Jerusalem – Report: Eida Chareidis Says Extremists Innocent


    Jerusalem – For the first time since the issue of segregated busses has begun to dominate Israeli headlines, the Eida Chareidis has broken their silence, offering their views on the current situation according to a report on Israeli news site B’Chadrei Chareidim.

    Prominently led by R’ Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss and R’ Moshe Shternbuch, the Eida Chareidis came out in support of the Sikrikim, with sharp words for those who oppose segregated busses, the Israeli police and government and those who attempt to oppose the Sikrik extremists.

    The announcement refers to one of the Sikrikim, Shmuel Weissfish, who caused both bodily and monetary damages to the owner of the Spice electronics store “a respected individual,” and describes the current situation as “another chapter in our golus, with evil Jews who are in a position of authority persecuting righteous individuals because of a deep seated jealousy of those who fear G-d and worship Him in truth and sincerity.”

    “In the past few weeks, several of the finest from both Yerushalayim and Beit Shemesh have been arrested for no valid reason,” continues the statement. “It is incumbent upon us to guard ourselves in all matters of tznius and holiness, to be extra vigilant in matters of tznius on our busses and to check the foundations of our houses to ensure that no strange influences, even those that claim to be from the chareidi community, penetrate our homes.”

    VIN News was not able to independently authenticate the report.

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    1. So we were waiting for two weeks for the Eidah to come out with a statement, and THIS is what they write? Had they just stayed quiet and let Pappenheim do the talking, at least they would have been able to convince us that they really are against violence and are trying to make order “from the inside”, but now that they have silenced Pappenheim and have come out with this letter, the have publicly unmasked themselves and shown us their true colors.

      One thing is for sure, they have just given Yair Lapid another five mandates.

      • Is “yair laped” the reason why the eidah hachreidis sould’nt say their daas torah ???? If thats the case u will one day “chas veshulem” boycot the heiliga torah (chas milhazkir) because it gives yair lapid mandates in the kneset ….

    2. with all the bashing of the eda, i still need to admit that this is a strong move on their side, not to try to hide but to come out and state their opinion with hesitation.

    3. We do not yet know whether this is a statement that actually emanated from the Eda Hachredis. It is easy to speak in someone else’s name. However, if it turns out to a statement from the Eda Hachredis, then there will be a a CHIYUV on everyone to stop buying any product with the Hechsher of the Eda Hachredis. Any organization or individual who justifies such achzorious cannot be considered reliable in Kashrus.

      • I agree with #15 if u will stop buying their hecsher the only one to lose will be YOU!! & btw they didnt gave a hecsher on ‘violance’ or achzurios as u call it, they just wrote that u should keep on to be ‘moisef b’enunei kedisha’ & not to be afraid of the secular media with the help of their self hated chareidy freinds !! HAVE RESPECT TO A DAAS TORAH !! Even u dont understand it

    4. if true its really sad to hear, it shakes my belief, understanding, and respect for them because this definitely dose not sound like daas torah. don’t think this is what the torah had in mind

        • I actually know almost nothing about this story. But if there is a police force under the eida, what’s wrong? What about the use of cheirem? what about them removing their hechsher? No one would be in danger from a bes din rulling, without many warnings first. What Israeli police do are a million times worse.

    5. This should have been apparent all along this is the Eidah. Please stop referring to these people as a “small” group of Sikrikim or Neturei Karta. The rest of Chareidi Jewry should recognize these facts and stop denying reality.

    6. In the long run this will only bring respect to the eida and their rabbis who aren’t swade by the media and public opinion. They say what should be said, at-least in theim opinion without thinking what the average joe shmoe will have to say.
      And to all of you who say that the eida supports extremists, I ask you to plkease reread the poster. All that I see is them saying that individals are being punished unjustified, as the judge said in the weisfish case, that he’s getting such a harsh punishment just to send a message.

