Meah She’arim, Israel – In Photos, Video: Charedi Kids, Adults In Holocaust Garb To Protest Exclusion Of Haredim


    Ultra-Orthodox men, some wearing uniforms like those worn by Jews during the holocaust, take part in a protest against what they called oppression of Ultra-Orthodox Jews, in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighbourhood December 31, 2011. REUTERS/Baz RatnerMeah She’arim, Israel – Over a thousand ultra-Orthodox men assembled Saturday night in Jerusalem’s Kikar Hashabbat (Sabbath Square), in protest of what they termed the exclusion of Haredim, a response to the recent outrage over the exclusion of women in Beit Shemesh and elsewhere.

    Some of the protesters are wearing yellow badges, with which they mean to express that they are being persecuted for their Jewishness.

    See below video:

    See below photos:

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      • “The secular DO indeed hate us, many bloggers post extreme venomous comments against rabbis and chasidics”

        And after this vile and disgusting demonsration which devalues and trivializes the millions of kadoshism who died al kiddush hashem in the shoah, most frum yidden will also hate you. May those dreche chareidim who dressed up as if this were some costume party experience only a fraction of what the true victims of the shoah experienced

      • Venomous comments? Can there be a more venomous comment than calling another Jew a nazi? How much can some people hate other Jews while claiming to love all Jews?

    1. I have never in my life seen anything more revolting. My father would have had a heart attack seeing these smiling faces wearing the Jude symbol of pure hate. foi foi. Shame on the rabbonim in yerushalayim. I am an ultra orthodox yid who waers white sox. I almost feel that it is permissable to say yamach shmoy on these animals.

      • You wrote Yemach Shmoi on this heilige yiden ?Shame on you ,and yes the Nazis started like this against the yiden just to torture them and tear sefer toras the world didn’t say a word they took the right to execute them ,Shame on you

        • The yidden who the nazis attacked were not smiling for the camera. If you knew any history you would realize that no matter what your view on the medina this is not fitting. Where do you get your ideas? 6,000,000 of our brothers and sisters were murdered and this is the answer of some yidden in Jerusalem! The reality is that these people and you have no idea what was done to the Jewish people. If you did you wouldn’t be smiling for the cameras. Shame on 4…no shame on you.

        • You call them “Heilige Yiden’???? In this week’s Parsha we see that Yosef risked his LIFE in order not to embarrass his brothers, and you call the people that defend and embarrass young, innocent girls because they wore what was given to them by their parents heilige yiden?!?!?!?!?!? Wow, you are so off base, I suggest you relearn all that yidishkeit and “heilige Yiden” stand for! PS This is how the Romans came in to destroy the beis hamikdash- they were called in by yiden to resolve their fights. Really, you got a lot of homework to do.

          • I have some news for you. Not to embarrass someone else is not the only mitzva in the Torah. You, like all other Chariedim bashers on this site, are only worried about how we can chas v’sholom emarrass someone. Why dont YOU re-learn some chumash and gemora, and see how tznius is a major part in yiddishkiet. Is it the only thing? No. But neiher is halbans ponim. So before you choose to join the party of chariedim bashing, why dont you go study some torah as not to come accross like a complete fool.

      • they lost touch with reality, they have no clue how despicable their behaviour is they have it so good that they think they can get away with any stupidity they feel it is a true shame and tragedy for us all decent good yiddin.

    2. The obvious attempt to “recreate” the iconic photo in the Warsaw ghetto (first and subsequent pics –i.e., the one with the SS officer Josef Blösche ) goes beyond the pale and shows just how disfranchised this group represented by the protesters has become. Just wait till that picture hits the mainstream media — I’m sure that won’t be a chillul HaShem!

    3. What a trivialization of the holocaust!
      I hope the ADL and other Jewish organizations that regularly pop up to condemn this type of activity with much less provocation protest.
      I challenge Agudah or the OU to protest this insult to all that went through the holocaust! When we see their reaction or lack of such, we will know their true colors.

    4. Nebech. The way I look at it. They all some what diseased. They really don’t know better. Let’s hope people will get healed and healthy. Start live a normal life.

    5. I used to think they’re hateful, or fanatical, or dan l’kaf zchus, misguided or misled by their rebbaim, but they’re really sick. What kind of mothers let their children go out dressed like that? I think it’s time to call in social services and have those children removed from those homes.

      • Exactly what the Nazis did to our parents.
        Shame on you.
        Why don’t you get to see the truth of what the Israeli government is doing to our טייערע יאידן in Israel?

        • on the contrary; shame on you and kol hakavod to him.
          these people are nevelos and have caused a massive chillul hashem and hatred towards frum jews, more than ever before.
          טייערע אידען??
          עוד טייערע אידען כאלה ואבדנו…

        • it is you that is doing it to youreselfs and not the israeli governm. you fool of course you cant seem to be able to distinguish reality from fantasy, youre taiere yiddin are in reality farbisene yiddin who cant understand that what goes around comes around,this is beyond the pale what youre tayere yiddin are doing , but youre perverse thinking youreis unable to grasp it come to youre sense before its too late because you seem to look at all this as a big joke.

        • Hey fool. This is what the nazis did to our parents? Did you go to school? Did your yeshiva ignor the shoah? Do you not realize that nazis, for fun, would pluck out frum men’s beards? Have you not heard that nazis put yidden in cattle cars and sent them to gas chambers? The Jews did not worry about their modesty since the nazis allowed them none. Perhaps your parents spent the war in Brooklyn. Perhaps you should spend your time doing tshuva.

          • Yes this is how the Nazis started with the help of Yiden who thought Eh they only mean the real Frume but not us we are trying to be like them !First thing nazis did was rounding up raboonim

            • Still wrong. It started in Germany. It started not with shules but boycotts (sound familiar). When Kristelnacht came they burned all the Shules, not only the Frum ones. They jailed all the Jews not only the Frum ones. When they put Rabbis in jail it was all rabbis not only the frum ones. The nazis hated Jews. They hated them if they were frum or communist or anything else. You should read Chassidic Tales of the Holocaust. Stand warned. It is by a woman, frum though she may be. Perhaps you should not read it since it shows that all Jews were victims…from zionist to chassidic.
              Finally, why do you think that the kapos did not include people who claimed to be frum. If you can’t tell the difference between Israel and the Nazis you are an idiot. Wait I shouldn’t call you an idiot because it would insult any person who actually was one.

