Beirut – In Photos: Neturai Karta Take Part In Land Day Protest


    Jewish Rabbis march with, thousands of Jordanians travelling towards the Jordan Valley to participate in a planned march, held as part of global demonstrations in support of the Palestinians and a free Jerusalem, in the Jordan Valley, Jordan, 30 March 2012. Activists from across the country plan to gather in the village of Kafrein near the holy baptism site, near the Kingdom?s border with the Palestinian territories, and Israel  following noon prayers on Friday 30 March 2012. The rally is held under the umbrella of the Global March to Jerusalem which will feature the participation of activists in 80 countries, with rallies planned on the borders of Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories with Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.  EPA/JAMAL NASRALLAHBeirut – Among the demonstrators today to mark Land Day, included rabbis from the anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox group Neturei Karta.

    “We are here to mark Land Day, and tell the world not to blame Jewish people for the crimes of Zionism,” Rabbi Ahron Cohen told AFP.

    “Judaism and Zionism are two different concepts.”

    The same group visited Thursday the tomb of terrorist Imed Mughniyeh’s in southern Beirut.

    Mughniyeh, who was on the FBI’s most wanted list since the 1980s, was killed in a car bomb in Damascus on February 12, 2008. He was also accused by Israel of masterminding the 2006 July War.

    Tweeted today by @Patrick_Baz, the MENA photo manager for AFP: 'Anti-Zionist, ultra-Orthodox Jews laying a wreath on Imad Mughniyeh’s tomb in Beirut, Lebanon.'
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      • A couple FYI’s: People making statements like you are no differnet then Neturei Karta. I was raised Satmar but do not support these guys. NK is not a Satmar organisation – even though the majority of them are Satmarer. Your overgeneralising sounds like a goy and Yidden are better than that.

    1. When I open my door next Friday night and welcome Eiliyohu Hanovi, I’ll have Kavonoh for the NK Roidfim, in particular, when I say Sh’foich Chamoshco.
      Zol Zein Arein Chapen a Misoh M’shunoh vi Di M’raglim.

      • Sorry to tell you but the words following Sh’foich Chamoshco is “al hagoiyim” and the are not from them. Maybe we should mispallel that they should have progress in doing the right things.

        • I’m familiar with the words. I had in mind the words right after the ones you quoted … Asher Loi Y’do’ucho.
          (They don’t know Yahadus; instead they only know their twisted beliefs (and incidentally masquerade as Chassidim/Yerushalmis). BTW, we find in the G’moroh that people who don’t do Ma’aseh Amcho are not called Ochicho. These NK arrogant Mamzeirim definitely fit the description of non-Ochicho. They are, therefore, technically Goyim.)

    2. Their message is a good one and will save Jewish lives – if they had only reached the murderer in France, or the murderer in India, with this message, the holy Jewish victims of those attacks would still be alive, as well as countless innocent Jews in the Holy Land who are of no fault of their own

        • What drugs are you on?????
          How on earth can you say there was no antisemitism and everybody left the jews alone” i gues you have never read the history of jews.
          perhaps you yourself are not Jewish.

          your one sick jerk!!!!!!

        • You are both idiots! Tell that to our parents and grandparents that were slaughtered in Europe. Tell that to our great-grandparents that lived through the pogroms, crusades, etc etc etc… what is wrong with you?

        • Yep, not only did we only live in harmony with all; there were absolutely NO wars, anywhere, especially in the MidEast where the “Palestinians” had there own sovereignty government of “Palestine” and all Jews lived under their rule, in the utmost peace, even in Hebron! =]

          Well the story would have ended…and they all lived happily ever after…..
          It all started when the “evil Zionist’s” arrived from Europe….

          • I’ve got news for you. Even today, you have some intellectually dishonest individuals (Who claim they’re not from NK) who rhapsodize about those “Happy” days before Zionism, when they lived harmoniously and happily alongside the arabs, quoting a certain “Rabbi Kaplan/shmaplan”, who was a yeshiva bochur in Chevron.

            • Yep, I have seen those, and while there were most likely “some” friendly Arab neighbors in Hebron, so were there friendly German neighbors pre-WWII. It all boils down to when the right time comes.
              And interesting how the Hebron Massacre occurred before there was any “oppressed” Palestinians” …

      • Liar the NK menevuluim wish a refuah sheleima to Jasser Arafat who organized the m murder of Jewish adults and children and was related to the Mufti of Jerusalem a war criminal. The NK ymach shmoi should be put in cherim

      • Your (Presumed) naivete (I’ll judge you benignly on this דן לכף זכות .) reminds me of a story that I read somewhere (I know exactly where, but I’d rather not cite the source. אין א “אפיקורסיש’ע” מעשה ביכל) about a confused, but respectable Jewish person before World War II, who was writing a book, refuting all the lies that the nazis (yms”h) said about the Jews. His plan was to send the book to hitler, (ymsh”v) thereby saving the Jews from annihilation.

