London – Founder Of Stamford Hill Shomrim To Carry Olympic Torch


    Chancellor George Osborne with Efrayim Goldstein at Number 10 Downing street , the Prime Minsters OfficeLondon – Among the eight thousand people chosen to participate in the Olympics torch relay to take place later this spring is perhaps the first Shomer Shabbos torchbearer ever, London resident Efrayim Goldstein.

    The twenty two year old Stamford Hill native was nominated as an Olympic torch bearer in recognition of his many activities on behalf of London’s Jewish community. Goldstein is the founder of Stamford Hill Shomrim as well as the United Kingdom branch of Yad Ezra/A Helping Hand, a volunteer organization that provides support and entertainment to the sick, disabled and their families in addition to delivering food to old age homes, hospitals and soup kitchens.

    “I am very proud to show that there will be a Yid holding the Olympic torch,” Goldstein told VIN News. “I am honored to have been accorded such a special privilege.”

    Torchbearers will wear specially designed gold and white uniforms during their route.

    “My tzitzis and kappel will be visible with my uniform,” said Goldstein, who will run his three hundred and thirty yard leg of the relay on Sunday July 23rd in Lewisham.

    The eight thousand torchbearers were chosen from tens of thousands of nominees by a selection committee and were selected either for personal achievements or their efforts on behalf of their school or community, with chosen torchbearers ranging in age from eleven to ninety nine.

    The Olympic torch will arrive from Greece on May 18th and will begin its journey through the United Kingdom in Land’s End, Cornwall, on the westernmost point on mainland England, journeying through over one thousand cities towns and villages in the United Kingdom. The torch will travel by foot, boat, train, horse and zip line over a period of seventy days before it is used to light the cauldron at the opening ceremony of the Olympics on July 27th in London.

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      • british, I think you will find that the Olympic torch bears little or no resemblance these days to its original purpose. It demonstrates achievement and it can only be a kiddush Hashem for people to see an overt Jew carrying it.

        If you are still concerned, there are plenty more inappropriate actions which frum yidden do that we should be worried about.

        • 1) True, there are other concerns, this does not mean that one cannot or should not respond to a specific topic, the story here, how founder of shomrim is honored for with carrying if the Olympic torch, hence my comment. If I dont have the butter should I not eat my bread ?

          2) When representing frum Jews in a official capacity is in question, the other “inappropriate” actions that a single (or many) frum person might do, our not comparable.

      • spoke to ES, as i understand he will have his own Olympic torch from the LONDON2012 committee, who are sponsoring the torch on this occasion, out of 8000 Olympic Torch bearers. He as well says he has already went for advice and has been given the go ahead from the Local Rabbinate in London.

    1. Wow! I’m actually jealous but i really hope he does show his tzitzis and make a kiddush hashem as he will probably get some attention and people will ask what he did to get this honor and they will find out what he did. Well done Efrayim Shlome!

    2. The olympic torch represents the greek hellenist idea that the body is the ultimate purpose in life, and it carries, meaning it controls, the neshama, the soul which is represented by the torch (ner hashem nishmas adam). The olympic games were started as a celebration of physical body perfection. It is avoida zora gomur, and totally in antithesis to the neshama being the ultimate purpose of our being in this world.
      Efrayim Goldstein should discuss it with a knowledgeable poisek before deciding if carrying the olympic torch is proper for a shoimer Torah.

      • While I somewhat agree with you, realize that the modern iteration of the Olympics is really not about worship of the body and promoting the Hellenist point of view. It was conceived in modern times as a way to bring nations together and promote international good will. Then it became big buisiness. In any event, if yo look at Olympic coverage, what is celebrated is the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Every story is basically about the hard work and perseverance of a given athlete, sometimes in the midst of a harsh life.

        Slalom racing and the pole vault bear little resemblance ot nude wrestling.

      • To all those who whine and complain about the Olympics being “Hellenistic” etc. and would diminish the great kavod that is being shown here to Goldstein, please adopt another Greek custom (V’hamvin yavin)

      • i think its the same like eating turkey in america on thanks giving day that reb avigder miller said its like avoide zore and reb moshe feinstein says its permitted even if a goi thinks u r eating it for the same reason like him

      • Yes, the whole concept is anathema to Judaism. Carrying the torch for world unity is another matter. There are thousands of Jewish Participants and spectators and through the participation of an obviously observant Jew, the other Jewish participants may be inclined to see what is available for them at the games. While, I am many have no interest in the games, our “job” is to be a light also to “our Jewish nation. Below is a site and part of a CHABAD article how Chabad worked with the thousands who converged on Vancouver. I am sure that they will be in England.

        Go Shabbat Go!

        Chaim S. Toronto

        Chabad of Vancouver Game for Jewish Guests at 2010(
        As some 55,000 fans participated in the opening of Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics last Friday night, thousands of Jewish Olympic guests were warmed by the lights of the Shabbat candles.

        Chabad of British Columbia hosted festive Shabbat meals at its five locations and in a temporary site in Whistler. The dinners kicked off Chabad’s own Olympian challenge, to welcome and serve the estimated 20,000 Jewish visitors.

        • ah not quite

          chabad works around the games – the operative word being “around”

          BUT not in the games itself

          the same happened by other games – we where outside the venue but not inside around the event but not inside

    3. There is a ceremony involved in the lighting of the flame. It is a pagan ceremony in honor of the god of the sun. The flame is then called “sacred”.

      “Veidach zil gemor…”. You will find plenty of descriptions of this ceremony on the Internet.

      Even though everything is acted, it still smells of Avoda Zara.

    4. Oh as usual the Stamford hollies r jelouse. Excellent move on the Olympic part. If shomrim where around in my days my fear for buglers would not be still part of me. All my life we had break ins then I get married and my flat got broken into all jewelry gone. Kol hakovod to Mr. Goldstein.will look out for u on the tomer box in the USA.thank you for keepoing my siblings and parents safe.

    5. To all those who bring up the subject of the Rebbe’ Live Facts:
      Rabbi Sufrin Sufrin Mbe, Will Carrying the Flame through: Havering
      Carrying the Flame on: 22 Jul 2012 Age: 52 Hometown: Ilford, Essex
      Rabbi Sufrin will never go against the Rebbe’….

      to correct the article, Efrayim Goldstein who is well-non for his professional work between the Jewish Commuinties and the Goverment is well recognised by the Rabbunim and many others. He Deserve this more than anyone. at such young age. age 22 and already open so many BIG and Needy, well established Organisations. Well Done. Not to forget a Personal Story i had in hospital over Chanukah, he sent one of his Volunteers from A Helping Hand and arranged for me to light Menura Candles Daily and even made a Chanukah party. Thank You Thank You Thank You. May Hashem Help you continue with all your good work.


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