Brooklyn, NY – Hikind Decries Abandoned Shaimos-Filled Vehicle


    Brooklyn, NY – Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) was outraged to learn that a van full of shaimos had been abandoned in Borough Park.

    A resident of the community called the Assemblyman this morning to complain of a van that had been parked in the community since Pesach. When a member of the Assemblyman’s staff went to investigate, he discovered a box van with out-of-state license plates that had received several parking tickets. A look inside revealed that the back of the van was full of boxes containing shaimos (books or other sacred objects which can no longer be used but may not be destroyed).

    “This is not the first time that con artists have pulled this kind of stunt,” said Assemblyman Hikind. “The disposal of shaimos is often done around Pesach when people are cleaning and they have no idea who it is that’s accepting their packages of shaimos on the streets. It’s a cash-and-carry business that’s ripe for scammers. What an absolute disgrace.”

    The Assemblyman is working with local law enforcement who are looking into the matter. Further announcements will be made as this story develops.


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    1. I learned the hard way ,couple of years ago i rented my 2 car garage before pirim,the guy didnt bargain on price and paid 1 month security and 2 months rent up front..
      I was all excited till after 2 months passed with NO rent i called his cell which of course was long disconnected…After few days i opened up and saw my CHORBEN.
      I was somehow very lucky that a neighbor had a camera system which took great shots of him and he was caught and the end his parents paid to have it all removed which i believe was very expensive…Lesson…Never rent a small space withour proper ID and do NOT drop off Shaimos only if they have a telephone number with a hecsher on it…

    2. Last time it was digging up someone else’s property and leaving the shaimos piled high, and now abandoning the truck after taking everyone’s money. Wonderful.

    3. The concerned resident of the community who called Dov Hikind’s office should be given a “hartzika skoiach” for bringing this travesty to the public’s attention. People collecting “shaimos” should get a city permit and a valid “hechsher” from an reliable source before engaging in this “dovor shebekdusha”.

      • There is no legal basis for the city to regulate “shaimos” collectors. The stuff should be collected like any other trash or waste and discarded repectfully in a landfill in accordance with halacha. The city has no basis to decide what is legitimate shaimos and how to dispose of it.

      • “People collecting “shaimos” should get a city permit…”

        This is what living in New York Soviet Socialist Republic does to once (presumably) normal Jewish brain? That you can’t conceive of any activity that could be conducted without government’s permission?

    4. Assuming that it’s a rental truck, it should be easy to determine who rented it. With the minimum charge of $10 for a shopping bag collecting Shamos is quite a lucrative business even if you pay to bury it properly. I hope the Assemblymember releases the names of those responsible for this.

    5. The shaimos business for some is a sham.
      I spoke with a friend who operates such a “business”
      what they do is charge for the bags– and then they decide if it is shaimos.
      Such as if you give a bad of Tzitiz or Newspapers, and they “hold” you can just double wrap it and throw it out– that is what they will do.
      Basically, for you paying $70 they will double wrap it for you.

      the real question is that you may be a מסיע לדבר עבירה because in this country it is illegal to bury paper, and thus you are having them do something illegal… what is the option?? who knows?

      But yes– they should have a הסכמה on them!

      • By the way, some poiskim hold most of what we would call shaimos just need to be thrown out with more kavod than junk (double wrapping) that’s why this is such a big moneymaking business. I didn’t have time to go through my shaimos box so I just gave it into a truck without checking through the bag.

        This is not to excuse those scammers who don’t have a poisek telling them what can just be tossed.

    6. THERE IS MUCH MORE TO THIS SCAM. This truck is one of 20 or so of these trucks that were stationed throughout the neighborhood prior to pesach advertising “Sheimos L’gnuza” with a hechser. On the morning of erev yom tov all these trucks lined up on 62nd St bet. N.U. and 15th Ave. and started transferring the sheimos from these trucks into a trailer to be hauled away. Apparently they ran out of room or time and left this truck on 62nd abandoned with all the sheimos in it. But what is much worse is that they dumped loads of sheimos near the LIRR tracks behind the parking lot on 62nd St @ 15th Ave. There is sheimos all over the place along the tracks, some of the posters that were on the trucks are there as well. WHAT A SHANDE

    7. Where were the police all these three weeks when the truck was just sitting there abandoned on the sidewalk? In these times where terrorism is a real threat, a box truck abandoned and parked on the sidewalk getting ticketed daily doesn’t arouse suspicion to find out what’s in there? It took a resident to alert the authorities? After three weeks? Scary!!

    8. It’s very simple. These guys know that someone will not let this shaimos go in the trash. Just as all the frum ganovim who dump shaimos in shuls.

