New York – NYC Mayor: ME Confirms ‘Bris Milah’ Death Caused By Herpes Contracted Via ‘Metzitzah B’peh’


    New York – Just days after Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes opened a criminal investigation into the death of a two week old baby boy who contracted the herpes simplex virus type 1 following his bris as previously reported on VIN News, Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke out about the infant’s tragic death.

    According to the Jewish Week, Bloomberg delivered his remarks at an event in the Bronx on Tuesday, saying that all evidence proves that the infant contracted the virus as a direct result of metzitzah b’peh performed at this bris.

    “Because of the specific way that the herpes presented itself on his body,” the mayor explained, “the physicians at the Medical Examiner’s Office have determined that the herpes was not transmitted by a parent. The evidence demonstrates that it came from oral suction during circumcision.

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    The doctors who found this are object and independent and scientists don’t answer anyone other than the truth, including the mayor. Nobody in public life fights harder for the separation of church and state like I do but I just wanted to remind everybody religious liberty does not simply extend to injuring others or putting children at risk.”

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