Rockland County, NY – New Square Teen Arsonist Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison


    File - Spitzer with his lawyers and supporters Jan 24 2012Rockland County, NY -An Orthodox Jewish teenager was sentenced Tuesday to seven years in prison for a firebomb attack on a neighbor in their insular Hasidic community.

    Shaul Spitzer of New Square in suburban New York City previously admitted that he attacked Aron Rottenberg outside the man’s home last May. He said he did it because Rottenberg defied the grand rabbi by worshiping with nursing home residents rather than at the community’s main synagogue.

    Rottenberg, a plumber, claimed in a lawsuit that Spitzer was acting at the direction of the rabbi, David Twersky. The rabbi denied involvement and was not charged. The lawsuit was settled for $2.3 million.

    Rottenberg had asked Rockland County Court Judge William Kelly to be lenient with Spitzer, who was also burned, and the judge came down from the 10-year cap he had promised after the plea deal.

    Defense attorney Kenneth Gribetz said the sentence was “fair and compassionate.” But he said he fears for Spitzer, who he said will be the rare inmate who has had “no exposure to the outside world.”

    Gribetz said he was worried about prison life for the 18-year-old who has “never seen TV, never been on the Internet, doesn’t know who Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter are.”

    “His whole life has been the rabbi and the synagogue and now he’s going to state prison,” Gribetz said. “This is a very severe sentence for a boy from New Square. I hope he can be safeguarded.”

    A trial would have brought unwanted attention to New Square, a New York village where nearly every one of the 7,000 residents is a member of the Skver Hasidic sect. The sect and the village are named for the Ukrainian village of Skver, where sect members were killed during the Holocaust.

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    1. He’s the luckiest man in New York.

      Rottenberg showed a level of compassion for this murderous animal that I don’t think I could show someone if he tried to burn down my home while my family was asleep inside.

      • He is no murderous animal – have you gotten to know the facts before opening your mouth? Have you investigated the story? Rottenberg asked the judge for leniency, cause he knows he is NO KILLER and not a danger to the public.

        Get ot know the fact before you speak, as you dont want people to judge you from just reading VIN…

        • Killer or not, this is a criminal case which is the State vs Spitzer, not Rottenberg. Yes, his letter can sway the judge for leniency, but the end result, the judge is looking if a crime committed and determine the appropriate sentence. Being a killer or danger to others is irrelevant. The story is: 1) was a crime committed. 2) If yes, what is the punishment defined under the law.

        • “Rottenberg asked the judge for leniency, cause he knows he is NO KILLER and not a danger to the public.”

          You don’t know all the facts>>>>> In order for Rottenberg to get his settlement in the 2M range, he was asked to write a letter to ask for leniency for Spitzer. Had he not written the letter, he would have faced more problems. Very few people know the full story of the settlement and YOU are not one of them.

          • I would assume that you don’t either know too much…. In any case the FACT remains that Rottenberg knows that he is no killer and not a danger to the public

            • he almost killed a whole family what do you mean no danger

              and if it would have been a goy would you say the same thing?

              stop excuses and making light of crimes a yid does

            • I agree! he is NOT a killer!

              he is an attempted killer! and he is not a danger to the public, just to the private.

              exactly how much drugs have you taken?

            • Did Rottenberg say that Spitzer is not a killer or you are saying it, Rottenberg just asked for leniency, and you are saying this because Spitzer is not a killer

          • All we know is that Rottenberg asked the Judge to be Lenient with Sptzer because he is a צדיק and has a heart full of mercy, this what the torha asks us to think, and not listen and accept your lushen horha and moitzie shem rah from you

        • ROFL! So a guy throws a fire bomb into a house full of sleeping people, but he is not attempting murder? THAT is the only “fact” that matters here. Whether anyone “believes” or “feels” that he isn’t murderous is irrelevant. Facts are facts.

          Rottenberg KNOWS nothing about this creep’s state of mind. He BELIEVES he is sincere, but he knows nothing for sure. It could all be a phony act.

          If a goy threw a firebomb into the house, but his friends believed he was just “misguided” in the moment, would you have such “compassion” for him?

          FYI: My friend is a Nigerian Prince… he is a REALLY nice guy who was just misunderstood…. anyway…. he has some money in a South African bank that he needs some help with. Perhaps you’re just the kind of “help” he is looking for….

        • I love the folks who say “he wasn’t trying to kill, he was just trying to set a fire”. I can’t believe how DUMB some people are.

          Arson is a serious and dangerous crime. When you set a fire like that you tell everyone that you don’t care WHO you kill. Whether the fire spreads to neighboring houses or kills a firefighter, they don’t care. It takes the sickest of sick people to set a fire. It is no different than grabbing a machine gun and firing it randomly in the street with no regard for whether you shoot anyone or not.

          I still say this animal is the luckiest man in the wold. Had Spitzer come to my door and try to murder my family with a fire bomb, he would have gotten a bullet between the eyes and I wouldn’t have shed one, single tear for him. I would cry for his family, but not for him.

      • Shame on Rotenberg! and Shame on Spitzer – they are BOTH just as guilty as the “Tzudik” who ordered, planed and executed (by proxy) Arson and “Hush_Money deal”.

        Rotenberg got more than 2 Million in exchange for the following agreement which is 100% HEPECH of Tzedek and Yosher

        1) Rotenberg originally said the truth that the “Tzudik” of skver sent his hois bucher to do the dirty work which he ordered.

