Riverdale, NY – Orthodox Girl Named Rhodes Scholar Says She Hopes to Inspire Other Jewish Girls


    File photo- Miriam working at Camp HASCRiverdale, NY – In what may be a first, a 22 year old Orthodox girl from the Bronx was named as one of thirty two American students chosen as Rhodes Scholars for the year 2012.

    Miriam Rosenbaum, a graduate of Elizabeth, New Jersey’s Bruriah High School and Jerusalem’s Michlalah College for Women is currently enrolled at Princeton University.

    She told VIN News that she was shocked to receive a phone call after Shabbos informing her that she had been awarded the prestigious honor and said that she hoped to inspire other Orthodox young women to strive for great academic achievements.

    Miss Rosenbaum is currently pursuing a degree in Public Policy at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School and hopes to embark on a career in health policy, specifically as an advocate for the elderly and disabled and is no stranger to working with the disabled, having spent several summers working at Camp HASC.

    “I think it is important for Orthodox Jews to be involved in academic institutions and for them to be out in the real world while continuing to be outwardly frum,” Miss Rosenbaum told VIN News.

    Currently Miss Rosenbaum hopes to begin a year-long masters program in bio-ethics next October at Oxford University, the second oldest university in the world and the oldest English speaking university in existence. Miss Rosenbaum’s expenses for the year will be paid for by the Rhodes Trust.

    One of the most coveted awards in the academic world, the Rhodes Scholarship has been described as “the world’s most prestigious scholarship” by both Time Magazine and the Associated Press.

    More than 7,000 scholarships have been awarded since the Rhodes Trust was established in 1902 with applicants between the ages of eighteen and twenty four submitting nine letters of recommendation, an essay and transcripts with demonstrating a high level of academic achievement. Approximately eighty Rhodes Scholars are selected worldwide annually.

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    1. This is wonderful news!

      I hope I can speak for all VIN readers when I wish Miriam Rosenbaum a very hearty mazal tov, and I hope her parents get much nachas from Miriam in the future.

      Let us hope that we will hear more good news about Miriam Rosenbaum in the future.

    2. As a European born and survivor I agree with all six postings and hopefully there will be a few male candidates. Intellect from Rambam, to Rav Chajes in Vienna achieved the pride and we should continue such good news , I wish her to be matzliach. I earned my knowledge the hard way despite of concentration camp and my father A’H always had respect for a gebildete person, an educated person. Yes it is possible to navigate between Aristoteles and the Rambam even though almost between Scylla and Charibdis

    3. It is a treacherous ride between Scylla and Charybdis, tricky but strong emuna can win and a pride to klal yisroel. The parents must be congratulated for their encouragement

      • WiseDude my hat off to you , with the help of the eiberishter and my wife’s diligent encouragement my son has a degree from Applied Physics Lab and I am proud. Yes there are many more bright intellects withering away and depending on section 8, food stamps and other federal handouts instead of academic achievement

          • Right now Siemens is looking for engineer, there are opening in biomedical engineering, there are openings for reaearch scientists in MIT , applied physics labs maybe not financial finagling but in the sciences there are opening. I have a field although retired I can have plenty of work. It depends what your skill is.

          • You don’t know me and confirm the saying ighnorance is bliss and you are in very high state of bliss. The selfhating Jews arew those fine “conservatives” who decry socialism but live off of section 8, food stamps and other welfare programs and you seem to be one of them

          • Of course. But the point is that your chances of supporting yourself decently are much, much better if you have a college degree then if you don’t. It amazes me how many charedi types ignore or minimize the following statistic: The average salary of a college graduate in America is about 70-75 percent higher then that of a high school graduate. And we Jews are not immune from that fact. Simply put, if you are capable of getting a college degree and forego that because of .. whatever…you are *most likely* resigning yourself to a much lower standard of living. Nothing is for sure.. but them is the stats. BTW, depending on the field, getting a masters usually pays off handsomely as well.

    4. Wow, a Bruriah high school kid! I am so proud of her. I met some Bruriah High school girls a few years ago and was so impressed by them so was excited to read that it’s a Bruriah girl.
      Mazel Tov and wishing her lots of success!!

    5. The Rhodes Scholarships owe their origin to the remarkable vision expressed in the Will of Cecil J. Rhodes. He dreamed of bettering the lot of humankind through the diffusion of leaders motivated to serve their contemporaries, trained in the contemplative life of the mind…

    6. Blessed with brains, this young, Jewish Orthodox woman also displays courage and self-assurance in pursuing secular achievement in a present-day social environment where other, similarly gifted women all too often electively underachieve in fear of fashtering their shidduchs. Miriam is to be congratulated as a role model for all young Jewish women. Lucky is the young man who steals her heart !! Mazal tov the the entire Rosenbaum mispachah and to Klal Yisroel represented by Miriam! Miriam – may you continue to rise from chayill to cayill and be a continued source of nachas and inspiration to Am Yisroel.

