Washington – Jack Abramoff Pleads With Dems for His Domain Name


    Jack Abramoff has threatened legal action to get control of jackabramoff.com. | AP Photo Washington – Jack Abramoff wants his name back. But House Democrats own it and they are going to keep it.

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee owns the rights to the Web domain name “jackabramoff.com,” having secured it in 2006.

    But Abramoff, the former GOP lobbyist at the center of one of of Washington’s biggest scandals in recent decades, called the DCCC in a bid to see if he can’t get them to give it up.

    Abramoff called the DCCC last week to ask – very politely – if they would be so nice as to give up the name.

    But the DCCC has no intention of doing so.

    “Jack Abramoff can try to rehab his image, but glowing press stories and being back on the D.C. cocktail circuit don’t change the fact that Abramoff is a convicted felon who went to jail for being the heart of Republicans’ ‘Culture of Corruption,’” said Jennifer Crider, the DCCC’s spokeswoman. “We didn’t forget, Jack and anyone who visits jackabramoff.com won’t either.”

    Abramoff, for his part, isn’t pleased to hear about the DCCC’s stance, and he threatened legal action to get control of the name.

    “I was told by my lawyers that I have a legal right to it and so I wanted to sort of do it amicably, but I guess we’ll just have to have the lawyers sort it out,” Abramoff said in an interview. “No one wants a domain with their name on it owned by somebody else.”

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    1. This guy has been going around the TV shows and cocktail parties in New York trying to estabish himself as a “reformer”. What a hypocrite. The Dems should retain the website and use it to wrap his stealing and lying for a decade around all the Republicans he conspired with and bribed. He was and continues to be a busha to the frum community (he claims to belong to).

        • How has he repented when he goes around TV peddling his new book and has cocktail parties in New York with the glitzeratti to establish himself as a “political baal tshuvah” who can advise (for a consulting fee of course) on how to fix the system. Let him get a normal job digging ditches or cleaing the lunch tables at a yeshiva or selling socks for a while and show real contrition and then maybe we can give him the benefit of the doubt.

          • I expected the ‘digging ditches’ and maybe even ‘cleaning lunch tables at a yeshiva’ but when you suggested ‘selling socks’ I literally laughed out loud. How did you think that one up? Truly funny, thanks.

            • I’m not tying to be mean-spirited and certainly he needs to find a parnassah for his family and restitution for his victims but I find it obscene for these convicted felons to be released from prison and then jump back in front of the TV cameras as experts on preventing their former crimes. He is an intelligent guy and should be able to find a way of earning a living outside of the public spotlight.

              P.S. My zeidah, A’H, sold socks for several years on Orchard Street on the lower east side after coming over from the alte heim in the early 1900s.

    2. If he really had as much remorse as he claims to have, he would go crawl under a rock, not publish a book then appear on sixty minutes etc.
      What a joke, the guy is clearly exactly who he always was (ill let you all fill in the blanks here).

      • You clearly have no idea how Washington D.C works him writing a book makes perfect sense he was convicted of a questionable crime served his time and now he’s out and being the smart man that he is and with the fact that he can’t exactly go back to lobbying or wall street he’s doing the next best thing and becoming a media man

        • Frankly, I don’t know any more or less then the next guy about how washington works. I’m “just” talking about perspective as a frum jew which good old jack claims to be. So even in washington I would imagine a frum guy who commited a crime (btw I’m pretty sure he admited to most of it in a nyt magezine interview, so nothin alleged about it lol) and claims remorse would just lay low…

        • He can get a normal job like the 99 percent of us do (even those who are not sitting around OWS beating drums). The Dems should not do anything to help this dreche regain any respectability via the internet. He has done more damage to our democratic system and done more harm to yiddeshkeit than some of our more illustrious yiddeshe hall of shame members including Madoff, SMR, Dwek etc.

    3. The Dems should give it back to him immediately. This is not their jurisdiction to regulate who is on the internet. OF course he can just get another site, but this fellow wants to reform himself and should be given every opportunity.
      The dems are not judge and jury and deserve to let citizens play fair and develop themselves. This is asinine.

      • I thought you are a capitalist. The domain belongs to the dems. Who are you to tell them how and when to give charity. It is totally up to them what to do with the domain. It seems that you only don’t like when dems tell you what to do with your money, but it is ok for you to tell others how to distribute their money.

        • Being that I AM a democrat, I will absolve you of your criticism as it clearly is not warranted in the case that I usually support Democratic efforts. The fact is that Abramhoff is a busy guy today as his new found life involves a spree of letting us know how he can possibly be a better guy this time around. I give him credit as there can be no mistake that this guy was a total incapacitated criminal in the past. He has been in a corrections institute and lets hope that the mission was a good one! So if Jack wants to write and use the internet under his assumed name, give it to him. We are not in the business of holding bad apples back on the tree when we can just let them fall to the ground.

    4. I just love seeing what our beloved dems are sooo occupied with nowadays with nothing more than revenge on their agenda! Yes public funds, are keeping these bums occupied with defaming jack. Not that I agree with what jack did ( or actually I think he’s a very nice man who misstepped somehow, and got caught. After all that’s the culture in wash in gton!) Court did what it was supposed to do, which is to convict him if found guilty, however I don’t think its right at all for them to use their position to take revenge. how low they are!

      • Take revenge? I’ve seen Jack Abramoff on several different MSNBC news shows (as well as other news affiliates) talking about his story! You can tell that people were impressed w\how he’s turned around! I’m not sure about this whole domain name business…. but other than that, I don’t see any Liberals giving this guy a hard time! In fact, just the opposite!

        Now that he’s out of jail, he’s be decrying the exact SAME lunacy he used to be involved in, and the Libs LOVE a good redemption story! (lol) Especially when it’s suits their mission, quite frankly!

        But more importantly… I think it’s good that he come on shows & etc talking about the way he used to do business, etc. and how shady the politics was of everything he was doing, and now… he’e seen the light, and he’s warning others. I’m glad!

        He was on tv just the other day talking about Newt Gingrich’s time spent (8 YEARS!) working at Freddie Mac as a “historian” (*eyeroll*) and how he’s not sure the public has the stomach for this kind of nonsense anymore.

        He should know! (lol)


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