        Rottenberg wanted (and rightfully so) that the Tzudik should be charged with attempted murder and the lawsuit was directed against the Tzudik head-on.

        Rotenberg was offered SHOCHAD in order to cover-up the Hepech Haztdek Veyosher of the Tzudik and his Kehila.

        Rotenberg accepted the Shochad deal of over 2 million and that’s why (as part of the deal) had to ask for leniency.

        2) The Tzudiks Hoise Bucher also too Shochad of several million under the table (loy yechratz gelt) so save the backside of the Tzudik who sent him and to take the fall for him.

        Not a bad deal for Spitzer. Spitzer makes a few million dollars within less than 7 years he will sit until parole. Not a bad business deal. Anyone know any faster way to make a few million dollars that do nothing for 7 years?

        • Actually, it is NOT harsh and his sentence was extremely lenient. Under the LAW, he was facing a sentence of 5-25 years!!!!

          He was originally facing 15 years and the judge knocked it further down after Rottenberg requested leniency.

          So B’H he got away EASY for a crime he could have been sitting an extra decade for.

        • He didn’t kill anyone because they all (Thank G-D) got out unharmed. Would you be so generous if this story had a deadly ending or if it were your family there? He is lucky that it is ONLY 7 years.

        • Alterg, the saddest part of the whole thing is that skverer higher ups put him up to this, and there is no doubt in my mind that the plea bargain idea came straight from Rabbi Sparky. G-d forbid anyone should implicate the “holy” skverer rebbe or his thugs. As long as the police and the DA are in the rebbe’s pocket, true justice will never happen in that shtetl. And another thing, Alter, when you show up in someone’s yard with a molotov cocktail at 4AM, it doesnt matter if he “wanted” to kill anyone or, as you say, “didn’t wane (learn english)”. What did he think they were doing at 4 in the morning? Stop justifying stupid acts to defend some dictators honor.

          • No body is justifying it..
            Since when is the USA justice system “true justice”…?
            Are you out of your mind?? Al Pi torah even I kill someone in FRONT OF YOUR EYES, but if there was no warning from two people right before that, it is not punishable! So is the Torah wrong?
            Whatever “you” think is irrelevant, cause you will always think different once it involves someone you love and care for!

            Now scroll up # 7 said the best here!

            • No, the torah is not wrong, however, since we are in golus, we MUST abide by dina demalchusa dina. Sadly, it seems that certain people just dont care about that and feel that they are above the law. As the saying goes, if you cant do the time, dont do the crime.

            • Do you really believe that Beis Din would do nothing to a Rotzeach that they could not kill due to lack of witnesses? Beis Din had many tools at its disposal.

              Also, this is the NY justice system exercising its rightful jurisdiction over two New Yorkers who happen to be Jewish. It might not be perfect law but it’s better than most and the Torah requires that the U.S. and all Bnei Noach have justice systems. Someone could have been killed here.

              Also, you basically admit that you feel different b/c as a Jew, the defendant is someone you love and care for. The Torah does not allow for those types of feelings to affect Din.

            • The beth din only exists in youre head it is worse then any goyishe court a thousand times worst just look at the hundreds of molester that arent dealt youre beth din is as dead as a door knob worthless i pity you and youre whole insane new squaer cult

            • במדרש: “ואלה המשפטים” אמר הקב”ה לישראל,אם עשיתם את הדין ואין אתם מזדקקין לפני אומות העולם,אבנה לכם בית מקדש וישבו בו סנהדין,שנאמר “ואשיבה שופטיך כבראשונה”,וכתיב “ציון במשפט תפדה ושביה בצדקה” וכתיב ” כה אמר ה’ שמרו משפט ועשו צדקה כי קרובה ישועתי לבא וצדקתי להגלות”!

            • Clearly, avi #38, you were fast asleep when they tried to teach you דינא דמלכותא דינא.

              Either that, or you think (like Spitzer publicly did) you live “in JewLand” where the laws of the United States of America do not apply.

            • Sorry, but you’re a bit wrong. There is no such a thing according to the Torah that someone doesn’t get punnished for murdering…. When someone is murdering someone not on purpose or without witnesses, he can’t be punished by Beth Din, but he still must run away to Urei Miklot. So don’t be so happy that the torah doesn’t punish murderess.

            • We do not have ארבע מיתות בית דין today but we still have דין ארבע מיתות בית דין it is happenning in front of our own eyes but ב”ה it is done with great mercy

        • You cannot be serious. A fire is very serious. It puts citizens and firefighters in life-threatening situtation. Moreover, the victim will be suffering for a lot longer than seven years.

          If this were a non-Jewish defendant, you would have no problem with seven years for arson.

        • You are a very sick puppy. Would you say the same words if it was your house and your kinderlich inside.i think not. I commend Mr Rottenburg on his compassion.

        • You tell that to the man who’s whole body is burned. I don’t care if the attacker was just trying to light a cigarette and it got out of hand. In the end a man was severely burned. 7 years for that is not very harsh. A man was burned! Say those words over and over to yourself.