    7. Mazal Tov, another success story of Modern Orthodox communities. Hopefully some day this will inspire educators in non M.O. world to focus more on improving quality of secular education in their yeshivos so they too open paths and opportunities for their people.

    8. May I ask please ? But don’t get affended. Why is this yidish nachas as some have labled it or a big kidish hashem as others tried to portray it. To me, this is secular nachas and a personal joy but in no way related to yidish nachas, sorry to share my opinion with you guys but that’s what it is.

      And to those who jump out of their skin when someone jewish achieves a secular milestone. They use the opportunity to bash the orthodox community for being deprived of a secular education. Guess what, the success rate amongst chasidim is higher then of the modern orthodox community. That’s a fact that will leave you scratching your head.

      • You don’t see the value in secular education? Well that is evident via the incorrect spelling of the word “offended”.

        “Guess what, the success rate amongst chasidim is higher then of the modern orthodox community”

        Success in what? Statistical proof please?

        But in general, why one thinks that having a secular knowledge does not mix with yiddishkeit is the real problem. Rambam studied medicine and science. We have Doctors and lawyers and nurses and many other fields within our communities that are contributing because of the wonderful education they received. This girl will be contributing to society in a most productive and positive way. If you can not see an inherent value in that then I feel bad for you.

        Also, define modern orthodox. I only see this wonderful girl as being “orthodox”. Why are labels necessary and where is your line between modern and not?

      • If CHasidim are doing so much better than modern orthodox, why is it the chasidim coming into modern orthodox communities to collect for their mosdos and not the other way around. You are right harryw, you have left me scratching my head.

    9. Good Heavens, a young frum woman achieves a prestigious honor and there are those who criticize this because it is a secular and not a yiddish nachas. PLEASE stop this ridiculous in-fighting. If you do not want to let your children learn or excel at secular subjects that is your fundamental right and leave others alone to exercise their fundamental right to control the upbringing and education of their children.

      • I agree with your comment but I cannot help wondering – do you have the same reaction when the chareidim are criticized for deciding AGAINST secular education for their children?

        (My children receive ‘black hat’ yeshiva/bais yaakov educations and graduate level secular education, so the question is not one of personal concern, asked rather out of my distaste for the my-way-or-the-highway approach I sense in many quarters of both sides of the current installment of this age-old debate.)

    10. Wow, mazal tov to this young lady and her parents and family should be very proud of her accomplishment!

      My daughter, a fine Hasidishe woman is in graduate school at Columbia University. She really wanted to go to medical school but felt that she could not accomplish that and also raise a large family. However she is in the field of medicine.

    11. The shliach in Oxford is great. She’ll have a strong Jewish social & religious life. And FYI my husband & I are graduates, with degrees & my husband has a VERY prestigious & specialized career B”H. I have my own business. We have raised a frum, Chassidishe family & made beautiful shidduchim with “chosheve” families (whatever that means) despite our secular education.

      Gee. Imagine that. Frum AND educated. A shanda, no? Miriam is to be congratulated for her commitment to education AND to her faith.

    12. You are right don’t go to college instead slouch off the socialistic leftist Hussein Obama programs like section 8, food stamps and all other federal assistance. My father davened in Vienna in the Belzer Klaus in the Lilienbrunngrasse and most Belzer chasidim were in business and some did very well here inn N.Y.on 47th street. Rashi had a vineyard, the Rambam was a doctor and then lo and behold there was R” Yochanan h’sandler. It is not torah observance but lazy schnorrer type mentality. In college you must achievde grades, must submit turn papers and you have mid-semester tests none of this exist in the Yeshiva. Yes after concentration camp with my wife’s encouragement I went to college, my average 3.5. Shame on you who belittle education and rather be schnorrers

    13. that is amazing. this is the 3rd rhodes scholar to come out of an Elizabeth Yeshiva. #1 daniel kurtzer attended the JEC mesivta high school and went on to become US ambassador to israel
      #2 Chaim Strauchler attended the JEC mesivta high school and now works as a rav in canada
      #3 miriam rosenbaum from bruriah

      all of these schools are under the leadership of Rav E.M. Teitz

    14. This whole thread about whose religion flavor is best… Charedi or Chasidish or MO is beside the point, and a bit immature. The point should be that everyone who possibly can should get college educated. You dont have to call yourself Modern Orthodox to get educated.

      I wrote a post the other day that explained Rav Ahron Soloveitchik ZL’s view on secular/academic accomplishments, and it seems to have been lost. His view was that every secular accomplishment is but a magnifier of one’s Torah and Yirat Shamayim. But you need the underlying Torah and Yirat Shamayim to begin with
      or you have nothing. And the corollary is that if you only have that, and forego serious secular education, you are discarding real potential, and that is a waste.


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