Israel – ‘Taliban Women’ Introduce New Headpiece


    Israel – Have the “Taliban women” invented a new strict modesty rule? According to testimonies received by Ynet’s local portal, Mynet, the radical group of ultra-Orthodox women dressed in cloaks has begun wearing a cloth-covered tube on their heads in order to conceal their human figure.

    A source close to the group reveals that “the stricter members have decided that the veil is not enough, as the form of their face can still be seen. The solution found is a sort of pipe in the form of a funnel, which they wear on their heads under the veil.”

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      • Who these women are are anybody’s guess as their faces are covered. They’re a group of balei teshuva women who are being frummer than the pope. Probably some are mentally unstable.

      • I am sorry but I am taken aback by your comment. You admire people who Gedolim have publicly come against?This is not at all any part of Yiddishkeit even amongst the most charedi charedim.

        • Is Knockyankel #9 not entitled to his own opinions – and to express them?

          I do not understand which part of Jewish law prevents a person from exercising a right to express thoughts that may not necessarily agree with thosem of the “gedolim”.

      • Tznius means not attracting attention to themselves (does not count wearing long sleeves in the summer, which while odd people have been known to do for sun protection). However, making yourself look ridiculously different than the average frum person attracts attention. Dog bites cat isn’t news. The strange stuff makes the headlines- which just proves the point that these people are not following the most basic halacha of tznius!!

      • This isn’t “more Tzeniusdig”; it is beyond all Jewish bounds. Xians worship a multiple deity, but you wouldn’t “admire” them (hv”h) for being more frum than us Jews, who settle for One. Muslims and Mormons forbid alcohol — are we less frum and, therefore, less admirable than them because we merely insist that it be kosher?
        I’m not making fun of these women for a moment. We need to look hard at ourselves and ask why their views didn’t meet resistance for so long.

      • when one attempts to make their own “chumras” that have no basis in halacha or daas torah…that is creating new stringencies it is as bad as creating leniencies on your own – you are breaking a mesorah – i don’t know if they are or are not following the rules of a rabbinic authority – however i feel the leaders of this generation that studied under the leaders of the previous generation never felt a need for this (e.g. R Elyashav – R’moishe, – The stieplier Goan – Choson Ish – R’ Yoel of Satmar – Klausenberger Rebbe – the list goes on ) then this is self invented and absurd

        • Every new minhag is started by someone, no one wear streiml 500 years ago untill someone started it and now it a must in chassidim, there were no “Freezers” for Yeshive Boys 25 years ago, now its normal. Let them do whatever they think is right as long they are not trying to force everyone.

      • Actually I can imagine that the younger kids of these women growing up in these homes have a shame for their bodies instilled when they are very young. Even if let’s say it is not the mom’s intention that is what will happen. It is child abuse and if something can be done to prevent this whole meshugas it would be great.

      • Ein am ha’aretz chasid. They didnt read the rambam where it says exactly that (a woman should infrequently go out in public), but that when she does go out, she should dress in a normal modest fashion.

    1. As if the chareidi women don’t already have enough meshugaas to deal with, these new chumrahs take tzinius to new absurd extremes. When we look at photographs and paintings of the wives of many gadolim and tzadikim from the alte heim from the 1800s and 1900s we see normal conservatively dressed women. Today, however, women make themeselves look like a bunch of cartoon like figures in pursuit of non-existant halachic requirments.

      • And everyone knows that suitcases are used to pack clothing and that might lead someone to think about her clothing. Better she should use a body bag to carry her stuff.

        Wait, body bag could remind someone of the word body. Better she should pack her stuff in a briefcase.

        Wait, briefs are a kind of underwear. Better she should stay away from briefcases too.

        Nap sack is out (people take naps in bed). Garment bag is out (garments are used to cover bodies).

        Can’t use a pocket book. Who knows what kinds of terrible things are found in books.

        Maybe she should just wear everything she owns. Who would ever know?

    2. All this mishugas is the result of a generation of Jews who don’t work, but place maximum value on being more “frum” than the next person. We need mentchlichkeit, not frumkeit. Because of the vast waste of the current generation, we are starting to resemble the ignorant muslims.

    3. Tznius is about being a dignified and refined person that does not draw the wrong type of attention to oneself. When I see these women on the street, you cannot imagine how many stares they attract, even in Meah Shearim. This is the opposite of true tznius.

      • Jewish. And this is not about women wanting to be frum while their husbands don’t They are a cult started by some “rebbitzen” and are married to very frum men but have taken it to this extreme. They have been condemned by most of the Gedolei including the Eida Haredit. They even make their young daughters dress like this.
        BTW, that’s not a suitcase. It’s a shuk schlepper for carrying groceries and we don’t always have a choice of color. Should we ask Louis Vuitton to design some for us?