        • The article doesn’t give the specific charge on which he was convicted, but it sounds like criminal negligence which in most jurisdctions is described as a “flagrant and reckless disregard for the safety of others or wilful indifference to the injury liable to follow.” Spitzer knew or should have known that setting such a large fire could lead to it spreading and cause grave injuries to others. Under American law, 7 years is very reasonable for criminal negligence. In halachic terms, an intentionally set fire meant to cause damage to one’s neighbor’s property would have to be compared to a chitzav (arrow) rather than nizkei mamom (damage caused by one’s animal) because the accused intended to use his gasoline as a weapon to destroy Rottenberg’s property. See e.g. BK 22a. If under a damages theory, Spitzer would be liable for any collateral damage caused by his chitzav as if he intended to cause it, I would argue that under criminal law an analogous argument can be made — i.e. since he intended to cause damage to property, he should be criminally liable for any collateral damage done to Mr. Rottenberg resulting from those acts due to his gross negligence.

        • Another thought: The Rambam (Nizke Mamon 14:15) writes regarding a fire that spreads and injures a person, “he who lit the fire is obligated to pay for his nezek, shevet, ripuy, and tzaar as if he injured him with his own hands, because EVEN THOUGH FIRE IS TO BE CONSIDERED AS HIS MAMON, IT IS AS IF HE INJURED HIM WITH HIS HANDS…” In other words, although Spitzer intended only arson against Rottenberg’s property, he should be held fully liable for the injuries to Rottenberg as if acted directly.

      • There was no intent to kill!, This was simple a finnancial transaction going bad.
        Rottenberg wanted to sell the house at a higher price than square wanted to pay! so spitzer decided to burn down the house Rottenberg will collect the insurance money (real house value-not inflated!) The rest is history.

        שלא יהא חוטא נשכר הוא כלל משפטי והלכתי הנקבע מכוח סברא פשוטה (ולכן מקובל גם במשפט הערכאות), והוא קובע דינים רבים שמטרתם שהחוטא לא ירויח מחטא ומעשה רע שעשה.

        • Are you insintuating that Rottenberg “hired” Spitzer to burn his house down at 4 a.m. while he and his family were asleep in order to collect insurance money? You’re one sick dude!
          I feel bad for Spitzer since he’s a pawn in a mind control ploy.
          Parents I implore that you raise children to love and fear Hashem while instilling real world values. It’s important to attach yourself to a Rav or community but please teach them to use their own g-d given brains in order for them to make wise decisions.
          To quote a French proverb -“The more things change the more they stay the same”. What a shame I wish Spitzer and his family a real nechama. Now New Square has to find a new politician they can exchange votes for his political release. Good luck!

        • When will Skver realise that Mr Rottenberg is the צדיק and the Leaders of Skver are the רשעים only then can they expect to put Skver on the right path

      • Fully agree with you here. Where was his sense of derech eretz? Why was he wandering around at that hour? This young man certainly was taught the 10 commandments. Being frum does not excuse his dispicable behavior. He would benefit from some professional mental health therapy. This behavior of arson must be taken seriously. I doubt if he will ever become rehabilitated bec. he has some major character developmental deficits.

    2. If Rottenberg wrote a letter to the judge.. There’s nothing more for us to comment anymore! The whole story angers me to no end! I know New Square very well, I feel this kid is a big Nebechdiga victim of severe “Brainwash” and the higher ups should be punished!

    3. It’s a very sad story! This bucher is no murderer and would not hurt a fly. What happened was a tragic mistake from young naïve boys who were lured into this. The media painted this very well “intentions to kill a family”.
      We all make mistakes and we want to be judged in favor after the matter.
      After the shooting in France, killings in Israel or any tragic accident or story around the world, all of a sudden all the comments on VIN are about how “Hashem should have mercy and that we all unite”.
      Let’s not wait for another test. We are being test right now at the moment, a family and kelal yisroel is suffering! This boy has a father, mother, brothers and sisters. DO NOT be stupid to assume you are guaranteed how ‘YOUR’ children will behave and mistakes they might make down the road. Don’t judge and keep your hate comments to yourself!
      Lets all pray the all yidden survive and get of prison to return to their families with Moshiach!

      • He wouldn’t hurt a fly? Ummmm he firebombed a house and landed an innocent man in the hospital, he isn’t a murderer only because his victim didn’t die.

      • I’m all with you, my hart goes out for him and his family. Imagine you would wake up one day that your niebogher got burned and your son burned him, how would you feel ? Wouldn’t you have a heart attack ? Would you be ashamed of yourself to walk on the street and everybody pointing its your son ? Or let’s say its your brother that did it how would you feel ? Even if it would be your first cousin. And now after this you have to be busy with a son-brother that is senteced for 5 years, but we all know he will be damaged for life. They say son in law’s you can pick, kids you can’t we all do mistakes and we all think back and say remember that stupid move we did back then, burich hashem it wasn’t such a stupid move like this buchir. Hashem should help this buchir and his whole family

        • I find it practically impossible to have pity for anyone that harms themselves willfully and purposefully. This idiot’s family raised him in a cult. They are members of a cult. They have been taught that human life is worthless if the human defies the cult leader. They brought this on themselves and deserve no pity at all.

        • that is why justice must be blind

          every criminal has a family and one can say the same think about every single person in jail.

          But my guess is it is only a valid excuse for a yid, or do you say that very time a person gets sentneced

        • my “hart” goes out to you and your “niebogher”.

          I would write more, but I have to go out and ask people what a niebogher is and how you pronounce it. Welcome to America, and remedial English classes are available free.

        • what an idiot you are! Doesn’t Levi Aron have a family too? should he be released because they are heartbroken?

          I am given to understand that Hitler had a son whom no one knew about until years later. do you think people would have judged him more kindly if they knew that then?