        • ha thats pretty funny you think the israeli government is hurting yidden give me a break i would like to know what exactly is the “truth of what the israeli government is doing yadayadayada” sounds to me like your a nutjob with no idea of how the israeli government provides welfare and money to these vilda chayas i think u and all your meshugayim go to germany or france and see how they handle protests like this

    6. To compare themselves to those who died “al kiddush hasem” is unforgivable. They have crossed all red lines. They protest when someone moves a grave, but have no compunction to insult all those that perished.
      These people should no longer be referred to as “chareidim”; rather they should always be called “chazeirim” for they are treif as chazir. One of the defining characteristics of the chazir is that he shows his split hooves to make himself look kosher, but is totally treif. So too these chazeirm wear payos and beard to make themselves look kosher, but are totally treif.

    7. I can’t believe what I see
      instead of being appologizing and try to start a normal future they come out and demonstrate?
      So basically with demonstrating you are all calling out “throw the women under the bus”
      unacceptable behavior. Oh btw if you tried this demonstration in varsha you would of all been death and shot close range. Dont play the victim card get a life

    8. Do they think that the Holocaust was a joke? If their grandfather’s would have seen how they are abusing the legacy of the Kedoshim they would have given them two gezinteh petch! With this “joke” they have crossed all boundries.

      The photo op of that boy mimicking the famous picture of the Holocaust is especially disgusting, just look at all the people behind him laughing their heads off while this boy has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.

      Please I beg of you all, stop the Chillul Hashem! You are disgracing hundreds of thousands of Chareidim around the world with this despicable behavior.

      Btw, I agree with you all that the Secular media is out on a crusade against all Chareidim (mostly because of the same people that you are defending), but for Heaven’s sake, don’t drag the Holocaust into this. Please!

      I pray with all my heart that AP shouldn’t pick this up. Oy, what a churban.

      • Too late. It’s on Drudge Report. That will ensure millions and millions of page views.

        Nothing is secret anymore. It flies around the world in mere minutes.

        • How sad. As you said, once it has hit Drudge it will get in minutes millions of page views. Just when we thought that things couldn’t get worse…..

          I don’t have the mental strength to start reading the comments that will inevitably be posted at Breitbart.

          How truly sad.

    9. This is the result of extreme insularity, lack of education, and a sickening sense of self-righteousness. Number one wonders why the secular are fed up with the Charedim? Do we really have to wonder about this?

      • What does this have to do with being insular?! And why do you care if they have a “sickening sense of self righteousness”? Why aren’t they aloud to protest the way they wish? Why are you being judgmental about other people? Is it permitted to talk loshon hara about the other people just because it is in style now to do so?!

    10. These people are disgusting they are giving frum jewry a very bad image ,maybe they should put up a large wall around these neighborhoods and dont let them have any contact with the civilised world,,,,,,

      • Just last week we were all so upset about the oppression of freedom and now we can’t stand people expressing their opinions, Freedom goes both ways folks. Some like freedom bare and some like it dressed.

        • I don’t understand their point even…. Are they trying to cry as victims… Or they trying to point the zionist as nazis? Either way its a shame…… My bobby won’t let my kids dress. With striped pj’s cause it looks like clothes from holocaust, I am sure there is thusands of holocaust people living in jerusalem and for them to watch this is hearth breaking (regardless the point or pointless)
          And also why in america satmer rebbe would condem ppl for talking against our president and country and in israel they have no respect for law and goverment (at least some, we are in golus and I believe the zionist are still better to us than the egypts or turks)

    11. Sitting at the table, reading this with my father in law. He says and I quote, “THEIR behaviour is Nazi like! When I would walk down the street the Nazi’s would spit at ME.”
      Oilam Hafuch!!

    12. If the exact same protest with these Nazi symbols were held in Germany, these people would be arrested. It is against the law to trivialize and wear these symbols. If someone in Idaho or one of the Presidential candidates would do this, or if someone in Tel Aviv would do it, all hell would break loose. Screams that the holocaust is being trivialized and now the eida chareidis is quiet when it is done in their back yard in the meah Shearim. Shame on Them.

    13. SHAMEFUL. The hypocracy and stupidity of the protesters is unbelievable. Their dressing in Holocaust garments makes me want to puke. They should be ashamed of themselves. That kind of behavior and hatred for fellow Jews is why the 2nd Temple was destroyed — and it will prevent the coming of Moshiach.

    14. It seems to me that the “avreichim” in picture #14 from the top, are trying to recreate the famous picture of the two Polish Chassidishe bochurim walking together in the ghettos with the yellow star attached to their coats.

      How far have they fallen? I’m getting nauseous looking at these pictures. Seriously.

      Were there any Rabbonim attending this silliness? I hope not.

    15. sick beyond sick!!! exploit children to do their dirty work…notice no adults in these costumes only children, who have no idea what they are doing…do these people understand what chutzpa they are doing comparing by comparing the holocaust to their stupidity…what they are doing is shaming and making a mockery of torah…all that see including nonjews say these are torah jews….what a joke…where are our rabbonim and sane manhigai hador?????

    16. Evil people, my grandparents and their families were forced to wear this clothing. My father and his family were forced to work as slave laborers for the nazis ym”s, and these people walk around with the star, smiling, like its some sort of game or joke……

    17. #4 an ultra orthodox with white sox??? Does that make you more erlich, honest citizen. These animals wear the same garb as you. I come from an extremely religious family but am an outcast

      • To nos. 25 & 31: What is so hard to understand? What #4 is trying to say is very simple, it goes something like this:

        “Even though I wear the same clothing like these nutcases, I’m still revolted by the way they are acting, and would like to make it clear that I disassociate myself from these mishogoyim”

        I understood him very clear, why can’t you? Is it your revulsion to white socks?

        (As an aside, I haven’t worn white socks since I was about seven years old, so I really don’t care)

    18. THIS IS DISGUSTING! Plus “prisoner of Zion” Weissfish??
      AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THESE PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY ARE? FAKE KANOYIM AND REAL HAREDI ZIONISTS?! Using children this way. This is the way the Sitra Achra works to keep people away from true opposition to Zionism with these Purim shpiels!!

    19. Look at those filthy smiles they adults have on their faces looking at theJude symbol. My blood is curdling and boiling over. Their teeth shold be knocked out. That will give them a cuter smile. They should stop fressing steak and weigh 100 pounds less then they should put on the nazi symbols. It will fit them better.

    20. When I try to think about these people in a solution oriented way I draw a blank…

      How do we heal our brothers who are so obviously disturbed in such a profoundly deep way?

      Do these people have Rabbis? Who leads these people?
      Does the Eida-Chareidis represent them? Who are these people?

    21. Perhaps they should ask their friend Ahmedinejad to build them a shtetl on the outskirts of teheran where they can treat their women and children as they please.

      Disgusting nevelos. They are sick and mentally deranged.

      This cynical misuse of holocaust imagery is a knife in the chest of all those who survives the horrors, including many, many haredim.

      Cut of their support, do not give a cent to their mosdos. What a disaster of chinuch they produce. אוי לנו שכך עלתה בימנו

    22. It is extremely disrespectful to holocaust survivors for them to even consider making a comparison between the 2 situations. Jews were forced to wear this garb against their will, how can they disrespect our people and dress their children in this garb by choice?

