Court said a note had been sent to judges reminding them of the rules.

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    1. I guess the reason Judges dont want to let the public in is because the courtrooms would be so packed that there would be no room for the litigants. Family court is real life soap opera. You can’t make that stuff up. Still if there is an order opening the courtrooms to the public, judges must obey it.


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