Highland Park, NJ – Update: Man Under Arrest For Vandalizing Jewish Stores


    Damaged window, Park Place Kosher restaurant, Nov. 30, 2011 — at Highland Park, New Jersey. Photo: Mason ResnickHighland Park, NJ – A 52 year old New Brunswick man has been placed under arrest and charged with five counts of criminal mischief after smashing the windows of five Jewish owned businesses in Highland Park.

    Richard Green of Bayard Street was arrested this afternoon in New Brunswick. No determination has been made yet if the incident will be considered a bias crime and an ongoing investigation will determine if Green was responsible for other acts of criminal mischief that have occurred in the past few days.

    According to Highland Park mayor Stephen Nolan, Green has been sent for a psychiatric evaluation.

    “I am very pleased that police worked so quickly and with the community to apprehend this individual just hours after the incidents occurred,” Mayor Nolan told VIN News. “It is a testament to Highland Park which is all about tolerance and working together peacefully.”

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    1. Richard Green is possibly a Jewish name. There have been quite a few cases where such attacks were perpetrated by Jews. There was even a case in Australia where a rabbi painted swastikas on a car.

      • Reb Yidaleh. Please don’t be sarcastic. Because, sometimes a disturbed person who might be of Jewish descent will, for his own twisted reasons let his misdirected anger out on Jewish-owned business establishments and houses of worship. I have seen a picture of this disturbed, hateful individual, and to everyone’s dismay he has a very Jewish-looking face. further proof. The district Court judge ordered him to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

        • Use-your-head,

          Perhaps you should. So there are African-American Jews and “swarthy” jews. What does that have to do with anything.

          The commewnter was pointing out that Green is a common name among non-Jews, particularly among blacks, the overwhelming majority of whom are not Jews.

    2. why are jewish people so afraid to admit that anti semitism exists and is alive and well.?!
      just yesterday as i was walking with my husband at the water near toys r us in Brooklyn, we were attacked from behind by three guys on bikes, spit at, and striked my husbands head throwing off his yarmulka.

    3. Police had been investigating windows smashed at businesses along Raritan Avenue in Highland Park Wednesday as a bias crime, and will determine whether to upgrade the charges against Green after their investigation is complete.

      There was no graffiti or offensive slogans or symbols, but police said all the stores targeted were Jewish businesses, including three kosher restaurants, two Judaica shops and a Jewish-owned hardware store.

    4. I’ve lost count already of all the incidents in the last month or so.

      You can keep making excuses brothers, and keep your heads in the sand…

      but it IS 1938 again. pre WW2 & the begining of WW3

      just to see how evrybady says nahh its nothing, same did my grandfather say about hitler, its so scary whats happening here in free USA!

      im making an Aliya to Israel, who wants to Join me ?


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