    4. I wish that I was the judge in this case. I would have sentenced him to 20 years for arson, and attempted murder; for those of you who think that this individual is not a danger to society, you are daydreaming. The saying “with liberty and justice for all”, applies to the secular, AS WELL AS THE FRUM, in our society. Case closed; no appeals!

      • Thank god you were not the judge, self hated jew is always worse!

        Think about it, even the judge a Goy, who has NOTHING with the votes from New Square, so really didnt have something to lose, saw to give almost the minimum and you self hated Jew would sentence him to 20… I hear u!

        I just wish and pray your children are never caught in a situation where they will need a bit extra understanding, not just drink coffee read VIN and ready to judge…

        • You wrote: “U mean horrible thing. I an glad u r not the judge.shame on u to talk such slander about another jew”

          That would be more persuasive than it is were it not for one fact: you anti-zionist frumer-than-thou cultists living in Rockland County shtetls CONSTANTLY say the most awful, vile, disgusting things about Jews who support the State of Israel, and are too mind-numbed by your cult-of-personality dictators to realize the hypocrisy in your angry words.

          • I am no Zionist frumer just a regular citizen believe in no hate. Believe in free practice of ones desire. I do not believe in slander baseless hatefullness. Not to mention the friction Jews have with one another when it comes to conflict in a chassidace. Ppl thrive on loshon hora.

            • You believe in the free practice of one’s desires???

              I never knew ‘heimisheh’ yiddin are in favor of zenus, mishkav zachor etc.

              Learn English before you try commenting in English. (Not that your opinion would make much sense in Yiddish, Hebrew, French, Russian, Manderin or Cantonese either.)

    5. Reply to 11:

      Yeah only fire. Like the one that killed Rav Abuchatzera told the judge that he didn’t mean to kill him, just stab him to show he is human not super natural.(sic) In the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping, burn down the house but I won’t hurt anyone. Only a fire! get real, or try to be normal.Please

    6. The only reason he is not a murderer is because baruch hashem the rottenbergs got out in time. All of you people saying he wouldn’t hurt a fly – lets see how you would feel if it was your house and family set on fire!!!

    7. Does anyone know how Mr. Rottenberg is doing? How severe were his burns? Is he permanently scarred? Are there limitations on what he can do? What degree of pain does he endure on a daily basis? Mr. Spitzer was sentenced to seven years. What was Mr. Rottenberg sentenced to?

    8. I leave in new square not far from spitzer! And I c the mother a lot! And the all family so broken! Don’t jodge anyone! Nebach! Hopefully he will be out befor u know it!

      • I would hope that someone who “leave”s in New Square would have more compassion for a family that was “jodged” and fire bombed than a family that raised an attempted murderer. Hopefully he will sit in jail long enough to understand the seriousness of his crime and not get out before we know it, since his family and community have failed to teach him the difference between right and wrong. I don’t want someone that dangerous walking around on my streets (and I pay taxes, so they are my streets).

      • He is guilty. He is guilty of premeditated arson, if not murder. He willfully and purposefully set a man on fire. He deserves every bad thing that comes his way, and 7 years is a pittance in comparison to his crime.

        You are probably right that he will be out before I know it, and that is truly a shame. He doesn’t deserve leniency.

        • did you not learn ANYTHING from the comment you criticized?

          u should c for urself the case befor you jodge anyone. (“jodge” was my favorite part of his comment, I must admit)

      • Sure the family is broken if that is the result of their hard work ? of bringing up this boy that shamed them in front of the whole world, klall yisruel and god

      • you are the living embodiment of waht is wrong with your community.
        PS- we should report you for being on the Internet. I would not, because your neighbors will torch your house and you would come crying to the same authorities you condemn now.

    9. I am not chassid or friend of the Skver Rebbe but at least a little respect. This type of bashing least to bashing everybody including their neighbor and their own family

    10. It really amazes me how some people here are so stupid and narrow minded asking for rachmonos for Spitzer. Do any of you give a rat about all the pain and suffering caused to the Rottenbergs? Did Spitzer have rachmonos?

    11. Is he a “murderous animal” you ask? Are you kidding? The nicest person on earth is charged with Manslaughter when driving a car and fatally hitting a pedetrian – a pure accident technically, but calculated arson with sleeping occupants isn’t called a “murderous animal”? You got to be kidding!

    12. As I have said before this young man was thrown under the bus by the community to protect the true evil doers. Given the obvious potential for political consequences his sentence will be minimal at best and actual time served will be a joke. To avoid outrage, the press will be asked not to report when he is released in 6 months. Just watch it unfold. Sad.

        • No I am not insane but you certainly are rude and declasse. As for the answer to your second question, yes it was the political community that figuratively lit the torch by encouraging a campaign against this family. Spitzer absorbed this and acted out to please the Rebbe.

          Now- you can crawl back into your shell.

    13. Not only Rottenberg was burned…Hashem was burned.!!!! One of the biggest chilil hashems in New York history when all the media in the world had this in the front newspapers and on radio headlines..Rottenberg got 2 Million dollars, Spitzer got 7 years jail and 5 years probation..What did Hashem get.? he got shame from a community who are suppose to be role models to Hashem Yisburech….What did New Square do to ask hashem for forgiveness for this chilil hashem..Did they make a Yoim tefilah or Tanis Tzibir for causing such a Chilil Hashem.? Did they write open apology letters to the world that they won’t tolerate such a chilil hashem.? Of coure the answer is NO….So how to we compensate Hashem for Shechinte Begeliseh causing hashem such Tzar and Beeshes ..?