          • If you were literate, (Hope you know what that means) you would know right away which book. It’s in one of Chaim Grade’s books חיים גראדע , where he portrays a collection of characters that lived in Vilna (Vilnius) shortly before the outbreak of World War II. Btw. His stories are so “Geshmak” to read and the images so vivid that you sometimes think you are living at that time and are part of the story.

            • *hint* Is that the one that was made into a film?

              While, I haven’t actually read any of his books in entire, but I heard and read some here and there (some were translated into English as well).

              ” His stories are so “Geshmak” to read and the images so vivid that you sometimes think you are living at that time and are part of the story.”

              It sounds similar how I would describe reading “Shalom Aleichem’s” stories…The talent of these writers is something entirely of the past, something we can barely relate to, asides that (*proper*) Yiddish is entirely extinct…

      • very true avi. one does not bed with the enemies. and imagine whose grave they attended. so the j children who died or were maimed does not mean anything to them. just unadultrated hatred for their own. i feel really ill.

      • It is. There is not even one Torah authority who supports their (presumed) cause, or advises them on Halachic matters. Their eminent spokesperson , “Rabbi” Weiss was a regular student at a high school in Kansas, in his teenage years. Not that there is anything wrong with that per se. But it shows what sort of background they had in Jewish History and Torah values, altogether.

    3. forget about these clowns we need to find their backer.

      There must be a money trail, since these guys are frying all over the world,

      we need to find their backer and expose him or them.

        • I won’t be surprised if that infamous Arab Y David Weiss gets $upport directly from Iran!

          For the ones who are wondering, in my opinion, this guy is a true רודף, just search on YouTube and you will find his clips on every radical Muslims site/channel…

          It is one thing having an opinion, but why is he sharing.. and moreover ’embracing’ the enemy!

    4. Yimoch Shmom.

      They deserve to rot in hell with the murderers. NK sickos have blood on theirs hands just like the Hamas/Hezbolla do as they are inciting more fighting with their ridiculous actions.

    5. These NK goyish jihadists are NOT warring against Zionism.

      They are KOFRIM joining with Islamic terrorists to make war on Hashem’s Torah, especially the first Rashi in the Torah!

    6. On this website “frume Yidden” railed against the tzionym. Except the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin el Husseini was decorated by Hitler close friend of Eichmann and organized a Bosnian SS division. In Birkenau the Nazis gassed the left wingers , right wingers and stam Yidden and in Buchenwald the Totenkopf SS did not check if your wear and a right or left wing Jew. Right on N.K.

    7. I am speechles at seeing these pictures.
      These people are NOT YIDDEN. They do not display Simonei Yisroel. We are supposed to “baishonim, rachmonim & goimlei chasodim” these people go with azus to our enemies who wish to kill us.
      They are ROIDFIM endangering the lives of countless good yidden.
      They are MECHALEL SHEM SHOMAYIM B’FARHESYA. Yidden see this sort of thing and it puts them off from becoming more religious.
      THEY ARE NOT YIDDEN and should be removed whenever discovered

    8. I don’t agree with everything that the Neturai Karta does (i.e. literally hugging and kissing Achmadinejad). However, its organization does have some legitimate grievances. The Israeli government, going back to the times of Ben Gurion, never liked the ultra Orthodox, and even today, there is constant tension with ultra Orhtodox and secular Israelis; there appears to be an undeclared war, between the two groups. It was only thirty one years ago, in March, 1981, that the Israeli government sent the Israeli police to the Toldos Aharon Synagogue on Shabbos (Friday evening). The Israeli police broke down the doors, beat men and children without mercy, with their clubs (causing broken bones and other serious injuries), tore up holy books, and scrolls, and threw them out the window. Their raid was very similar to Kristallnacht in 1938. However, even though the above story appeared in The Jewish Press, the entire world was silent. If a similar raid had occurred in Germany, or in a Moslem country, there would have been massive protests. However, just because it occurred in Eretz Yisrael, and it was conducted against “those people”, nothing was done about it! A Shanda!!

