Borough Park, NY – Pedestrian Fatally Struck In Accident (video)


    Photo by Shimon Gifter on scene for VIN NewsBorough Park, NY – A pedestrian was critically injured while crossing a street in Borough Park Monday afternoon, according fire officials.

    The accident occured at New Utrecht Avenue and 49th Street about 12:30 p.m., the fire department said.

    The 68-year-old victim who lives in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, was rushed to Maimonides Medical Center by a Hatzolah ambulence where he was pronounced dead.

    NYPD of the 66th Pct and Chesed Shell Emes are all on the scene, Highway units responding.

    Police question the driver (face blurred) who accidently struck the woman

    Onlookers at the scene

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      • I assume you were being sarcastic, there is no place for island there (as if on Ft Hamilton there was…).

        I would say it is time to put up walk signals and crossing signs on all corners of that intersection. 12 Ave, New Utrech (both two way roads) & 50th Street all mingle there, causing a confusing (noisy, the trains) corner.

    1. Sad story but not unexpected given how so many (especially women with baby carriages) cross without the slightest care of oncoming vehicle traffic.

      To those posting his name, how is that relevant to anyone here?

        • It’s not about ‘POSTING BLAME’…it’s about insuring we don’t have more tragedies..
          If we don’t learn from the past, we are apt to repeat them….do you know that line????????????
          Yes….it has to be mentioned…we cannot walk into the street with ongoing traffic….sorry.
          So sorry that a good yid nebech lost his life….but it may serve as a mussar haskel for the rest of us…I’m sure he would not have minded us saying that.
          MAY the family find a nechama and his neshama an aliya…

      • What seems to be your problem if someone mentioned his name? Suppose someone knows him and wants to attend the levaya…or anything. Why are you so annoyed???? The article by one of the pictures depicts it as being a woman…which it was not. And I came upon the scene a few minutes into it…and was told by witnesses that he walked into traffic in the MIDDLE OF THE GUTTER, not at the intersection…..(which, of course, doesn’t make that angle less dangerous.)
        We must be vigilant and follow rules of the road…Cross at corners, when lights allow…we are playing with fire, otherwise.B.D.E. a tragedy nevertheless….
        May the family have a nechama…such an unexpected and sad accident.
        More than anything, my heart goes out to the driver, an innocent man, who was so shocked by the event that transpired…May Hashem help him find a nechama too…

    2. to #4..the name is relevant to me.. i just did Mishnayot for him and i dont even know him.

      I do that all the time especially if i read about a non religious Jew who passed..

      Think about it …it takes seconds and has a HUGE effect for their Neshama

      Ive even memorized 10 super short mishnahs that i can learn in a matter of seconds

      i could post them

      • Good for you… there is always some nervous wreck out there that asks irrelevant questions…like the one he posed….so there, he got his answer through you and another post I added before….
        May you continue to do good and may his neshama have an aliya through you…

      • To poster #8- I am humbled, inspired and in awe by your temimus and modest greatness and humility. You are the essence of a yid. V’ahavta l’reacha kamoicha, areivim zeh lazeh, k’ish echad b’leiv echad…. May we all learn from you how to care for another jew. Nosei b’ol I’m chaveiro- whether they are amongst the living or not. May we emulate your ahavas yisrael and be zoiche to greet mashiach very soon! We can no longer deal with tragedies! And we need HaShem to reveal his glory to all of the world already! V’haya bayoim hahu….HaShem echad ushemoi echad…..kain yehi ratzon!

      • I’m just in awe of you. In our fast paced lives we all go about our bussiness , when tradegedy happens , we all bicker about how it happended , who did it , who’s fault etc. Etc. And here comes (probably a simple guy) who shines a light for all. Lo alman yisroel, there are still yidden out there who’s heart isn’t stone. Kol hakovod. I once heard from a baal mussar , if you hear hatzalah stopping next to your home , don’t stick your nose out to see what happened, stick your nose into a tehillem and daven for them.

    3. Can anyone confirm if the the person was struck on 49th street or the 50th street that has 4 two-way ends and 1 one way the (50th street road)? The 49th street and new utrecht intersection is a very standard intersection but the 50th street can be insane and confusing for people that are not familiar with the traffic flow and traffic light patterns. I would still recommend crossing at 49th street than 50th street.