      A major foundation of Judaism is to respect all people, not just people who are exactly like you. You can disagree with others’ choices, but acting disrespectfully and rudely is not acceptable according to Torah law. The fact that many in this group feel that they can spit on people, call them embarrassing names, and act with such disrespect to fellow Jews is not only against all of the Torah values they claim they hold so dear, but is showing their true colors: this is no longer Judaism that they are following.

      The Rabbis and Gedolim in Israel must take a stand against this immediately and bring the Judaism back to the Jews.

    23. The scariest part is how many of them there are. I thought it was a small fringe element – but I see from these pics this is a movement gaining steam. whats gonna be, I shudder to think. Civil war?

      • i was there and can tell you that many many of the people that turned out couldn’t care less about the sick-rick. they were bored and looking for some action. the problem is all frum jews will suffer from the actions of these פריצי בני עמנו
        This is what happens when there’s no chinukh, only violence and “kanois”, all the time.

      • i was thinking the same thing. last week, with the insanity going on in bet shemesh, everyone was saying that its just a fringe group of crazy people and most chareidim don’t act like that. but here is the response of the chareidim to what was going on there! look at the mobs of grown men smiling for the cameras with a yellow star on their shirt, claiming to be oppressed by the same government that protects them (with the army) and sustains them (with the chilonim’s hard earned tax money.) this is not a fringe group, the majority of chareidim are out there! i have never seen something more disgusting in my life, and i’ve seen some pretty disgusting things…

        • There were no “mobs of smiling men”. There were maybe a couple of hundred lowlifes protesting and a bunch of people watching the show. A majority of chareidim? How many chareidim do you think actually live in Israel? I will give you a hint. When there was a prayer kenes a number of years ago in Yerushalayim, there were more than 600,000 chareidi men — and that’s only the number of men — who came to the rally. A couple of hundred people is the number of people in a couple of apartment buildings there, not a majority of anyone.

    24. Ben, you are so right. I am a chassidishe vaibel with some broader background. When I see things like this I wonder if I’m in the right place. These men are not chassidish, no Rebbe would allow this, they seem to be a chassidish cult without a leader, just a bunch of hotheads who look for trouble – they belong to the trouble chassidus……..

    25. These people have more in common with Taliban than with real Yidden. It’s good they don’t serve in the army! Israel should deport them all to Iran!

    26. Time to boycott ANY business that supports these crazies. Whether they are supermarkets, camera stores, meat and poultry producers. GENUG, not one red cent or shekel to these monsters.

    27. Since they they “think” they are being oppressed by the “zionist regime” I think it is time the “zionist regime” cuts off all funds completely and lets them live in the filth and squalor and total insularity of their own ghetto so they learn to fend for themselves.

      • i see you and every one else here is missing the point.
        they want the government to leave them alone!!!
        they dont take any money from the government,
        the same is with the buses, they dont want any buses running through their neighborhood,
        and about the separate seating buses, they have tried to make private buses that they will pay for, the government dosn’t let
        get it into your heads, they dont want anything from the government,
        they want to live in peace as frum yidden!!!

        • “they dont take any money from the government”
          This is a very funny comment. They live off the government and the general Israeli community. Even while they (and you) shout the mantra that they take not money. First of all, very few in Meah Shaarim pay arnona (property tax); they benefit from the myriad exemptions given here. That means that when they burn a plastic garbage container and it is replaced in 24 hrs, that comes from pockets of others in Yerushalayim. The same goes for trash collection, sewers, firemen and police, etc. Next, they are “registered” as learning in yeshivas of Agudah orientation while they learn in their own mosdos. The money to support them is turned over to their yeshivas. A known tactic, standard. Next the hashgacha of the Eida HaCharedis. Over 2000 neturei karta are “mashgichim” there. (This number from their own publications in the chareidi community.) They give hashgacha on everything – from dish soap to crackers. They have a monoply gained by tradition and force. All these products have hashgocha of local rabinates. When I buy my granddaughter a package of Bamba (5 shekels) 5 agorot goes to E.CH. Other hashgochos, Rubin, Chasam Sofe,

        • They accept plenty from the government and in return spit on the rest of us. You are a fool if you think a frum person in America who sends his kids to a yeshiva ketana where they learn math, science and history is any better than a secular Jew in their eyes.

          They must laugh at us because they have suckered us into believing we are in some way the same ‘charaidi’ as them and that they accept us as fellow charaidim.

          Anyone who sees these lunatics dressing their kids in death camp uniforms and yellow stars and doesn’t understand these people are sick, twisted and perverted is even more deranged and demented than the people committing this outrage.

        • You and they may think they want nothing from the government but their actions are speaking louder than words. For how else are they getting electricity, water, garbage collection, money for their yeshivas, free health care, stipends for their children, and all the other benefits of living in Israel? When they absolutely refuse any money or services from the government I’ll believe what you and they say, until then they are hypocrites.

        • you call that frum?i dont know what frum yidden your talking about but the ones i see dont parade around in prison uniforms mocking the sacrifice of 6 million kedoshim!!!!!

      • How can you suggest such a thing about a fellow jew?
        I don’t by any means commend their actions but maybe all you American yidden should become more familiar with the real situations in Yerushalaim before blackening an entire community -which incidentaly is exactly what the media in israel is doing…almost all of thse comments call for the same “solutoin” the Nazis ym”s were calling for. you are not giving 6000000 kedoshim any respect through your comments.

    28. They are a bunch of of lunatics!! A disgrace to the Yidden!! What a chillul Ha-shem! How could you trust their Kashrus? Someone should knock their teeth out from those smiling faces! Do they realize the Arab English papers are watching and are gleeing with satisfaction? Ha-shem is definitely not happy with these Yidden. Where is their Chinuch with the children? Those poor childlren are a “Korbon”. These Yidden don’t have any saichel whatsoever! Are they now going to put those kinderlich into “gas chambers” to show their inhumanity, which is what is now happening? (from Boro Park)

    29. Notice in the 4th photo there are 2 American modern teens there. Parents, it is time you start double thinking about sending your children off to certain yeshivas in Israel. Unless, your goal of course is to turn them into fanatics and have them curse you!

    30. What other people have turned against their own like this? Someone actually made these horrible costumes. They must have sat around a whole shabbes and talked about this. What about the women? They allow their sons to be used in this manner? I know they cant control their crazy husbands, but their kinder? those beautiful little yiddishe faces, ich, how can a mother allow it? Do the women feel the same way? I am so out of touch w these nutcases.

      • Thats a very insulting comment, to even compare these lunatics to someone who might enjoy some harmless fun in Time Square. I have been there a few times on new years eve and there was nothing wrong with it.