      • I get it. By putting this kid in state prison you are making hashem happy. By calling the media and shmitzing innocent people you are making hashem happy. And of course by posting dumb comments, you are making hashem REALLY happy…..

        • This kid put himself in prison by acting like a criminal and not following Torah. He alone is at fault, not his victims and not the people who are happy to see some justice. If you want to spread the blame a bit then look at the community leaders who egged him on and let him take the fall. The media is not the problem, the comments on this board expressing disgust at a young man firebombing a family are not the problem, only people who are behaving shamefully think that way. It’s the media’s job to inform the world when a crime happens. We live in a country that allows freedom of speech, so people express opinions freely. It’s delusional thinking that people have a responsibility to cover up criminal behavior and that a Jew that commits a crime shouldn’t have to sit in jail for it. So stop playing the opposite game, he was guilty not “innocent”, nobody “shmitzed” him it was his own actions and antisocial behavior, It’s “dumb” that a family was terrorized and firebombed in middle of the night, not that it was reported in the media or that somebody commented on the lack of awareness of the chillul Hashem perpetrated.

        • I agree with you. they are “shmitzing” innocent people.

          Just because the kid was there with a lit jar of gasoline at 4 in the morning dsidn’t mean he intended to do anything with it! this was a complete set-up and frame-up against an innocent yid who was minding his own business behind someone else’s house at 4am with a lit gasoline bottle. How do you try to turn that into something that was intended to do anything bad?

      • This is the most intelligent comment ever.posted in.the history of Vin.can’t agree with you more. Well phrased.hope one will heed in the future.a

    14. avi in #38; you are wrong, if there is circumstantial evidence, then a punishment is possible. Only the daled missos need eidim and hassraah. I think you should review masechta sanhedrin

    15. i hope that the
      “rebbe” and his supporters have learned a lesson after destroying two families. absolute power corrupts absolutely! money is our avoda zora that we have sacrificed our children to.

      • Sweet dreams- two families means abslolutely nothing to the “hierarchy” there as long as at the end it gets forgotten about without affecting them. Just look at how many hundreds if not thousands of families are destroyed by molestation and abuse and they don’t care, or make a yom tefilla etc as the other commenter suggested, as long as they stay clean and can continue holding on to their power.

    16. He could be released after 50% of the sentence is served with good behavior. After 25% percent of the sentence is served with good behavior, he would be eligible for work-release. Which means that he could be out on the streets as soon as July 2013.
      If he does his sentence at Woodbourne, he will have no shortage of visitors DAILY throughout his 15 months of being in the slammer. Literally, this could very well be a YOM TOV for him. For attempted murder of an innocent Yiddishe family and arson, this is NOT justice.

    17. Rottenberg originally stated that he doesn’t have something personal with the boy. If you understand the “system” of skver, you would think differently. Of course this boy (teenager that doesn’t think of the consequences of his actions) needs to get something for his actions and even 6 months would teach him a gezinte lesson. He would never do such a thing again. However, I would want the higher ups to pay. The boy is just a pawn and thrown under the bus in this sick communist game of the shtetl. I have rachmonos on him.

      I would think that Rottenberg thinks the same way. Even he was burnt, he knows the boy was just a pawn. I am sure that all Rottenberg really wants is that no one should suffer the terrorism that he suffered. Enough with that communism in the shtetl.

    18. I question the dichotomy and duplicity of a shtettel and its leader(s) that are able to pay 2 million dollars for payoff, while collecting money under the guise of Torah and Yiras Shomayim. Something is rotten with the state of Square.

    19. Rachmunes on Shaul. But you could look on both side’s. after all he nearly burned a man to death. But as they say in roam you do like the roamin’s do…

      • why is that all the yidden sticking up for attempted murderer cannot speak or write in the language of the country they were born in?

        “both side’s”? “roam do as the roamin’s do”? Seriously? It is no wonder that these people cannot get jobs in the real world, they are functionally illiterate.

        • I would like to “Fahrentfer” Bucher #67 (and “Shlog Op” #143).
          He said: “… in roam you do like the roamin’s do… “.
          We’ve been in Golus almost 2,000 years and have been “roamin” from place to place, Loi Oleinu. Oib Azoi, “roamin” could a Kinui for Bnei Bris. Of course, the Romans caused our roamin. (Kishmoi Kein Hu?)
          Most of us have been in the Western world for only 65 years (post-WWII). Some have been here only 55 years (post-Hungarian revolution) or 40+ years (post-Czech “spring”). Give these immigrants a bit more time to adjust, why don’t you?
          Don’t be so impatient!

          A little humour is always good medicine.

          • are you nuts? do you think that the frum community’s illiteracy is something to joke about? how are these kids going to support themselves in the outside world?

            Your humor, which is at the same level as their English, is neither funny nor helpful, and trivializes a serious problem in our community and our Yeshivos. Glad you find that amusing.

    20. I would like to remind you all!!! If your family would be in bed sleeping and someone put your house on fire, how would you feel? Would you still feel that this was not a crime? Had the whole family Chas V’Sholom been hurt badly, or worse, he’d have been charged with murder….no plea bargaining then!!! The terror tactics should stop right now so this shouldn’t occur again.