    7. I agree with 13 & 16. To #12, why do you denigrate MO? Afraid they are smarter & more ehrlich than you? The MO people I know (some living in RBS) are G-d-fearing Jews who are completely shomer Torah & Mitzvos & guaranteed more gelerent than you. Crawl back into your bigoted hole.

      FYI I am Chassidish. Not all of us are ignorant peasants like #12.

      • Your ignorance shows by your posting my friend and name calling is discouraged in grade school = “Sticks and stones will break my bones , but names will never hurt me”
        You may not know this saying if you did not go to grade school , this is not an invitation to throw insults at me , I did grow up in yeshivah but added to my education , just in case you needed ammunition

    8. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

    9. Oi to a Rav who has to be terrified by the terrorizing members of his kehilla! Any Rav fears this and now imagine these wild sikrikim being those instilling terror….need I say more? These leaders signed it out of fear of reprecussion, I guarantee you that!
      Oi Lanu! Where is this gonna end

      • even if you find dass torah the problem is that one das torah says one thing and then you can find another dass torah who says otherwise

        for example regarding the rav one can find many dass torah to say it is ok to carry and one can find just as many to say one cannot carry

    10. How can the Eidah claim any respect when they support such behavior. Do the two signatories of this letter really believe anyone would take them seriously?

    11. It has just come to my attention that “HaEidah”, the official Edah Chareidis newspaper, encouraged its readers to attend the yellow “Jude” star, pro-Weisfish rally.
      I don’t want to see the BD’TZ hechsher ever again. But given the reality of kosher foods today, that’s going to be almost impossible. Any ideas?

    12. shame on the aida….how do we eat their hashgocha? spitting on a innocent girl is fine? sick!!! disrespecting frum woman? sick people we bnei torah frum, chasideshe olam support these thugs???

    13. It is with a heavy heart that I read this and I sit in utter disbelief that R. Moshe Shternbuch could be supporting those whose vileness is in utter contempt of the Torah he holds dear. It is disconcerting that the Eidah would make any number of hooligans and thugs important. I can’t suspend my disbelief.

    14. I read & re-read the poster 5 times..
      I didn’t see the remotest support to violence,or condoning,spitting,rock throwing, Nazi calling etc.

      Am I blind ??
      NO it’s the hate that is blinding all the posters bashing the Eida,

      It is obvious from most postings that they didn’t read the Kol Koreh at all & were just reacting to the VIN article

      Where oh where in this poster do you see any sort of ‘achzurios’ as 1 poster railed about?

      Where in the world did the author of this article see any support for Sikrikim in this poster?

      • Yes, evidently you are blind! How could you have read the poster 5 times and not seen that it supports Shmuel Weissfish (a leader member of the Sikrikim), who admitted to beating another Yid and vandalizing his store. That is achzurios according to any definition of the tem..

    15. The gaaved is concidered to be a moderate by the bdatz standards and he is against riots and most protests(do some research). Still he signed on to this proclamation. This shows that true Daas torah understands that we are under siege from the secular media and society as whole. He is not afraid to take a stand for the kedushah of klal yisrael.

    16. i realy don’t know why we are all taking the AIDA HACHREIDIS so seriously ?,the fact is that they represent a very small percentage of the chareidi community in Jerusalem,they are not recognized by GER,BELZ,VIZNITS,and all the rest of the chasidishe courts that belong to the AGUDAH,because they have their own BEIS DIN,and of course they are not recognized by the so called YESHIVISH community,and neither does the SEFARDI community have anything to do with them,
      it is the TOLDOS AHRON and SATMAR and some of the BRESLEVER, and the NETUREI KARTA crazies whom they represent,basically they are completely irrelevant to the lives of the vast majority of the CHAREIDIM in Jerusalem,
      In reality what’s left of the AIDAH,is only an impressive multi million dollar HASHGACHA business.
      and with outrageous statements like this,they make themselves more and more irrelevant.