        • Do you wanna tell me that its not a busha for a remotely frum person to be in times sq????

          Harmless fun?? If hundreds of men and woman passionately kissing around you is not harmless, then your much less then modern

          • Admittedly, I’ve never been in Times Square on New Year’s eve but I have in the past watched the ball drop on television and oftentimes the cameras will sweep the crowd so I have seen what you are talking about. But, really, why do you or anyone else care? I couldn’t be less bothered that thousands of goyim are kissing, it doesn’t affect me or mine, why does it affect you so strongly?

      • Everyone of their $5,000 hats should be confiscated and sold. The $100,000,000 raised should be used to feed all the poor of Israel. From the size of many of these many, they are being overfed, and are not under privileged in the least bit.

    31. sick. Child services should take the children away. they are obviosly neglected. The rest of them should be jailed . The damage they are causing all frum yiden is just horrible

    32. Most of my extended family on both sides were martyred in the Holocaust. I find this to be unbelievable. How dare these people compare their challenges in job opportunity to the pain my grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins suffered. How dare they consider themselves to be martyrs like those who were shot or gassed? These people are not sick- they’re evil and disgusting.

    33. They have crossed all red lines. They have perverted the Torah. who are their Rabbis? The Israeli govt should immediately stop all subsidies and draft deferments to this community. American Jews should stop supporting their beggers. If they had to work and serve and contribute to society, maybe they would be more human.

    34. The ashes of the great grandparents of many of these mentally defectives that are scattered in the blood soaked soil of eastern europe are crying in boosha tonight.

    35. Shmuel Weissfish is one of the leading activists in the radical Sikrik group. Weissfish is slated to begin his two-year prison sentence on Sunday for vandalizing a computer store in Kikar Hashabbat. Why did he do this?

    36. They are disgusting! What a chllul Ha-shem! How could you trust their kashrus? Those poor kinderlach who were made a “korbon” from this mockery! Someone should knock out all those teeth from every smiling face of these Yidden. Ha-shem is definitely not happy with this! Don’t they realize that the Arabs are reading all this in their papers and are gleeing with satisfaction? What a bunch of idiots! Next thing they’ll do, is to put one of those innocent kinderlach into a gas chamber to show their idiocity.

    37. my grandmother A”H who was raised in germany & spent 6 years in siberia wld faint from seeing the smiling faces combined with the yellow star….
      i was raised in an extremist community…(not in E”Y) so i totally understand their mentality….while a do agree with “machanecha kadosh…” who says their way is kadosh? my estremist father told me to put on a cross- because i wear a long denim skirt….if you ask me-its more tzniyus than some of the other frum attire today…(but thats another topic)
      the fact tht i wear a long sheitel- wld warrant men spitting on me…& actually several yrs ago while going to Rabbi shimon Hatzadiks kever- some lunatic called me a zoineh…& i was completely tzniyus…i do have to say that 2 meah shearim men did come to my defense & told the guy 2 be quiet….!
      anyway- the fact that i voluntarily give almost 50% of my earnings 2 tzeddaka because my heart goes out to every yid suffering, or tht i daven & cry for all yidden, or tht i cry every night tht HaShem shld help me 4give those tht hurt me & tht He should bentch thm..tht i apologized 2 e/o i know i ever may hav hurt…or that i thank HaShem all day 4 e/t…doesnt matter..2 them im a zoineh.

    38. Disgusting and sick! The irony is that all this is being done to protest the imprisonment of the radical thug who these people raised and got what he deserved. Who are they trying to impress?? How can they not realize that they’re only drawing hate and disgust upon themselves rather then helping their cause. Why don’t people come out and demonstrate the desecration of the Kedoshim who died in misery wearing these clothes. I hope these idiots do Teshuva before they’ll rot in hell

    39. These people are not taught about the Shoah. If in fact they were, they would know that if the Zionists=nazis, they would be taken lock, stock and barell, and brought to a big pit forced to strip naked and be machine gunned down. They should kiss the ground that they are dealing with Zionists.

    40. i was raised in an extremist community…..B”H i am very frum now but more openminded…..yes, i would be considered a shiksa because of my long skirts…but ask my chassidishe rav and he will tell you that he never met a woman with so much yiras shamayim. not that im bragging….no one is perfect…i just work really hard on myself, my emuna, frumkeit, davening and more….but i believe in live and let live….
      if i see someone that i feel went off the way…my heart goes out to them as i know they must be in so much pain-so i daven to HaShem to send them a yeshua & help them be choizer b’tshuva…should i spit on them? the way these extremists would spit on me? the problem is that they feel and really truly believe with all their heart that they are holding up the world with their yiddishket and that they will bring mashiach…i geuss we will have to wait for mashiach to come to see who will be first on they say the ones that seemed irrelevant will be honored and vice versa…May we greet mashiach soon so that HaShems true glory may be revealed to all the world & we can all live in peace and do mitzvos and may He bring an end to all the tzaros & SINAS CHINAM!!!! AMEN!!!

    41. What is wrong with these mishugoyim, do they really want a religious-secular war? Here’s a news flash: the secular will win the war because they have more guns. Sick behaimos.

    42. this is the most appalling thing i have ever seen in my life. These people are wearing holocoust garb and are laughing about it. They should be ashmed of themselves. Ill bet that there grand parents werent laughing when they were being persecuted and wearing the jude star. and those clothing. This is sickning

    43. This is the results of doing nothing all day and no jobs .

      They are saying International forces need to protect Haredim, so they can spit on more 8 year old little girls!!!

      Remember this when next time some Yerushlami Shnorrer knocks on your door!

    44. The minority are wackjobs with the rest of them spectators. I remember in my young teens I went to the Neturei Karta protests thinking they are the righteous…little did I know I was siding with the sitra achra. Point is, The crowds you see are deceiving to the media but we all know the American Bochurim are there for the ‘action’.

    45. sick ,twisted and shocking just when we thought we had seen it all from these lunatics. of course who are the nazis in their sick scenario? other jews! put these freaks in chaierim already.

    46. 1)The first picture of the little boy with his hands raised. Please get him to a dentist
      2) My aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives died al kiddush Hashem. This an abomination and a Chillul Hashem

    47. As the child of holocaust survivors, I am disgusted by these people (if I can even call them that). How dare they portray themselves as “victims,” especially of the holocaust?? They and their families have no problem taking money from the Israeli government and from the rest of klal yisroel, but they spit on us when we don’t agree with their opinions (yes, opinions, with no basis in halacha).
      Tonight, they have stooped to a new low, and as a frum yid, I am embarrassed and disgusted by their actions. If this gets out into the goyishe press, it will be a chillul hashem of enormous proportions. How can we expect the rest of the world to take the holocaust seriously if our own people make fun of it?
      The first sign is what troubled me the most. THEY DO NOT REPRESENT ORTHODOX JEWRY!!!! 99.9% of orthodox Jewry will be disgusted by this when they see this. Furthermore, if they feel so oppressed, I’m sure they can find another country that will accept them with open arms, support them financially while they go about breaking and ignoring laws and regulations at will, badmouthing the government, and refusing to abide by the rights of others. NO T!!!!
      I am seriously afraid that my father will see this and see what the younger generation of “chareidim” thinks of the suffering his generation went through. …

    48. It is unprecedented in my mind for a group that is so intolerant of others, and regularly persecutes people different then themselves go on and claim persecution for documenting that they spit on little girls!