    21. i once used gasoline trying to burnout something ,it came jumping back at me.i was on fire,lucky a friend of mine was there .he through me to the ground and put out the flame within 30 was the scare of my life.people don’t know the differents of oil & gasoline.i think the lawyers didnt explain this point .i am shure this silly boy didnt know,as i was 35 years old when it happened to me. somethimes a small town lawyer will do better.

      • Why not release all Tailban, Hamas, all Terrorists and all Bney Chum form prison and giver them “therapy” instead?

        We will send them to your house to give these wild beasts “therapy” on YOUR cheshbon.

        Ohh BTW:
        Why didn’t Shimen and Levi give “therapy” to those who raped their sister Dina?

        The answer is they did give them the only therapy which actually WORKS!

    22. lets view this with an open mind this methed of burning down houses when you want to get rid of somebody was done over 5 times in the past in new square succsesfully so there was clearly no intend to kill,, what he is guilty of is arson in the first degree indangering the wellfare of 5 poeple including kids which he desrves the sentence he got and more never the less the right thing that he should had done was to make a deal with the prosecuter and tell them who send him and who else was involved and get to the root of the problem thats the only way we are certain this should never ever happen again till then we as citicens of the new square villege are in the same danger as the rottenbergs are

    23. אין פלא למה אין בן דוד בא
      אם יש אנשים יהודים ששמחים בצערו של בחור תמים
      ומצטערים על שנים המועטים שנפסק לו להיות במאסר
      אז משיח צודק.
      שלא יבוא לדור מכוער כזה
      אני מתבייש להיות יהודי אם יש יהודים כזה
      שיהיה לכל אלו עונש כזה בבניהם ובבנותיהם

      • Why are you cursing people’s kids for wanting justice for a criminal. It is one of the Shevah Mitzvos Benei Noach. If we would not have justice soon alot of the temmissdiga bucherim might come and burn your sons and duaghters. Will that make you happy.

      • Maybe you should allow someone to come to your house when you and your wife and kids are sleeping with a moltiv cocktail and burn it down. You would make sure not to call the police and not punish the perpetrator. You and your family and friends should come after that and say that you nothing against the perpetrator.

        I think after you do this Moshiach can really come and you won’t have to be embarrassed to be Jewish anymore. And again it is the right thing because if the perpetrator was your son you wouldn’t want anything to happen to him.

      • wow i love to see how all the skvera get so wild and angry, and respound so emotional, and to you 2smart, so you cant take that people are happy that some justice is finally taking place in that harlem deracklond, so you desidet that this is the reason why mashiach is not coming, so what the jew land is doing years and years to put down and terorise people and drinking others blood wasent bottering you, but now something is not going your way, must be thats the reason, u make no sense at all, and ferder more, if you cant take that yidden are so happy that somebody is going behind bars, so how come u curse them the same, is it u want them to be punished becouse of there being happy, that a jew is going to jail? so why cant you understand thet they are happy that somebody who was a inch away of kiling a whole family should be punished the same way. and let me tell you if you are embaresd to be a jew conveart, but stay a skvera chasid, btw no galech or church will ecxept you anyway. i wanna finish, if the skvera thinks even they live in america they are above the laws, why cant they tolirate, that rottenberg live in skver and dont follow the skver laws

    24. I hope he survives prison but he deserves a custodial sentence. Why do we expect any less because he’s a chassid? If he were Black we’d be screaming for his blood. This was a terrible thing and he’s lucky he didn’t get 25 for attempted murder.

    25. So, will you contribute to the Pidyon Shvuyim Campaign to hire “better” lawyers to get this Bucher out of jail?
      When will Klall Yisroel stand up & say “you aren’t Ehrlich & pay for your crimes” and when released be treated like a Yiddishe Ganiv?
      When? When we have dead yidden?

    26. Its unfortunate that this boy is a scapegoat. I hope his father has learnt a lesson .he is the instigator of sending ppl to expel residence in new square. He should be sitting. Feel had for the bochur the most rachmunus goes to the mother. On a nice note someone does have to pay a price for such a stupidity. Hope Hashem guards the boy from harm. A state prison. Bad

    27. this spitzer boy doesn’t get it. he didn’t understand what fire does. now he doesn’t understand what prison means. when he’ll feel the taste he might start singing.

    28. “The sect and the village are named for the Ukrainian village of Skver, where sect members were killed during the Holocaust.”
      Hmmm what an idea let’s name our village after the great little town that killed all our parents in Ukraine!

    29. Anyone supporting Spitzer is giving lip service to acheinu kol beis yisroel. What Spitzer did and who he represents are chassidic values turned on their ear. Meiskite and farkrumpte values created this chillul Hashem. There is no kaparah for it either.

    30. Well, now he can sit in a corner and study all day without any contact with women. His life will be little different from his current life. He’ll hardly know he’s in jail.

      • “ Well, now he can sit in a corner and study all day without any contact with women. His life will be little different from his current life. He’ll hardly know he’s in jail. ”

        Except for the thugs that will try to “know” him.

    31. All commentators keep in mind an important Chazal: The way you judge other people reflects on how Hashem judges you! The upcoming Rosh Hashanah is not that far away, so use caution when YOU ARE SENTENCING a fellow Jew! אין צדיק בארץ אשר יעשה טוב ולא יחטא. Are you clean from Loshon Horah (obviously not), embarrassing a friend is also שפיכת דמים, are you ready for a HEAVENLY HARSH SENTENCE or will you beg Hashem for LENIENCY “in YOUR case”!