    4. Boroch Dayan Haemes.

      I last drove in Borough Park in 2009. Prior to that, I did not drive there since 1982, as I live out of town. I couldn’t believe not only the amount of traffic in that area, but the way people drive in that area. Drivers are extremely aggressive, and reckless. One “gentleman” even went over a solid yellow line to pass me, and perhaps save a car length. Until drivers are educated to yield the right of way to pedestrians (even if they are jaywalking in the middle of an intersection), accidents involving pedestrians will continue to occur.

      • it is very unfortunate that the only one that can make a proper observation of our common driving habits is someone from out of town where people are more courteous and therefore act differently behind the wheel.

      • You better stay away from BP now in 2012…its horrific to watch those car services every morning passing school buses with red light flashers on with no consideration of killing a child…We need more under cover cops to write moving violations ..The city should exchange some meter tickets for moving tickets….You can mamesh see it every day that “Shoymer Pesoyim Hashem”…Its hashem who is watching our kinderlech but every driver has an obligation to follow the rules of the ROAD..if you are in a RUSH leave your house earlier….Its Retziche whats going on…Try 20 minutes before shabbos and watch those last minute mikveh runners driving like maniacs…..

        • Sorry, but this driver was totally responsible, he was driving and a man just walked into the road…unfortunately. The driver here was an innocent man who is suffering nebech because someone walked into HIS path…
          May we all be spared that kind of pain.

    5. Oh yeah that intersection is the worst i ever saw! Cars flying in from all directions, i used to wait there for the bus every day and so many times there were almost hits!

    6. Here are the fast super short Mishnahs

      1) Ben Heh Heh omer lefoom tzaarah agrah – “according the pain is the reward”

      2) Stam Nehzeroot SHloshim Yom- if a person accepts upon himself to be a nazir and doesnt specify the amoutn of time..hes a nazir for 30 days

      3) Ein Ben SHabbas LEyomtov eleh ochel nefesh bilvad- all the lasws of Shabbas and yom tov are the same except for things relating to eating (ie cooking etc)

      4) EIn ben Adar rishon LeAdar sheini ele kreas hamagilah umatanote lehevyonim- IN a leap year when their are two months of Adar they are the same in law except for the giving of gifts tot he poor and rading the megilla

      5) Heve Metoonim bedin , HeEmeedu talmidim harbeh vehesyu syag leTorah- be deliberate in judgment , have alot fo students and make a fence for the the Tora

      6) Al SHlosah Devarim Haolam Omed , al HATOrah , AL haAvoodah , Val Gemelut Chasadim – the word stands on three things THe (learning)Torah, , Service (prayer) and acts of kindness

      7) Rabbi Yehuda Ben Teimah Omer Heve az kanemer kal kanesher RATZ KATZVI gibor k’ari laasot ratzon Avechem Shebashamayim – “Rabbi Yehuda Ben Teimah said, be bold as a leopard, swift as an eagle, RUN LIKE A DEER and

    7. I am at that corner at least twice a week. It doesn’t matter if it’s 49th St or 50th St–they are both bus routes for all buses. No one looks–everyone is in a rush–and everyone has the attitude “es kimt mir koidem”that includes the drivers, the pedestrians and bus drivers of all types–public, private, vans and school buses. Mothers and fathers with baby carriages don’t look–G~d is watching (Baruch Hashem He is or we would have many more tragedies–we have too many already). So, my friends, stay off the cell phones when crossing the street, don’t put the baby carriages out in front of you–you have no right to endanger your child. Cell phones and crossing don’t mix–just last week I saw an elderly lady well into her 70’s BA”H crossing 13th Ave with a shopping wagon and talking on her cell (!!)

      May HaKadosh Baruch Hu bring Nechama to the family who lost their loved one and may the driver who struck him somehow find peace. This was a tragedy any way you look at it. May our esteemed Mr. Greenfield can bring a committee of people to study these cross walks on New Utrecht.

      • Can #53 explain the reasoning behind: ” don’t put the baby carriages out in front of you–you have no right to endanger your child. ” Generally speaking, the baby carriage goes in front of the person pushing it. Is she objecting to the use of baby carriages?

        • Sheesh—-Are you really kidding me???? B”H I have 5 kids B”AH and 19 grandchildren, kein yirbu. Let me explain to you so that even you can understand–I will explain ברחל בתך הקטנה
          What I mean is when looking to see if crossing is ok, DO NOT put the carriage out first. Turn in sideways and YOU stick YOUR head out!!! At corners where there are walk/don’t walk signs, use them wisely. They are there for a reason. Don’t cross in the middle of the street either.I hope, #53, that I have explained this thoroughly to you so that you can understand. There is always one “cat” who tries to pick a fight.