      They are so unbelievably full of themselves that instead of apologizing for some of their violent behavior they dress and brainwash their kids like concentration survivors. They spit on the graves of the 6 million who died, and they are such a walking chillul hashem that they need to be banished from orthodox Judaism.

      And that the Eida was involved in planning this elaborate stunt makes it so much worse. Nobody can now say they are a fringe group fringe group, they had 1500 people at this rally defending the right to spit at little girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. And this is what happens to an entire community when they are too accustomed to living off the government welfare state and schnorring in Chu”L; they lash out with despicable venom in an adolescent tantrum when they cannot get their way.

      “VaYishman Yeshurun VaYiv’at!”

    50. Why do these articles/pictures keep calling the people in the photos “ultra-orthodox Jews”? They are the complete opposite! Someone needs to formulate an alternate name to call them by because they are so far removed from Jewish beliefs, they shouldn’t even be called “Jews”, let alone “Ultra-orthodox”! People who condone violence against someone just because they disagree with their lifestyle, and attack harmless little girls because they don’t like how they dress, are not acting in the proper fashion for a Jew! Whenever there are protests and reports of rioting “ultra-orthodox Jews”, everyone should be aware that these are NOT Jews!! These are animals committing massive Chillul Hashem!! But as the rest of the world reads the news the only thing they see is “ultra-orthodox Jews” fighting with other Jews. We need a new name for them and it is definitely not “ultra-orthodox Jews”!

      • Most of what I’m reading is not self-righteousness, it is horror and disgust that yidden whose recent ancestors were tortured and killed in horrific ways are being mocked. It doesn’t matter if it is a few or many who do this (although from the pictures it does appear to be many), it is loathsome behavior and this is why the great majority of people making comments here are condemning it.
        Now come back down off your high horse and join the rest of the community.

    51. Seeing these pictures make me want to throw up. As a Frum Yid I am sick and ashamed of the Chilul Hashem they are causing..These idiots are turning the Holocaust in to a joke and they are not any better then Neo Nazis YS” Shame on them !! Shame on the Eida and Satmer who support them behind the seen.There Should be mass demonstrations of Frum people across the globe to rebuke these Reshuim

    52. i have an actual picture of my great grandparent a”h, taken shortly before they were led to their deaths, wearing they yellow star pinned to their chests. although the picture was taken at a simcha, there are no smiles on their faces. how dare these people use this star that caused so much pain to so many, and make a joke of it!

    53. Just like their friends the Palestinians, these people want International Forces to protect them. Zealots why don’t you move to Gaza, and Hamas will greet you with open arms!

    54. I am beyond words, never thought I could hate a fellow jew, but this behavior just goes beyond the pale. Bli Neder, I will not give any money to another chareidi shnorrer until these mamzerim learn to behave like real yidden. I challenge the Rabbonim, litvish, chasidish, whatever, to stand up and say something. Until then, all of you share the blame. You want respect, SAY SOMETHING!!! Where is Rav Elyashiv, where is Rav Shteinman? All I see from the them is the Kupat Ha’ir flyers.

    55. The only thing good about this is they can no longer hide their real disdain for anyone who doesn’t think or act like them. They are the epitome of looking a gift horse in the mouth. The Israeli govt. owes them nothing save for a one way ticket into the desert. They don’t deserve free schools, healthcare, food, etc.

      I am very proud of all of my fellow bloggers who have finally seen the truth for what it is. When you start separating men from women in public places, you end up causing a Chillul Hashem of the highest order. My grandparents are relieved that their progeny does not include these lunatics.

    56. my grandmother, a holocaust survivor, has a computer (yes, believe it or not, she is old enough to be a holocaust survivor AND she knows how to go online!). i am really scared that if she sees this she will die from a heart attack-imagine having lived through the REAL holocaust, and innocently going online after shabbos only to see young children, like her, her brothers and sisters (all murdered al kiddush hashem), her cousins, friends and neighbors, sitting behind bars wearing yellow stars, and for a split second she will think that it is a memorial, and she will debate whether or not to continue looking, but it will only take that split second for her to see that these are colored pictures, with bright smiling faces, fresh clean clothes on well fed children, and she will be so confused, because they look like sweet yiddishe kinder, but why, and how, are such pure young children being given clothing that are a MOCKERY of what 70 years later still makes her cry, still gives her nightmares, still traumatizes her on a daily basis. oy hashem yeracheim. someone please take these children and teach them, their parents are a lost cause but maybe it’s not too late for the children.

    57. i take back one thing i said-there were so many pictures, and some had smiling faces and i mistook that for the children smiling-now i looked at the pictures again and i see that the adults are the ones smiling, while the children look petrified-maybe this really is simulating the holocaust, with the adults being sick nazis who are rejoicing in their evil ways, while the children are innocent bystander who have no clue what is happening to them and are victims who are not being allowed to practice yiddishkeit properly, exactly what happened to my own grandparents in the holocaust. nebuch on these children, this is their future if they continue to be “taught” this way. nebuch.

    58. I am a secular Jew and lost my entire family in Germany. We were 34 people in total and only one lived. The Nazis didn’t care that we were secular Jews.
      I am totally humiliated by what is happening in Israel and will never donate another penny, ever.

      • As someone who lost much of my family in the holocaust. I join in your anger. However, you should not be humiliated. You are among those who have to witness what the holocaust was and who the nazis tried to kill.
        What is happening in Israel is the fault of the people who are doing it. I hope that you mean that you will never donate a penny to those who are making the holocaust into a joke.
        There are many charities in Israel, both religious and secular which deserve our support. Be careful of who you support, but remember they are our fellow Jews. I pray that you find comfort in the memories of your family.

    59. it’s scary to think that while most of us are speaking out against this, the real nazis would put all of us and all of the crazy people in the pictures in the same cattle car, crematorium, concentration camp, whatever. how do we reconcile the fact that at the end of the day, we’re all jews? and that never before now was i ashamed to say so?
      anytime i heard anyone say that to the nazis a jew was a jew no matter how much they tried to change themselves, it didn’t bother me, because i was always proud of who i am. but now? i can’t imagine being lumped into the same group as these awful people.

