Israel – Dramatic Increase in Organ Transplants Recorded in 2011


    Israel – Israel had 117 kidney transplants from living donors over the past year, 64 percent more than in 2010, according to the National Transplant Center’s annual report. In August 2010 living donors began receiving compensation of several thousand shekels, which may have contributed to the increase.

    The “chain of living donors” program was also launched in Israel during 2011. The program enables relatives of Israelis waiting for a kidney transplant to be donors for others on the waiting list, in exchange for their own family member receiving a new kidney through the same network. This model is used in situations where no suitable match is found for transplant candidates among their own relatives.

    Israel experienced a dramatic increase in the number of organ transplants in 2011, totaling 384, 68 percent higher than the previous year, although the number of transplants performed in 2010 was particularly low. Kidney transplants from deceased donors were 2.37 times greater in 2011, with 123 operations, than in 2010. There were 69 liver transplants from deceased donors in the past year, 2.15 times as many the previous year, 59 lung transplants, representing an 84 percent increase, and 23 heart transplants – 2.09 times the number in 2010.

    But despite the optimistic figures, Israel’s rate of organ donations from the deceased remains at the bottom of the list for Western countries. According to a 2010 report by the National Transplant Organization and the World Health Organization, Israel had 31 organ donations per million residents, higher than Greece with 15 and Lebanon with 18, but lower than Austria, with the highest rate of 91, the U.S. (90 ), France (72 ), Britain (64 ), Germany (62 ), and even Turkey (43 ) and Iran (35 ).

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    1. This is very encouraging news. Perhaps it was partially the result of the wave of repulsion that accompanied the demands by some chareidi groups that their members not be penalized in the receipt of organ transplants even though they refused to be donors. Such hypocricy galvanized many donor organizations who said they would provide priority to individuals who themselves had signed donor cards and were part of a central donor registry.

      • I’m not quite sure what your trying to say here. I have donated a kidney (and I would consider myself from the chareidi camp) thru a wonderful organization “renewal”.
        They have help many many people in need with people such as myself doing “live organ donation”. If you feel like bi….ing about the non participation of the chareidim in this field. Go ahead call renewal and see for yourself how “you” can save a life.


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