      • Your comments are exactly the problem… while you say “you don’t agree with everything Neturai Karta does” you then go on and make excuses for them. The fact that people have grievances is not an excuse… I’m sure the Nazi’s had grievances… so what? There are ways to try to deal with things we don;t agree with and work to fix. This is NOT the way and all of K’lal Yisrael should completely distance ourselves from them! Don’t make excuses for Sonai Yisrael… period.

      • You are a total ignoramus . On the 10th of November 1938 I was a small boy in Vienna,. Jews were shot , my father A’H was threatened with pistol, every sytnagogue in Vienna was dynamited, sefer torahs were torn apart and burned, Jews were taken to Morzinplatz and killed there by the gestapo and others transported to Dachau and Buchenwald. Onl;y an ingnoramus can make the comparison you made. Te NK should be abolished by the FBI

    9. I am satmar and believe that zionism is against the Torah. We are waiting for Hashem to take us out of golus and then we will be zocha to the Holy Land. ( I won’t go into details, everyone is encouraged to learn the Holy sefer V’yoel Moshe, where this topic is discussed and explained) However this is not our way, to go hugging the arabs. Satmar does NOT encourage this behavior!

    10. To Zev #33.
      Perhaps let us know why the police were sent into the shul on a Friday night. Where they looking for someone ? Did perhaps someone in the building do something that required the police ?
      From reading your comment it would seem that the poilice got bored down at the station house and decided to just tear up a shul. You have got to have more to say to back up your post.
      Aside from that can you please just for once remember that the goverenment in power today is NOT the same that was in power 30 years ago. And dont ever compare anything that happens in Israel with “churban Europe” it makes you sound stupid, and litgitamizes the Nazi’s.

    11. Just like in every class there is some kid who doesn’t care how many students’ education he interferes with, and how many teachers he hurts, so too is there this immature group of attention seekers who are willing to sacrifice my freedom and yours, just to show off and get some attention, because they think are so much more religious than others. What self hatred and self abuse and self destruction!

    12. Does Neturei Karta pay VIN for yearly advertising of their events? I understand that Reuters and BBC love yearly circus shows from N.K. but why are they shown here all the time when people already know their desperate attention seeking tactics by now? Neturei Karta is just like PETA: boring, uncreative, stale in ideas, retarding, and not even entertaining as they were in the past.

    13. Zionism is not the problem. The fact is that Hashem let there be zionism and let it go to its coasting way of living in this past 2 centuries. In effect, the nature is that our children have returned to our Homeland and of course, the idea of zionism today is really a non-acheiver.
      To be better prepared for the future, we must adopt a way of “Jewish Existentialism” where by we of course fight for our existence. This involves in the Land of Israel and abroad.
      Zionism was a charm to get our people motivated to do what they did.
      The idea of Existentialism is our Light.

    14. as much as i despise and loath these criminally insane pieces of human garbage,
      i can’t really blame them for doing this,after all these guys where brainwashed to think like this from the time they were in diapers,it is the rotten and disgusting jew hating CHINUCH that they received that should be blamed,
      I should know,because i myself am someone who grew up in those circles,
      you must realize that any kid growing up in Satmar or some of their satellite chasidus,is being taught at a very early age that the biggest catastrophe that ever happened to the jewish people since the CHURBAN BEIS HAMIKDOSH,is none other than Zionism and the establishment of Medinas Yisroel, was the reason for the holocaust and the murder of six million jews is none other than for the sin of Zionism and wanting to establish a jewish state,and as long as this illegitimate state will exist MOSHIACH cannot come,therefore it incumbent upon every jew to pray three times a day for the disappearance of the MEDINA.participating in the elections in Israel is a worse sin than murder or idolatry,

      to be continued

    15. of course we all know all this was taught and written by the Satmarer rebbi,z”l in his two famous sefarim VAYOEL MOSHE and AL HAGEULAH VAL HATMURA,
      now don’t get me wrong i am not saying chas veshalom that the rebbe would have agreed to what these reshaim are doing of course not,but you must understand,that 50 or 60 years of undiluted and vicious hatred to Medinas Yisroel that was baked into young and impressionable minds will take it’s toll,and now we see the tragic and disgusting results,
      and yes Satmar does protest and disassociates itself from these vicious animals,and rightfully so
      but they must take a part of the blame,because these gangsters are the product of this extreme and vicious anti zionist chinch,and they cannot truthfully claim that

    16. These guys suffer from OCD lo aleinu. We are prohibited to redeem ourselves from Golus before the time n wtvr but THIS IS NOT WHAT THE SATMAR REBBE MEANT AT ALL. These guys need meds asap.