      • I agree. We need to have a strong statement against this immediately, and I think it is up to the Rabbis and Gedolim. We need our leaders to separate this group’s ideology and their beliefs from Judaism and show it for the fraud it really is.

    60. These people don’t live in the real world. The adults are overgrown children who don’t know what it means to work. Their whole lives revolve around eating (i.e. fressing), going to simchas and making children.

    61. It is time for every really Gd fearing Jewish person to speak up. Rabbonim, regular citizens, and people of all ages. This is a frightful time. Maybe some dialogue to regain our common Jewish interests can come from this awful event.

    62. When I saw these horrible pictures I also felt sick but I feel better reading these posts knowing that everyone else feels the same way. It already hit the drudgereport btw.

    63. Hi
      Anyone that assaults a Police officer or anyone that uses “Violence” chareidi or not should be JAILED for a LONG time that should stop this non-sense. ITS LUNACY!!

    64. Although this looks quite sick, on the other hand a Jew might be convicted for five years for asking a woman ( who did this all purposefully to test them) who sat herself in the area where there were only men. these men wanted their own bus line but egged promised them they can daven on the bus and will keep the genders separate. In an area where everyone wears a certain code, acts a certain way, you would conform if you had to walk through their streets out of respect . these chilonim respect the arabs more than they do the chareidim. They are trying to find the criminal act this guy did so they can charge him so they came up with sexual harassment so now in order to keep him safe they have to arrest him?.
      c’mon, again not to justify their behavior, but perhaps they are demonstrating because their brother is being charged, and they didn’t do something so wrong in asking a woman politely “would you mind sitting over there so that we can daven” This is how i heard the story.

      • It appears that you were misinformed. The hafgana had nothing to do with the person who assaulted a female soldier on the bus. It had to do with a felon who destroyed a computer store that he didn’t like. And the person on the bus did not ask anyone anything nicely. He screamed at a woman, called her nasty names, and kept screaming at her for quite some time until the police showed up to arrest him right before his verbal violence became physical. The man in question had no intention of davening on the bus, something you are not supposed to do anyway.

    65. I believe whoever dressed up like they were in Holocaust probably aren’t descendants of Holocaust survivors because a descendant would never do such a thing!!

    66. This is sick and it’s time for the rabbanim to make a real and public macha’ah. I totally understand that the secular media is mis-portraying this community. But this is revolting.

      Let’s remember that this same “oppressive regime” is providing them with free healthcare, paying them to learn, providing stipends for each kid that they have, paving their streets, collecting their garbage and often building their shuls. This is disgusting.

    67. to all the commenters who want to claim these protesters are either “not really jewish” or “not religious” or “not charedim” i suggest you look up the “no true scotsman” logical fallacy.

    68. Will the rabbonim in E”Y say something about this? Surely there IS action that can be taken?!!!

      Things are spiraling out of control and someone needs to reign this in before it really gets ugly.

    69. dear vin editors,
      can i please ask you to perhaps remove the pictures? they are so hurtfful and disrespectful to the 6 million jews including 1 million children slautered in the holocaust…..dont you think they have suffered enough? please dont participate in this atrocity….i beg you!!!!! by having the pictures up….you are feeding in to their desires – which is to gain publicity and attention……please please…..oy…my we greet mashiach very soon somehow…!!!!

    70. What is happening to Charedi Judaism? They’re becoming more crazy week by week. This culture of unemployed, life long “Torah study” thanks to secular Zionist $$$ has failed to catastrophic proportion. All this culture of ” Torah Jew” “learning” has produced is a new generation of out-of-touch radicals who are becoming nuisance and a burden on the rest of society. They parade their kids in yellow stars with smiles on their faces living off a state that protects them, feeds them and clothes them even though they do not contribute anything back to this “Zionist Oppression.” These Jews are disgusting and are spitting on ashes of 6 million Jews who were forced to wear yellow stars of David as a ticket to gas chambers. These Charedim will be getting their new welfare check in the mail tomorrow from the Oppressive Zionist state and cry that they’re discriminated against.

    71. Does anyone else see the sick twisted irony of this story?
      Whereas the Nazis persecuted ALL Jews, gassing frum and frei, chaidish and misnagdim alike, together, naked, in the camps, these knuckle dragging short sighted ois vorfs don’t consider even you or me to be Jewish (cause we’re reading this on the internet) not to mention the other 98% of Jews that they discount.
      These people who lack total historical perspective have gone too far with this latest charade. While they may argue that they have nothing to lose because they don’t take any money (Directly) from the Zionist State, they’ve truly bitten the hand that feeds them: Kupat Ha’ir and colel chabad will have a hard time getting those 18 dollar checks that support these batlanim from all those holocaust survivors, and children and great grandchildren of survivors.
      Well done! Unfortunately, our collective memory will soon forget these moronic acts and we’ll hear some insincere mea culpas from non-representative non-leaders and it will all go back to simmering at just below boiling until they do something moronic again.

    72. i cant believe what i am seeing here, they are making the entire chareidi community look so bad, and they are SO wrong……. i hope the Rabbonim that keep on talking about the internet should focus on this huge Chillul Hashem and come out and condemn these behavior.

    73. Yea yea… I fee ur pain, ur all afraid that the world media is gonna start asking how come in the “jewish state” its the most difficult for orthodox jews, and that’s all what bothers u all… Don’t fool ur self nor others… U have confused Ahavas Yisroel with Ahavas ISRAEL, u all here get hysterical if someone bashes a chiloini b/c of ahavas yisroel but when it comes to chareidim no ahavas yisroel is needed, bash them as much as u can, all this secular jews have much much more value in ur eyes than a frum yid… Shame on u all…. How dare u talk in the name of Judaism? U know very well that these ppl resemble the true yidden of all generations who have bin moiser nefesh for yidishkeit and not the kind of yiden who spur hatred on internet blogs, I guess ur own guilt is driving ur hatred against the chareidim

      • Reply to 146: no, YOU are the one who is confused. They do not represent generations of yidden in Europe. As confirmed by those who actually lived there, In the alter heim, there was a lot of learning – early in the morning before work, during work, and at night, but people worked for a living and did not get checks from the government or others. How many stories of gedolim for thousands of years have we heard regarding how they conducted themselves at work? Do you think there were separate areas on the trains for men and women? Separate sidewalks? Are you joking?
        I am not suggesting that no one should be supported so that they Can learn, but those that planned These actions, created these costumes and stars are obviously spending hours of Bittul Torah. DO NOT confuse them with the yidden of generations ago

    74. To all the commentater sitting in heated NY lounge rooms:

      You probably havent listened in to Israeli Radio ever in your Lives. Goebbels would be proud For those of you who read hebrew let me quote Israels #1 Radio Commentator Gabi Gazit 20/04/2011
      נבין שצריך לכלוא אותם בשכונותיהם, לנתק אותם מצינור החמצן של הקידמה, להותיר אותם לבד בעליבותם ובשנאתם. תפסיקו לנקות להם את הרחובות, כבו להם את החשמל, נתקו להם את המים. הבה נוותר על המיסים שהם משלמים, ובדרך-כלל הם אינם משלמים….. הם פרזיטים מהסוג הגרוע ביותר. ומצידי, אם זה היה ריאלי, הייתי אורז את כולם באריזה אחת ומשלח אותם לאחיהם בחצרות ברוקלין החשוכות. שם יגורו בחשכת ימי הביניים, או כאן סגורים בחומותיהם וללא שום קשר למדינת ישראל”
      This is one example of thousands.