    9. Shaimos internment has unfortunately been a problematic issue for decades, with the standard of service in this area leaving much to be desired. Much of the shaimos that people would carefully set aside for internment ended up in landfills. In better-case scenarios, they were buried in a manner that was not halachically proper, or in a manner that violated the legal requirements for the usage of the property. Just recently, the Lakewood municipality ordered a large shaimos-burial plot to be uncovered and the shaimos removed, because it was not done with legal authorization. Other stories of dumped shaimos being discovered caused much indignation in the frum world, but not much could be done to rectify the situation.
      All this is now being changed with the establishment of the Beth Genizah Cemetary in Liberty, New York. The cemetery is overseen by the Vaad L’mishmeres Hashaimos, under the personal directorship of Rabbi Yosef Schwartz. The Vaad purchased over 25 acres specifically for this purpose, causing a breakthrough that is being applauded by the entire frum community. A solution to the troubling Shaimos situation is finally being implemented!

    10. The Beth Genizah is under the strict rabbinical supervision of the CRC (Hisachdus Harabbonim) and the OU. In addition, all procedures are pre-authorized by pertinent state and local agencies to ensure full compliance with the law.
      Beth Genizah is equipped to deal with large quantities of shaimos, servicing shuls and yeshivos by request. They also provide services to individuals, handling each and every piece of shaimos with the dignity and respect it deserves. The site of the cemetery is visible to those traveling to the Catskills, and visitors are welcome. The entire operation conforms to the rigorous standards of the DEP, whose requirements caused major problems in the past with proper shaimos disposal.
      Since this isn’t a once-a-year venture but a continuous service, it is no longer necessary to wait with shaimos internment for Erev Pesach. The Beth Genizah can be contacted all year round, and they accept shaimos for burial any time with advance notification.
      The Beth Genizah is located near a prestigious Yeshiva. The internment is done with the help of the Yeshiva boys who are on site to ensure that everything is done according to halacha.

    11. With the Beth Genizah finally established, people will no longer have to rely on questionable shaimos services. A well-rounded solution to a longstanding problem has finally been found, to the relief of the frum community. Please look out for ads in your area about Shaimos pick-up times and locations in your neighborhood. For more information, the Vaad L’mishmeres Shaimos can be reached at 845-782-2648, or visit

      • I checked out However, there is one glaring statement that set alarm bells ringing in my mind:

        ***”Cemetery: Beth Genizah Visiting Information: by appointment only”***

        Why? What does the “Vaad L’mishmeres Shaimos” have to hide or to cover up at its cemetery?

        • I don’t see the problem with this. Do you expect someone to be available at the cemetery 24/7 to show you around? I think it makes perfect sense to do schedule appointments for visits. Or am I missing something?

          • Yes, you might “be missing something”. Jewish cemeteries have their gates wide open to visitors five (even six, sometimes) days a week. Shabbatot and yamim tovim are excepted, of course.

            All except this one.

            Therefore I ask what are the owners hiding? Perhaps if someone would take the trouble to go there he/she might (note that I wrote “might”) find boxes of shaimos lying on the ground and rotting in the rain, just like at a public landfill site for household and industrial garbage, with no one bothering to bury those shaimos kedat ukedin.

    12. i was in the buisness for many years and i know what it entails and the expenses .no one should put in their 2 cents untilll they themselves got involved .the over head is huge!i know people that lost their houses and cars in this buisnes .so instead of us jumping on him we as a frum god fearing community we should get together and make a fund to raise money to not only help bury it but also help this poor bucher cut his losses .and then maybe moshiach will come .it never hurt to have a little bit of ahavas yisroel .who knows if this guy is able to sleep at night .thanx in advance .god bless all the shaimos collecters for all the good things they do for the community .its time for us to give back

    13. I don’t get it. There are trucks with young people accepting drop offs of shaimos parked on city streets for days at a time. Isn’t there some sort of regulation on street vendors? If they began selling sandwiches, the city would jump on them for fees and taxes. I’m not looking for additional expenses, and certainly not govt regulation. But there needs to be some level of accountability, and this would be one way to maintain a list and record of who is using which vehicles and where. The city cannot mandate hashgachos. But there should be some way of tracking who is taking responsibility for shaimos. Gosh, we have found chumros for everything else. Why not shaimos?

    14. I think it’s also high time that the organizations that flood our shuls with torah bletlech every week own up and collect them back otherwise shuls should forbid them to dump on them…. Or perhaps shuls should pack it all up after shabbos and ship it back to where it came from we’ll see how long they’ll keep sending it out.

    15. I understand that al pi halacha shaimos collection and proper burial is the responsibility of the community at whole, not to each his own. see shulchan aruch.

    16. To No 27 & 29:
      Visiting the cemetery without an appointment is an invitation to free-lance shaimos disposal. The gentleman that operated the vehicle in the picture may then easily have “visited” the shaimos cemetery and just left his load there. Kapish??


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