Rye, NY – NYer Who Saved Jews During Holocaust Dies


     Dr. Tina Strobos in an interview with CBS news in 2007Rye, NY – A woman who helped hide more than 100 Jews during the Holocaust has died at a New York retirement community.

    Tina Strobos died Monday in Rye. She was 91.

    Jur Strobos tells the Journal News (http://lohud.us/wz5eT4 ) that his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago.

    The Dutch native took Jews into her Amsterdam home and then led them to other hiding places. She also doctored passports for them and stashed guns stolen from the Germans.

    The director of the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center in Purchase said none of the Jews she helped were ever captured.

    Strobos practiced psychiatry after coming to the U.S. in 1951.

    Her name is inscribed at the Holocaust Memorial in Israel.

    Dr. Tina Strobos at left in 1941 with Abraham Pais and her mother, Marie Schotte, with whom she housed scores of Jews.

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    1. a true hero, i always wonder If I would be so brave, not convinced I would be.

      amazing how people did this for people they did not know and did it just because

    2. Wow! What a blessing! What this woman did was truly amazing. I pray that every gentile show this kind of love & compassion for the Jewish Nation, just as she did.

      G-d bless her!


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