      Rethink again – and don’t be embarresed to take back your OPINIONS which won’t change anything in THIS CASE but might change decisions in YOUR CASE!

      וקבל את האמת ממי שאמרו

      • I presume the next time Levi Aron is in court you will post the same thing.

        Only a fool or a blind chussid like you or #7 would use Torah to hide behind facts.

        If Spitzer’s name was Duane Johnson you would be calling for the death penalty and screaming antisemitism.

        Spitzer deserves prison for attempted murder, that he only got 7 years for a plea is a credit to his lawyers, not him.

        Maybe when this all dies down you can offer up a korban, I mean your daughter, to Spitzer. I’m sure the first time she burns the kugel he won’t mind but I’d hate to see that temper taken out on a wife or child.

        • If I am a chusid or not is for me to know & for you to find out. But if you have any kind of belief in the reality of בית דין של מעלה is a big question mark! You sin, you get punished and you could avoid the harsh part of it simply by “keeping your comments to yourself”.

    32. 7 years? for ATTEMPTED MURDER!! what a perversion of justice!? he is lucky that the SANHEDRIAN is not judging the case. He deserves what he TRIED to do to them! Well I guess in heaven what is to be will be and not for us here on earth.

    33. Its unfortunate that this boy is a scapegoat. I hope his father has learnt a lesson .he is the instigator of sending ppl to expel residence in new square. He should be sitting. Feel had for the bochur the most rachmunus goes to the mother. On a nice note someone does have to pay a price for such a stupidity. Hope Hashem guards the boy from harm. A state prison. Bad

    34. The boy has caused no harm to all u nasty comments writers .
      Its totally unnecessary of one to post spiteful loshon hora. I do believe in justice. However, both u and I know Hashem is in charge and leave things up to him. Unfortunately the bad Satan comes in and a person carriers out an action indeed not fitted for a Yid. I do not know the family but a yid is a yid.its enough we get such hatred from the goyim. Why r u yidden doing the same. Crime or not crime we r never guaranteed in life if one would be in such a situation cv. Its unreal how some of u comment.things do come back to haunt in life.

    35. After reading all the comments here, certain things come to mind. As much as I agree that this kid was thrown under the bus, the fault lies in his parents and his upbringing. When you are taught from day 1, that the Rebbe is bigger than Hashem, this is the behavior you get. As someone else mentioned, this is not the first arson incident. Spitzer never dreamed that he would get caught. Once caught, being that he is quite naive, his parents should have made sure to finger those that put him up to it. Anyone that believes he acted alone is as naive as he is. However, being that the Rebbe is the supreme being in their universe, I have no doubt that he orchestrated the plea deal in order to keep the true guilty parties out of trouble. Hopefully, they and the Rebbe will have learned a lesson from this and we never hear of another arson again. On another note, I cannot understand how some people feel that “he is a good boy, he didnt mean to hurt anyone, etc”. He broke the law. The laws of the USA override the laws of JewTown. There is no such thing as “lets just forget about it”. You want Moshiach, learn to behave like a Jew and treat your fellow Jew with respect.

    36. This boy is a Korben Tziber, he’s sitting for the crimes committed against humanity by the people of New Square, it should be proven by the fact that this boy was living in the Rebbes house, it’s known that he wasn’t personally close to the Rebbe but it shows from heaven who was really supposed to be punished.

      People say how innocent he is, being a young boy, just know that ALL of the 9/11 terrorists were about the same age….

      • what is your point? was he standing in a stranger’s yard at 4am with a lit jar to set a fire with people sleeping inside, or are you denying that as well?

    37. I would like to make 1 thing clear given the way some ppl keep on writing what a big animal murderer this bucher is. It is a huge difference if someone stabs someone in the back or light a fire on someone’s porch with intentions of scaring him off!! how many fires did you light when you were a teenager?? Or how many other dangerous things did you guys do without thinking the consequences or how many ppl might get hurt?? That’s a teenager, Its still a big crime and im not trying to downplay it but he is not a “cold blooded murderer” as it was NEVER his intention to actually kill anyone. The prosecutor and the media tried to make it sound as if he came to wipe out a whole family and by reading most of the comments it looks like they made a pretty good job!! I fully agree that a big crime has been committed here but again he is not a cold blooded murderer, in the worse case you can call him a stupid naive crazy person.
      I don’t justify what he did or talking about his sentence if its harsh or good, im only commenting on the “cold blooded murderer” comments.
      And to those ppl who keep asking if i would still have rachmunis if the defendant would be a goy the answer is NO coz i don’t know him but if it would be your son/brother/cousin/friend or whatever you WOULD have rachmunis and pity him/them and u can write as many times as you want that you would not have rachmunis but im sorry, i don’t believe you!!

      • Not only did I not light ANY fires when I was a teenage, but i know no one who lit a fire to someone’s inhabited home.

        I will also say that you are an idiot to try to convince anyone that this was intended as a joke or prank, because if it were, the person would have done it during the day when the house was empty, not at 4 in the morning when it known that all of the family is sleeping inside.

        If you think you can explain how your “bochur” intended to control the fire after he started it, I would love to hear your story. no hose, no fire extinguisher, no anything to help.

        This is what is called a “depraved indifference to human life”. any other attempted explanation, like yours, is pure bull****.

        I hope he rots in jail.