          Again, may the family find a nechama and may the driver find some kind of peace.
          Baruch Dayan Ha’Emes.

            • I BEG your pardon???? as you can see from my name I am a MOM B”H–nowhere in either of my comments did I fault only moms. if you read my original comment I specifically say “Mothers and fathers with baby carriages don’t look–“–this is an exact quote. Where do you see anything about me disparaging mothers and women only????????
              And, yes, you are right–I always think about being a mom–it is the most wonderful thing that happened to me–it never leaves me no matter how old my children are.

              The point of the whole posting was to convey our condolences to the family who lost their loved one and to the person who has to live with the fact that he/she killed someone. And the secondary point was to make everyone aware that this particular corner is dangerous and everyone should watch how they cross or how they drive.

              Anything else that you read into my comments are your own imagination.

    8. Personal story that I had at this intersection,
      I was driving down 49th st. from 12th ave. towards 11th ave. and the Williamsburg BP bus was picking up passengers at the new Utrecht and 49th stop – and before I knew what happened a guy came running in to the “side” of my car – he knocked off my left side drivers mirror, and he fell to the ground unconscious – long story short, this guy had to catch the bus, but ended up BH alive in the hospital, and I got kicked off my insurance because he sued me, but BH he dropped the charges after he realized that “HE RAN INTOO MY CAR”
      So STOP blaming the drivers all the time – many people cross like selfish big-shots, as if they owe the sidewalks and roads, it’s disgusting and it causes a major chilul hashem, and then you wonder why the drivers get aggravated – you should never know the feeling of almost killing someone – but once you do, trust me you’ll wanna run over the next person who crosses in front of you when you have the right of way

    9. having said that, I’m sure this Reb Avrum Simcha was more careful and we don’t understand Hashem’s ways, my heart goes out to the family and to the driver- now if anybody knows his fathers name please….Reb Avrum Simcha A”H Ben ???

    10. To #43-User 2- I completely disagree with you. I know the feeling of almost striking someone with my car. About four years ago, on a quiet residential street, several miles from my home, a boy about 7 years old decided to dart out into the street, as I was driving down the street. I couldn’t have been going more than 20-25 miles per hour. The second I saw him, I jammed my brakes on. BH, I was able to stop my car several inches from him, and he was ok. Yes, I was very angry at him for running into the street; however, I thank Hashem that I didn’t hit him with my car, and that there was no accident. Unlike you, I have no desire to run over the next pedestrian in the street, who runs into an intersection. If one has such horrible thoughts, then perhaps, they should not drive in an urban area.

    11. I’m sorry to say that Yidden are amongst the worst groups when it comes to driving skill, manners while driving, concern for your fellow man while parking in bus stops, double parking, and then crying when they get a well earned ticket. Instead of the rabbonim issuing another isur about going to a Liepa concert, let them issue a proclomation of menchleichkeit while driving.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more, particularly when it comes to double parking. There could be an empty spot 5 feet away, however, some lazy people insist on double parking their behemoths and then the rest of the people have to carefully maneuvar around them, while trying not to scrape their car. These people should have their licenses revoked!

      • What an idiot. Still talking about a Lipa concert.

        I am sure that when rabbonim say something your comment is why butt in.

        As far as levels of Driving skills, perhaps you are talking about your own lack and you are so sure you are better than everyone else.

        I’ve been many places and driving habits are no different.

        Why you feel it so necessary to pronounce your self hate is beyond my comprehension, perhaps a Doctor has a name for your issue.

        • Wow, you sound like the problem. Do YOU drive with such a hatred when you are behind the wheel. The poster made some very benign comments, and YOU the hater, started calling him names. I actually think that YOU need to see a doctor before you have a stroke behind the wheel and kill someone yourself. R’L

      • Since I drive all parts of NYC, I must admit that what #47 says is true. No where, but no where, is there such a lack of obeying the rules of driving that there is in BP and Flatbush. The number of people killed lately in the Jewish neighborhoods is scandalous. Then you have characters like this #50 who can’t take any critcism whatsoever. According to it and it’s ilk Frum Jews can never do anything wrong. Shame on you!!!!


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