New York – NY Lawmaker Blasts Removal Of Protesters’ Property


    Police hold protesters back from getting close to the New York Stock Exchange and Wall street area during a day of action by the Occupy Wall Street movement  in New York, New York, USA, on 17 November 2011.  EPANew YOrk – State Sen. Eric Adams says the New York Police Department violated its own procedures when it removed protesters’ property from Zuccotti Park without giving them receipts for their belongings.

    The police cleared out protesters early Tuesday and arrested more than 200 people. They took protesters’ belongings including clothing, sleeping bags and electronic gear to a city garage. Protesters say some of their property was thrown away.

    Adams said Sunday that no city agency has the right to take people’s property without giving them receipts for it.

    He said he would write a letter of protest to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and call for City Council hearings.

    Adams also criticized the arrests Tuesday of journalists who were covering the protests.

    Adams is a Brooklyn Democrat and a retired police captain.

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    1. Just wondering, if I were to go onto Mr. Adams’s. Property and set up a tent & have it full of junk,would drum 18 hours a day ,urinate on his lawn, would he also insist that the police should give me a receipt after throwing me out ??
      But no he wouldn’t call the police, after all its a free country & he would agree that I have a right to squat on his property….

      • your missing the point. For two months the mayor let these people stay in the park. He even went to be with them. How can you then come in middle of the night with no warning and just throw them out. If it would be only the people it would be one thing but many of them had valuables and personal items that can not be returned.

    2. State Sen. Eric Adams who has a strong NYPD background sure does go around criticizing the police often. He knows the law but, also knows that if he chooses to make waves the press will allow him air time. Why wasn’t he as concerned about the rights of those whose lives were turned upside down when the OWS crowd was in Zuccotti park. Plenty of safety, noise and health laws were being violated daily by the OWS bunch…where was he then? I guess it’s a case of selective memory.


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