Surfside, FL – Family Grateful Boy Survives After Being Hit By Truck on Way To Shul


     Five-year-old Ikey HorowitzSurfside, FL – Five-year-old Ikey Horowitz and his father were going to a synagogue in Surfside, when the child was hit by a truck.

    Surveillance video shows a white truck driving down an alley way. Next, the video shows Ikey riding along the sidewalk on his scooter. Without seeing the boy, the truck hits Ikey.

    Yossie Horowitz, the boy’s father, was just feet behind his son and sprang into action. Horowitz banged on the truck to stop so the back wheels would not run Ikey over. The truck stopped and the driver got out. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was pretty shocked. My stomach hit the floor,” said Yossie. “I just ran and tried to pull him out before the back wheels would hit him as well.”

    Ikey only suffered a sprained ankle in the accident. The family believes it is a miracle their son survived, without major injuries. “It’s amazing that all he has is a sprained ankle. I mean, I would be saying he was lucky to be alive, but beyond that, I’d be saying he was lucky he had broken legs, but he’s lucky he’s got a sprained ankle and he’s pretty much healed already in 48 hours. I mean, it’s pretty miraculous,” said Katy Horowitz, Ikey’s mom.

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    1. If you ever went to shul in Yershalayim on Shabbat, you would see that all the kids ride their scooters to shul, payot and tzitzit flying behind them. Another example of a baseless chumra.

          • Its wonderful to know that is is mutar both d’oraisah and d’rabanan to ride a motor scooter to shul on shabbos. Does this shul also validate parking stickers after kiddush? Mi kamocha yisroel!!

            • Motor Scooter? Really? The child was not using a motor scooter. You made up a lie and used it to criticize both the child and the Shul they go to. And you wanted to talk about D’oraisah and D’rabbanan? How about what you just did to them?

              PS what is “mi kamocha yisroel? ” I would think such a heilige rov would be able to type the phrase in properly.

        • According to Shemiras Shabbes KeHilchaso (16:17) a child may ride a three-wheeler because it is recognisable as a toy, but not a two-wheeler, even though it is a child-size bike. I would suppose that a scooter is the same a three-wheeler since it is a child’s toy. These toys meay be used where there is an eiruv (ibid).

          • I imagine that a bicycle falls under “ulai yitaken” because bicycle chains fall off; they get flat tires, etc.

            In contrast, a scooter doesn’t have a chain and has hard wheels, so perhaps it is not subject to the same restriction as a bicycle.

    2. HODU LASHEM! Thank you hashem for this beautiful boy’s health and the inspiration this post shares with the broader world.

      Can we please ignore the discussion of scooters on shabbos (which many rabbanim allow even in chareidi areas in EY)? I have seen this, I don’t let my kids do this, but I’ve spoken with rabbanim here in EY and many of them seem to think I’m too chumradik on this.

    3. I am at a loss. There is a video about a miracle where a child survived being run over by a truck. Yet to many the only thing worthy of being written is whether a five year old is halachically allowed to ride on a scooter. Whether they were dressed for shule (since it is clear no streimel on anyone). It is becoming clear that some here care about seeming frum, not at seeing miracles from Hashem. I wonder what is wrong with you. Have you lost sight of Hashem’s actions? Do you not believe in G-d, but only in appearing frum? It is beyond me. Do you really believe that it is more important to debate using a scooter, than thanking Hashem for his intervention?


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