Russia – Jewish Community Wants to Double Number of Synagogues in Moscow


    FILE - Religious Jews read prayers in a new synagogue in a town of Malakhovka, outside Moscow, Russia, 23 March 2010. EPAMoscow – The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia would like built no less than five synagogues in Moscow, Federation President Alexander Boroda told a Monday press conference, during a break of the Federation congress.

    “The question will be asked at today’s meeting of Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar and Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin,” he said.

    There are five synagogues in Moscow – in Maryina Roshcha, Spasoglenishchevsky Pereulok, Bolshaya Bronnaya Street, Otradnoye and Poklonnaya Hill. Boroda said that was not enough.

    “According to our estimates, up to 500,000 Jews live in Moscow and many of these people may join our flock,” he said.

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      • Oh, you’d be surprised. No one really knows the true number. There are very many who are not public about their identity, there are many who have only a Jewish mother but not a father, and there are many who don’t even know that they are Jews.


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