    38. him but if it would be your son/brother/cousin/friend or whatever you WOULD have rachmunis and pity him/them and u can write as many times as you want that you would not have rachmunis but im sorry, i don’t believe you!!

    39. If you are from New Square and reading this comment, please take this heartfelt advice and enroll in some reading and writing courses. Maybe even consider an ESL (English as a second language) course. It’s pretty obvious that the comments defending the arsonist are all from residents of New Square, the spelling and language of these comments are the equivalent of a 6 or 7 year old with a secular education. You are being denied a real education, not because that’s what is halachically required, but because your leaders want you to remain ignorant. They are using you to fulfill a personal agenda, teaching you a very narrow view of the world and you are NOT following what Hashem wants. A Jew cannot commit serious crimes and still be frum in the eyes of Hashem. A water balloon is a prank a fire isn’t a prank, when it’s used incorrectly it’s a tool of murder and destruction. An 18 year old is not a kid, he is old enough to vote, drive, get married, join the army, go to college, have babies etc., he is certainly old enough to have better judgement than setting a fire at the home of a sleeping family.

      • “It’s pretty obvious that the comments defending the arsonist are all from residents of New Square, the spelling and language of these comments are the equivalent of a 6 or 7 year old with a secular education.”

        You are SO correct! I own an employment agency in Rockland and the New Square people come in to look for jobs. I give all candidates the same test, and not ONE has ever passed the test for either spelling, math, or reading. Most are reading at a second grade level. I try REALLY hard to help them, and it’s an impossible task. Apparently, multiplication and division are not taught in their Yeshivas. These tests are standarized and one man even told me I hated Jews for giving him a test! Parents, if you love your kids, please teach them at least basic language skills. They don’t even know what a sentence is!

    40. 7 yrs hell get to know the world now -He didnt know the world b/c they had him imprisoned in a make believe shvindle velt where everything is shvindel and sheker and krum on the heighest level those who know what i know, know what i am saying. This is viet from yiddishkeit its frume krumkeit .The boy is not realy 100% guilty-The Manheegim are.The live in a non torah makebalieve world ,where the Rebbi is tops not the Torah and Halacha

      • “ before anyone comments please learn hilchos shmiras haloshon ”
        Good morning rip van winkle. You can now crawl back into your hole and go back to sleep.

        • You’re hilarious, I actually laughed out loud. I couldn’t figure out why somebody posted that 36 hours and 157 comments late, but clearly you figured it out. Thanks for the laugh, I needed one today.

    41. The kids in New Square were told today that Spitzer was a victim of a bilbul’ and he is a kurben’ of the sitreh’ achreh’ and they have to be machuzik in emunas tzadikim?????

      When are they going to learn to deal with reality??? What has amunas tzadikim brought them as a community???

      Instead of saying, kids, if you’re going to terrorize other people, you will end of being prosecuted and punished and our vote block can’t protect you or manipulate your verdict and help you jump the system, they run around saying that it’s some gezaireh min hashumayim and a bilbul???

      When is skvereh rebbe going to take off his mask and face reality???

      • They tell the kids that Spitzer was a victem of a bilbul. Do they think they can fool the kids the kids see right through them kids you can not fool they smell the lies. They can only fool themselves not others.

    42. Here is some of the rhetoric coming out New Square hierarchy in the last 24 hours.

      1)The ”world” is celebrating our heartbreak because They’re jealous at our pious and modest shtetl and derech.

      2)It’s the same sitreh achreh that has haunted us since the inception of the shtetl.

      3)Rottenberg is evil 2nd coming of Shabseh Tzvi YM”S and it’s all his fault and he had it coming.

      4)Skver has always sought the peacful route to resolve issues even when it threatened its existence and the kicking out of scores of families. (I.e. Belz uprising).

      5)Spitzer is an innocent kurben of a bilbul and its a gezeireh min shomayim.

      6)The Spitzer’s have not consulted the rebbefor legal advice therefore the outcome was what it was.

      7)These gezairos come from hisrashlus’ in emunas tzadikim (plural?) and everyone has to be mechazik their emunah.

      • A shame there’s no like button for this comment- and regarding number 7 the plural is for the Holy Holy son “Reb” Aron Mendy. Those are the only two tzadikim on the planet according to them.

        And I’m surprised nobody commented on the fact that the female lawyer seems to be walking together with the men and even the bochur (who seems to be wearing a bekeshe l’kovid the kiddush hashem he thinks he’s making)?!?!?!

      • Here is some of the rhetoric comming from klall isroel in the last 24 hours.

        Klall isroel is in pain for what Skver has come to disgust and Chilull hashem.

        The sitreh achreh has gotten hold of Skver and they refuse to shake him lose.

        The same sitreh achreh since 1968

        Klall isroel sees Mr Rotenberg as a צדיק and Skver as the evil 2nd שבתי צבי ימש”ו

        Skver is known for their uncontrolable sickenning hate and terror agains the helpless damaging property robbing their houses expelling children and molesting them.

        Spitzer is unfortunately stupid and foolish for allowing himself to be trapped by the leaders of Skver who are trying to show the world how clean and holy they are, א כשר חזיר פיסיל sorry we are not buying it.

        The Spitzers have not consulted the rebbe because Saul was sent by the rebbe so there was nothing to consult as it was all the rebbe`s doing, and lucky for them that they did not consult him who knows what more trubble he would have.

        These gezairos come from the leaders of Skver and for not having emunas Hashem but instead false emunas. WAKE UP SKVER


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