    4. another 10 years and all chasidim will be dressed like this… All it takes is one rebbe to say its a good idea and everyone else will not dare to be less frum… By then all the lakewood women will be wearing shawls.

      • #24 Troll wrote “Gerrer women wear Jackie-O pill box hats on top of their Sheitels”
        Hey, get your facts straight – Gerrer women do not wear hats they wear sheitels and that’s it. Not that I have a problem with other Chassidim who do wear hats, I just want to set the record clear.

        #20 – Wisedude wrote “We need mentchlichkeit, not frumkeit.”
        That sentence is wrong for two reasons. 1) There is no contradiction between being a mentch and being frum, as Orthodox Jews we need to be both. It’s not one or the other. Most of the people I know have imbued more or less both of these traits. 2) “Frumkeit” has nothing to do with this story, this is “Extremism”, I see this mistake being made by posters over and over. Guys, get it straight, Frumkeit and Extremism are two different things!

    5. Last week I saw two women in Meah Sharim walking with refrigerator boxes over them. Some one told me that they are protesting that their husbands took away their burkas.

    6. They are heightening the awareness of tzinuyes; so that every other group will move up a notch or 2 in their observance of tziniyos.
      The tzadik reb Yoel of Satmar, on many occasions said that the reason he leads his chasidem to higher levels of observance and of cumres in inyanim of kashres, modesty of dress, education, etc., is because it raises the levels of observance of the lesser groups.
      You could well imagine how chhlov akim would have been prevelant without the Satmars. Imagine also how the litvish MEN would have dressed, perhaps in their sharp gray suits and sharp grey hats they wore in ALL the yeshivas of the Lita between the wars. Now think about womens’ wear; the spread of sheitels and modest dress. There was no such thing as sheitels in the Lita or Russia.
      IT IS A HISTORICAL FACT THAT EXTREMEISM RAISES THE LEVEL OF OBSERVANCE OF THE LESS EXTREME. It is so also by the Muslims. Because of the Taliban the less observant became more observant muslims.

      • WRITING A SENTENCE ALL IN CAPS DOES NOT MAKE IT A HISTORICAL FACT. However, the petty things you presented i.e. chalav stam and sharp gray suits does not allow me to take you seriously. I am too naive to believe that peopl would actually believe what you wrote. I will just presume you want some attention. So here you are.

      • Why do you think that, somehow, wearing a black suit is “raising” your level of observance more so than wearing a gray suit? You can be an amoretz in a black suit, just as you can be a tzaddik in a gray suit.

    7. They should be wearing 2 cones on top of their head. It would be symbolic of cow’s horns and zecher l’para aduma.
      You could thank today’s extremist chareidi attitude for this craziness.

    8. and where are the senior Rabbonim who need to speak out against this naarischkeit.

      too busy with politics in the Knesset and other places. A well placed notice or comment will deal with it.

      and shunning the husbands in the batei midrashim .

      We just stand by and say how “cute” “outlandish” etc. and then when something bad happens, we say “we didn’t know”

    9. This practice is just an absurd example of chumros being piled onto chumros. This behavior is taking away from normative halachic practice. “V’asu syag latorah” the syag is becoming so high and thick that soon we won’t even see the Torah. If the he Mechaber and the R’mah would come back and see this they would be shaking their heads in disbelief.

      #44 – don’t be so sanctimonious, many of the practices you mention are not accepted by many shomrei torah u’mitzvos. And many of these chumrous just make being a halachic Jew more difficult and probably will not get you a better seat in olam habah.

    10. this is the inevitable result of pushing woman to the sidelines

      forced to it back of the bus, not pictures of woman at all, removing all ads in Jerusalem that had a woman in it even a diaper commercial that had a baby girl.

      they are just expanding on this, or maybe rebelling and this is their way of protest

    11. My husband says that it says in gemorah that davka women should not cover up more than halacha says because the more covered up she is the more interest in generates in the men who are now even more eager to see what is underneath – forbidden fruits are sweeter. They are acting against halocho.

    12. woah! These comments are really entertaining, smart and witty! Keep it up! It is good for the soul!

      I am not sure what to think about these women. if it is not a cult and husbands agree or they are at least on the same level of frumkeit, they should be admired.

    13. Why is this anybody’s business but theirs? Which Gadol said one word against them? The edah charedis is a political party, it is not a person, much less a gadol.

    14. this is such a funny thread!!! some of the comments have made me laugh out loud so hard!!! laughter is the best therapy!!! so thank you!!!
      in terms of these women- nebach…is all i can say….their poor husbands and children….all over in the last few parshos we learn about the Imahos- how pretty they were- Sara, Rivka, Rochel, Leah….Sara had to be hidden….When yaakov saw Rochel he saw how pretty she was…Rashi says- her face…im sure they were’nt wearing cones on their head…bec, if they were…why would they hav to be hidden lest the kings and towns folk would want to take them?….just saying….


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