Manhattan, NY – OWS 24-Hour Drum Protest By Bloomberg’s Home Begins At 2PM


    The drumming circle at Occupy Wall Street has drawn complaints from neighbors. (Flickr/kennyysun)Manhattan, NY – Occupy Wall Street protesters say they’ll bring drums and sleeping bags to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s East Side townhouse.

    Demonstrators plan to bring musical instruments, food, banners, art and sleeping bags to the mayor’s residence near Central Park on Sunday.

    Organizer John Penley said protesters will get as close to Bloomberg’s house as the police let them.

    The protesters are angry at Bloomberg for rousting them from their home base at Zuccotti Park on Tuesday.

    Bloomberg does not disclose his whereabouts on weekends but he has no public events scheduled for Sunday.

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    1. Good! ALL of the protester’s personal property was destroyed in Zuccoti Park, even though the protesters hadn’t broken into ANY businesses, rioted, looted or destroyed other’s property!

      Over 500 books were destroyed in that riot, including a Sefer Torah, c’v’, and so if the ONLY reprocussions Mayor Bloomberg faces from this violent act is to have to listen to a little drumming outside his house…

      I don’t think anyone should complain! (lol)

      • Since when do you have to break into anywhere to have to be sent out of the park? They were warned that they’re gonna be sent out for cleanup (are they that much against cleanliness too??), and they stayed, so they got what was coming to them!!! And that ‘genius’ ‘Rabbi’ that brought a Sefer Torah, will suffer the repercussions of it being destroyed all by himself, nobody in their right mind puts a Sefer Torah in jeopardy, he knew that something might happen…

      • Sherry, get real. You say “the protesters hadn’t broken into ANY businesses” or “destroyed other’s property” — really? They did exactly that when they prevented these businesses from earning an honest day’s wage for days on end and with blatant chutzpa took the liberty of treating the facilities of respectable establishments as their own private outhouses — at the proprietors’ expense of time and money.

      • The story about the destruction of a sefer torah was never confirmed or proven. Until we have concrete proof we can – and we must – remain highly skeptical.

    2. Finally there starting to direct there frustration towards the people who get us into trouble, next stop should be the white house!! (although i dont in these Marxist protests)!

    3. I usually don’t sympathize much with these OWS guys, but I really must compliment them this time from bringing the drums to the (deaf) ears of our mayor. Hock away and send him my regards, but make sure you get there before he flies off to Florida or something.

    4. @1 But they have severely hurt businesses in the neighborhood as portrayed by the Milk Street Cafe’s firings. Which goes to show that the OWS are a dirty little bunch of hypocrites. OWS never accuse you of “greed” for wanting other people’s money — only for wanting to keep your own money.

    5. And now for the real reason OWS-types are doing it this way.
      Because they can’t vote!
      Illegal immigrants have no voice except for this way!
      Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise – Americans vote their problems away.

    6. To #1- Sherry, we’ll have to send the West Coast contingent of O.W.S. to your home, to see how you would like to hear those drums banging, at all hours of the evening. Afterwards, perhaps you can critique the fine music that you heard.

    7. I don’t believe the bit about the Sefer Torah. Anyone who has any respect for a Torah, doesn’t leave it in a park, unsecured. Even in shuls they are kept in safes, kal vochomer in a park! Frum Jews don’t belong making a chillul Hashem with OWS people.

    8. Sherry, you either just don’t get it …or choose to ignore the fact that plenty of people’s lives were turned upside down by the OWS bunch when they were in Zuccotti Park. Your main point now is being concerned about the so-called violation of the protesters personal property. Where is and was your concern for the business owners who suffered because of the madness? Where was your concern for the residents nearby whose lives and sleep were ruined by the constant drum banging?
      I don’t think it would be unfair to say that your concerns only for the protesters and not for anyone else is a little bit one sided.


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