      Wake up!! They hate brooklyn Jews too!! But just as in the Holocaust, American Jewry deafen their ears and allow this happen.

      • While Gabi Gazit is detestable for writing that, and it is true that many see yidden this way… it does not give us the right to go ahead and have mass demonstrations like all the goyim and especially the Moslim. This action is wrong, and it is destroying any high level that had been previously achieved! We are becoming the animals that they call us!!! We burn trash cans, spit on even other yidden, and assault women on buses. As Maimonides writes (Laws of Character Development, 6:7) that the only way to draw people close is through love.

        These yidden are becoming their own prosecution.

      • The truth hurts sometimes – especially when one can read it, black upon white.

        Unfortunately, Pusheter Yid, the very large majority of “all the commentater sitting in heated NY lounge rooms” can only READ Hebrew, but they do not UNDERSTAND more than a few of the words you have thoughtfully quoted.

        They go to shul and daven. They read the words of the pages of the siddur. But they have no idea of what they are parroting off – unless, of course, they have an ArtScroll translation.

        So it is with their comprehension of what is going on in the wider Jewish world.

      • To all the holocaust dressed up clowns in Kikar Shabbos:
        You and the like are main cause of the hate that is recently spewing out of the entire Israeli mainstream which this commentator is only repeating. And I have news for you: Most of us here in brooklyn are discusted by your actions no less then them. Because of your spitting at young girls by your defending them on the radio, and now by your descerating the sacred memories of our holy martyred grandparents. Yes they hate us in Brooklyn too because of your incomprehensible behavior

      • These words are unfortunately nothing new to my ears. As someone living in Israel, I’ve heard these same words numerous times. The problem is, that most of the commentators here on VIN have never lived in Israel, and have no idea of the state of affairs here. They think that just because we (the majority of Orthodox Jews) and the Secular media are both against the zealots, we are on the same page. But as your quote proves, nothing can be farther than the truth. The Secular media is out on a war against ALL Orthodox Jews, whether you are a “zealot” or not, whether you live in Israel or in Diaspora.

        While we shun the “zealots” because their behavior is anti-Jewish, the Secular media just uses them as a springboard to spew their venom against ALL Orthodox Jews.

        Yidden, wake up, it won’t make any difference how much you try to prove that you are “normal”, to them the only people who can be considered “normal”, are those who don’t keep “archaic” laws like Shabbos, Tznius (gasp… I said it), etc.

        Read the aforementioned quote, and internalize it!

      • Because they hate & vilify the ‘medinah’ & go shake hands with leaders of Iran who talk of wiping Israel off the map, b/c they are parasites living off the largess of the state & the inhabitants who work to support & defend them but get no thanks, most of Israel wants to give them what THEY want: a life free of the medinah. No electricity, street cleaning, money. In return, they won’t have to pay taxes. Which they don’t do already.

    75. Pusheter, while Gazit’s comments may be a little extreme, it’s not too far off. After all, if these people despise the State so much and refuse to contribute to it, why should they benefit from its infrastructure?

    76. hi all of you,i live in israel and i want to tell you all who are furious about these costumes to calm down a bit!!!you will only understand it when you live here and suffer from the non religous!!!!!maybe this time the fanatics went too extreme,but the media doesnt STOP harassing the frum yidden here!!!they blew up a story so out of proportion about a russian woman who DELIBERATELY went onto a heimishe bus and sat down by the men and started humming to cause attention from the men and when they asked her to stop she said ”soon i will strip myself to make it even more interesting for you”!!!!!!!!so how do you explain this??!!??!!they look to start up all the time,and i know the fanatics go overboard but we all know that theyre not the majority!!!lets hope things will calm down cos moshiach aint gonna come in this situation!!!!how sad…

    77. I think everyone in the photos and on this blog may be missing the point; holy brothers, we are all in serious trouble. Aseres b’Teves is upon us. H’ has sent every external enemy He created against us ad infinum. We have just been too stubborn to accept the message. Now is the real and final enemy; not any bnei yishmoel, Eisav, or Amalek. The most powerful enemy to destroy us is us.
      It is here. Teshuva with achdus or else. We must kill our self-defeating pride and replace it with true lobe for ALL yiddin, comfortable or not.

    78. looks like these deluded fools have shot themselves in the foot.
      Now everyone understands how they twist the truth & abuse society for their own benefit.
      Time to rethink the “Status-Quo”

    79. Time for a 100% BOYCOTT.

      Anyone who dresses their children in Nazi prison garb with yellow Juden stars and sends them out into the streets like it’s a festival can rot in their own filth from now on. If they feel that the Zionist state is persecuting them, then give them a taste of their own prophecy.

      Public bus lines shouldn’t stop in the neighborhood anymore. Emergency calls should go unanswered. People should stop buying their sfarim, mezuzot, tfillin, tallitim, tzitit, etc. Go to other butchers. Cut off the tourist buses and slap big taxes on fur hats and silk frock coats. If I could justify it, I’d say to cut off city services like water, electricity and gas deliveries as well.

      Years ago I attended a (very) secular school on the outskirts of Mea Shearim and I always had a soft spot for the kind and charitable souls who were cordial and welcoming to visitors. We students were always treated with respect and they never hesitated accepting our money and sending us along with blessings and encouragement to do more mitzvot. When did all this change?

    80. 1: The State of Israel needs to immediately cut all funding to these sonei yisroel, no education subsidies, no welfare. no anything. They all hate the State, wish for it’s demise, so they should not benefit an iota from it.

      2: The rest of Klall Yisroel should vote with their wallets, not a darned penny for any Chareidistan mosad or fundraiser.

      When their insanity effects their bottom line, watch how things start to change.

      • I will give with Passion to this Mosdos and Yiden ,and you should give to the Pilgrims and Christian institutes in Jerusalem let your money have the right affect

        • Just wondering…when these chevra need medical help, do they go to their own voodoo doctors or do they seek out the ones (female docs for the ladies, of course) who went to school after yeshiva and studied. After all, you wouldn’t settle for second best when it comes to medicine…
          Also wondering….what about childbirth…When the “MALE” doctor walks into the room – you see where this is going, right?