    17. If this is true, I lost any ounce of respect I had for the Eidah. They can take all the Torah they learned and flush it. There person was michallel shem shomayim birabim and they are supporting him, and the bet shemesh michallilim. I have nothing to do with these people or their views. Yiddishkeit was never about unquestioning obedience to any other human. It still isn’t. Flush it all.

    18. Pashkevillim, as these signs are called, can be written by anyone. Adding the gedolims’ signatures costs just a bit more money. Believing what is written on them is just buying in to the Sikrikim even more.
      You can make pashkevilim yourself, there are places all over Beis Yisrael and Meah Shearim where you can go and pay a bit of money for the whole service- the composing, adding in pesukim out of context so it looks very holy, finding inflammatory statements, and adding signatures, and getting some guy to paste them up everywhere, thus spreading more nonsense. This is a daily occurence. Only Americans believe Pashkevilim. Israelis just laugh.

    19. Don’t fall into the trap of the Sikirikim! Your comments above are exactly what they want to generate- anger and hate. All it takes is one false sign, and the Eida is evil??? All it takes is a bit of complete motzaei shem ra and gedolim are painted black??? These signs are based on the whim of whomever wrote them! I myself used to believe these signs, and almost get heart palpitations from the anger I would feel afterwards… until I saw the behind the scenes, as I wrote above. As they say in Yiddish, Narishkeit- but of the dangerous, inciteful sort. Believing pashkevillim is also an aveirah- accepting lashon hara. Don’t believe everything you read- even if it’s in Hebrew and has pesukim – and the names of gedolim on the bottom.

    20. The protest with the disgusting nazi symbols was organized by the eida. They claim that it was “hijacked” by the extremists, and the nazi stuff was done without their permission. However, by issuing this kol koreh and not decrying it at their own rally, they are giving tacit permission for it to have happened.
      The only language they understand is money. A boycott of any product with their hechsher will hurt. To make sure they get the message, you need to tell your grocery store that you’re avoiding any eida product. If enough people do it, he will pass the message to his distributor who will pass it to the food manufacturer.
      I’m in the kosher food industry, and I know how this works. The message will get there quicker than you think if everyone does it. You don’t have to call the manufacturers, just tell your grocery store guy and it will happen.

    21. It is unfortunate that the Eida views the other “kehilos” in Yerushalaim and the non-religious in general as “invaders” of their territory. That has been their consensus for over 100 years. The truth is that many other Chassidic communities have erected their own fortresses of Yiddishkeit in Yerushalaim and unfortunately the municipal authorities are in the hands of the non religious. Those are facts! It’s about time that they recognize that the strength will be when they join together to work with others against those plaguing Yiddishkeit instead of blaring with microphones and sticking up new posters daily. That gets no where ! If you want to live in harmony, than work together in harmony.

    22. Reality check!!! Either the extremists are acting on their own and the rabonim have zero control, or , their rabonim are in total control and the criminal behaviour is part of the larger agenda. Both are disturbing and damaging to klal Yisroel.
      Years ago some hooligans from williamsburg beat the daylights out of rabbi korf and cut off his beard for teaching a tanya shiur chassidus in their area. The rebbe z”tl asked to wait a few days to see if their rabonim would take responsibility. They did not so as a result, a boycot of any food they produced went into effect. I don’t think it made much of a diff financially but it sent a message that this is not the way Yiddin behave.
      The main problem is that there is no leadership, the gedolim’s messages are distorted and misrepresented by their handlers and daas Torah has been hijacked and overused to fit into agendas, to the point where it is questioned and often not respected.

    23. I am a ba’alas teshuva, living in Naama Margolese’ neighborhood, now involved in chinuch, and BH a mother of four. My daughter was one of the many girls harassed. When my husband went to accompany the Orot girls home, so they wouldn’t have to pass by the screamers by themselves, they called him worse than Hitler.
      I can not tell you how upset I am by the Eida’s statement. Once, we had a shayla, and our Rav consulted one of the Rabbonim that signed on the pashkvil. How can I possibly now trust his judgement? How has Da’as Torah become so distorted, that they have come to defend the indefensible?


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