      Moshiach NOW. G-d, reveal yourself to us already! Your people are going crazy from this terrible Golus.

    17. Why do these people engender such an extreme response? There are many people that do the wrong thing sometimes. Some of them have crooked beliefs. They have not actually harmed anyone, they have just expressed unpopular, possibly erroneous beliefs. Let us all calm down and have a glass of hot tea.

    18. after 50 comments
      i’ll tell you all one fact:
      tzyomin hate frum yidding
      & let’s be clear on this one, thay hate you when thay see u wear payes/ yamika/
      no I’m not from satmar!

      • It is no secret, here on VIN, that I am Jewish, Israeli and a Zionist – in that order. My yiddishkeit is paramount in my life.

        It is no secret either, here on VIN, that I will vigorously defend the other two tenets of my existence: my nationality and my political outlook.

        But when I read comments such as posheter yid’s latest “fact”:

        “tzyomin hate frum yidding
        & let’s be clear on this one, thay hate you when thay see u wear payes/ yamika/”

        I do not know whether to laugh at his idiocy or to cry over his crazy and misbegotten ‘hashkafa’.

        I have payot and a yarmulka. I wore both during 22 years service in the IDF, I wear them now while practising my profession and עי”ה I shall wear them until I die.

        And no, I don’t need to be “from Satmar” to do that. Just a יהודי פשוט, ירא שמיים with respect for others.

        • Kol hakovod to you and they laid a wreath at the grave of Muginiye who organized the bombing of the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires. In Buchenwald yiden with peyes and without peyes weere killed

    19. Maybe everyone will understand now why there were KApos, why there were Jewish mosrim and why some Jewish survivors married shikses, and German on top. This scene is Kafkesque and only deviant minds can give credit to a terrorist who indiscriminality killed Jewish children, women and men and murdered Americans.
      As long as those deviants exist the geulah is impossible because it is pure hatred and moshiach is ahavas yisroel and achdus. I was called twice t give testimony about my concentration camp experience and purposely ommitted certain facts and here they are

    20. These individuals CLEARLY are NOT JEWISH…..they appear to have so many psychiatric issues that predate what they are doing…..I am sure that at some point, they were indoctrinated and they must do the same to thier own children…dont; you think that this is child abuse ?If they do not want to live in Israel—let them roam free to whatever country will take them in…..they fail remember that Jews do not behave in this manner…..shame…shame…mega shame….! I would also like to know who is funding these creatures ?Who is investigating them ?someone should…they do not represent, Jews who love the state of Israel..who have fought and spilled their blood so that Jews could live in a free and democratic land….I suppose that they do not understand the Holocaust…..? thoughts ?

      • There is no question that they are evil and they represent evil. To me personally, (My opinion of their group) the turning point was when they attended the Holocaust denial conference, sponsored by Ahmadinejad, yms”h. Prior to their attendance of that confab they were looked at as a bunch of misguided clowns. But their attendance changed everything fundamentally. Any Jew who can agree with the old and new nazis even one Percent is evil.

    21. I’m a satmar chusid & my rather is, my father learned in satmar yeshive before Reb Yoel had the stroke,there were maybe 75 buchrim in the yeshiva, so my father remembers Reb Yoel in his healthy years and in his prime, I once asked my father regarding this group of netirai karta,so my father answerd that satmar rebbi was aginst them,my father remembers the rebbi saying that they come from the kelipa.

      My father told me, that he remembers Purim day before the Megillah, satmar rebbi told Reb yossel eshkenazi his beloved gabi (right man hand) to go on the bimmah and say that anybody that will participate with the burning of the isreali flag on lee ave in Willamsburg on Purim day( which they still do)he dosn’t want to have a part with not beolem hasay and not beolem habah.

      My father also told me, that remembers a mayor candidate came to compaign in Willamsburg and told satmar rebbi that if elected he’ll be aginst Israel, so satmar rebbi answerd I’m aginst Israel because I’ve a torah but a goy that is it aginst Israel is an anti-Semite that was satmar rebbi shitah, not what people say today,he was aginst Zionism but in the same Time if they needed his help he was there for them.

    22. Two wrongs doeens’t make one right,

      Because the NK is doing something wrong does not mean the Isreali goverment is right, Guys don’t forget the isreali goverment is the biggest shame for us!!!


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