      • You seem to be showing your lack of understanding of how things work here and who these goons really are.

        1. They don’t take any money from the state — no education subsidies, no welfare, nothing. The State must keep fixing streets in their neighborhoods because they live in the middle of a city where people must travel through. The goons would be happy not to have buses run through their neighborhood — it is the rest of the residents of the city who must have bus service to travel all through the city.

        2. These people could care less if you give them money or not. If you don’t give them money so they will live without or get money some other way. They are not rich people and do not have almost any furniture in their homes and certainly not television, or computers or internet. They are willing to do anything for their principles and the more they would have to suffer the more they think that they are somehow doing a mitzva.

        The only way to handle these goons is to jail them when they commit their crimes and protect the rest of us from them. Nothing else will work.

    81. Everybody is writing with so much emotions, let’s think a minute;

      first- their parents and grantparents and aunts and uncles were also killed in the holocaust, so to claim that you are more victim then them is just not true, I wanna see you (I mean all hotheads on this board) cringe when you see a mercades or WW, don’t try to convice me that your sick to your stomach.

      I will admit that those people are pushing it, but go into their minds and try to understand what they are saying, they are being villified in the israel media, and no one denies it that the israel media is enciting against them, yes they are making a very strong statement but that’s exactly what they want; a strong statement.

      Can anyone please explain me what’s the diffrence between the “misyavnim” (hellenized jews”) wanting the jews not to be fanatics, be more educated , and the today secular jews in israel??

      Those tiara yiddin are trying to keep the torah intact as it was given, the seculars are not, and those yiddin are ready to be called crazy for that..

    82. The pictures from this despicable protest are enough to bring a person to tears. How could Yidden trivialise the holocaust as a tool to demonise their fellow Jews and to absolve themselves of their own bad behaviour? Where are the Gedolim??? If a Rav issues one sentence which seems to be sympathetic to homosexuality he is condemned loudly and without equivocation. But when a group of Jews demean the memories of those who died at the hands of the Nazi’s and who promulgate such ignorance and obscurantism we hear almost nothing. If this is what a life of limud Torah produces then why would anyone ever open a page of Gemara? Blessedly the beautiful and inspirational example of the majority of erliche Jews and the true Rabbonim and Gedolim down the generations shows that these “protesters” long ago departed from yiddishkeit into a very tragic and difficult to deal with form of avoda zorah. I pray for them, I really do.

    83. I love all the comments about how the Israeli media is anti frum and that they hat us too. That’s not true. Look at the extremists, look at how they dress. They don’t dress like most of us. They are easy to identify.

      They are evil and it’s time for the true Torah Jews to stand up and say they are not us.

      If they wear the garb, then stop supporting them and their intuitions. They can’t survive on their own since they lack any work skills or desire.

        • yes they do

          garbage collection, many other municipal services, medical care and otghers.

          when they get sick do they say we do not seek anything from the medina or do they go to the dreaded Zionist doctors

        • Wrong. They want you to believe they take nothing so you’ll think it is ok for them to contribute nothing.

          They get all the individual entitlements as everyone else and their mosdos take by piggy-backing onto mosdos that do take directly from the medina.

    84. One major difference between the doomed Jews of Europe and these extremists is that the latter group is free to leave at any time! There are plenty of countries where there extremism is encourage. Iran for one.

    85. I think everyone in the photos and on this blog may be missing the point; holy brothers, we are all in serious trouble. Aseres b’Teves is upon us. H’ has sent every external enemy He created against us ad infinum. We have just been too stubborn to accept the message. Now is the real and final enemy; not any bnei yishmoel, Eisav, or Amalek. The most powerful enemy to destroy us is us.
      It is here. Teshuva with achdus or else. We must kill our self-defeating pride and replace it with true lobe for ALL yiddin, comfortable or not.

    86. If they are truly in such an oppressive Galus…why don’t they behave like Yidden are supposed to in Galus according to their own Shita…and accept upon themselves the awful persecutions as the will of Hashem…
      Instead of fighting back..and demonstrating..which is the way of the Zionistic “new” Jew??

    87. Today is the day im embarrassed to be associated with these psychopaths and hooligans. I am a satmerer yingerman in my low 40’s, married off 2 children already, and cringe and bite my nails and lips, wondering if my eyes see what they see, seeing how degenerate and illogical these “barelech” have become. What should the Goy say now? If among our own we call ourselves nazis and SS troopers why shouldn’t he??? Gevlad!!! How crazy have we become?? Where is the Aideh Hachareidis? Where is Reb Yitzchok Toivye?? Does he look outside his window to see what’s happening? Have our leaders lost their minds too???? Roboisey!! WAKE UP!!! This is crazy beyond crazy!!

      • You rant and rant and say nothing, except that you’re embarrassed to be a Satmarer. Who is forcing you to stay a Satmarer. Shave your beard, throw out your black hat and white shirt, and go join all the others who are having a field day bashing the frum communities, because after all I believe you’re smart enough to realize that this outpouring of hatred has nothing to do with what is happening now in Eretz Yisroel; this is pure hatred of the black hatted communities, and they have now found an excuse to spew it all out.

        • NO, my dear, no, this is NOT an excuse to spew it all out, this is a real and justified outcry against a group of hooligans who want to overpower their peacful neighbors who have been living in Bet Shemesh long long before they arrived onto the scene, not only are they guests in an other community, but they also have the nerve to dictate how another jew should live his life!!? Is this logical to you? Does that make sense? What would you do if some satmoirem will start shouting at boro park women from next week on, on 13th ave how to dress? That their sheitel or their boots disturbs their Yeitzer?? Ha? I guess you’re a paid commentator from one of those Kanui Organizations and you dont want to be confused with the hard facts….Yu Yu, bizt a feiner rachmoones

    88. You know what this reminds me of when Moses goes up to the mountain to receive the ten commandments …and when he came back and ppl given up on everything dancing in the streets and doing things that were wrong…This is the same concept ..The ones who would fail the test….How dare you! shame on you….! Use the holocaust like that….Put your children in costumes with Jew …. Come on….

    89. it is time for all sides to stand down
      and begin showing mutual respect
      ultimately we need unity in the jewish people and here is a great place to start mending fences on ALL sides

    90. Or the majority calling haredim unacceptable unacceptable names — primitive, backward, insects, subhuman, criminal, worse than murderers, worse than Arabs, Taliban.

      If the anti-haredi majority calls haredim Taliban, then why are they surprised to have haredim call them Nazis in return? Are the majority objecting to a taste of their own medicine — namely, overblown rhetoric?

      I think the Kikar Shabbos dramatisation warranted because there is more than a grain.


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