Belgium – Satmar Chasidim Face Possible Legal Action Following Israeli Flag Burning


    A neighbor took photos of the flag burning which took place at the Satmar synagogue located on Jacob Jacobstraat on May 10 2012Belgium – Citing environmental laws, a Jewish resident of Antwerp is considering filing charges against a group of Satmar chasidim who burned an Israeli flag after a Lag B’Omer bonfire last Thursday.

    According to reports in Belgian news source Joods Actueel, a neighbor took photos of the flag burning which took place at the Satmar synagogue located on Jacob Jacobstraat. According to Belgian law, burning a sheet or a cloth without a permit is a punishable offense, even when done on private property.

    Anti zionistic demonstrations by Jews are rare in Belgium and the exclusion of a Neturei Karta member from a synagogue in Antwerp two years ago was a source of controversy.

    “In Judaism there is no room for hatred,” said David Terry, general manager of the Jewish News. “Do these people forget that Jews were burned in Auschwitz? We must always strive for reconciliation, not this kind of malice.”

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    1. Why can’t these idiots understand we are in golus and to conduct ourselves like depraved bigots and zealots only helps to retain their stereotypes of Jews. I think these Neturei Kartas feel too comfortable and chas vesholom an awakening will come in the worst way. Let them be charged and see that wild behavior has severe consequences

      • You are conveluted and completelt wrong. Its not the flag burning that promotes anti semitisem. Its the israeli arrogant gvrmnt that intices hatred towards jews.

        Get your facts right

    2. Kol Hakavod to the brave Yid who is pressing charges against this Chilul Jashem. What a disgusting display of depravity. What can one expect from a group that is making a fool of themselves fighting between brothers over a cemetary of all things and of summer camps in Ultster County. The Chesed Satmar does with regard to Bikor Cholim DOES NOT GIVE THEM LICENSE TO BURN ISRAELI FLAGS.

    3. Its about time someone does something about those lunatics who don’t have better what to do with their time, they’ll do more good if they sit and learn

          • Perhaps Satmar incites hatred of Jews and makes it worse. After all there was anti-semitism in every country where Satmar had, and has, an outpost. Ridiculous? Of course. Almost as ridiculous as the nk garbage spouted by some.

          • I’m pretty sure that Zionism existed before the 1890’s.
            In the 360’s, under the Emperor Julian, attempts were made to resettle Israel, and to rebuild the Temple. Again in the early 600’s, under the Parthians. Don Joseph Nasi, attempted (sort of) in the 1500’s, and Pinsker wrote Auto Emancipation in the 1870″s. Bilu was in the 1880’s.
            The hatred of Zionism (don’t blame only Satmar) stems from the Talmudic injunction about the three “oaths” that k’lal Yistael supposedly swore. If, indeed , there was such a communication and arrangement between us and the Almighty, which Navi attested to this conversation? Since when can we pasken “dinai nefashot” from Aggadita? What of the “flip side”, the oaths that the Gentile world promised not to attempt our extermination?
            I don’t agree with many other “shitot” in Judaism. Nonetheless, I don’t burn Reform prayerbooks, nor Shtreimlach, the Tanya, nor the Satmar Rebbe’s seforim. In turn, don’t burn my flag! Do we burn Cuban flags?
            If you disapprove of Zionism, don’t become a Zionist, but respect others beliefs.

            • and the gedolim all opposed Don Joseph Nasi’s breaking of the Oaths as well. We see the Inquisition came just when that early klippah of Zionism came just as the horrors of the 20th century came after Herzl’s movement.

            • 1 -Which Gedolim opposed the 16th century attempts?
              2 – The Inquisition was founded LONG before Nasi (try reading B. Neyanyahu’s book on the Inquisition) it was about 200 years old by the time Nasi came around.
              3 -The horrors of the 20 th century may never have occurred if only Zionism existed early enough for our people to get out of rotten Europe BEFORE 1933.
              4- Perhaps you will blame the horrors of Chmielnicki, the Crusades, the establishment of the Pale, etc. on Herzl, who lived hundreds of years later.
              5- I’m still waiting for someone to illuminate me on who the Navi was that witnessed our “acceptance” of the “oaths”

            • If according to youre observation zionism incites anti setism,can you answer me how in the universe can it get worse then it was before israels creation when they murdered 6 million are you for real , can get worse then it was, you are pathetic cant think straight shoite.

          • Your grasp of history is very shallow. Are you to blaming the massacre of Jews in York England in 1190 on Zionism? Are you blaming the Chimelnitsky massacres of Jews in the late 1600’s, on Zionism? How about the countless pogroms through the ages in Russia and Europe? The Crusades—-were they due to Zionism?

            I respectfully suggest that you do some reading instead of just repeating what a rebbe, who may be an outstanding and wonderful Yid but ignorant of history, may have told you about Zionism.

      • That makes sense. Before the zionist came along a little over 100 years ago there was no antisemitism in the world. (Either I just said nonsense or you did.)

    4. This is so stupid. They are being charged on “environmental” (note the word “mental” in that word!) laws, which shows how stupid this is.

      Someone should tell Mr Terry to get off the Holocaust horse as PROPORTIONATELY there were more chasidim killed than of his kind.

      • Yeah and “iron” is in that word too (note how strong the law is). Where do you get your facts from? More Chasidim were killed than any other sect????? I believe that’s factually untrue…….. Have a meaningful end to S’fira.

      • …Someone should tell Mr Terry to get off the Holocaust horse as PROPORTIONATELY there were more chasidim killed than of his kind….

        I nominate Mr/s BIG DEAL! for the coveted Most Idiotic Statement of All Time Award.

    5. Oh great!! Should satmar (neturei karta) learn a lesson hope they’ll get a fine or someone should get arrested!!! It’s not a Hefker velt…

    6. Don’t they know that they are hated in Belgium as are most Jews
      They should be careful they might have to run to that terrible place
      Thank g-d that we have a place to go if needed 60000000 of our brothers. And sister didn’t have a place and look what happened you may not agree with the medina but to put in down and burn the flag in public shame on you

        • For you….right. it doesn’t.
          For his chassidim….it does…
          as simple as that…
          The Rebbe ztl. was VOCIFEROUS, flaming hot… his hatred for zionism and the ills it would bring on society….jews.. He didn’t hate the zionists….he hated zionism. He loved every jew….more than you could imagine….
          P.s. If a country has democratic values, then I suppose, Freedom of expression is one of them…and that lends itself to NOT EVERYONE believing in the same cause.But the freedom exists…even though you may not approve of the action. You cannot say that your “feeling” is better, more… or right…We are all entitled to “feel”, and there were many flag burnings that I’m sure the Rebbe knew about done on Purim…I don’t quite know what the Rebbe’s feeling was on that, because I just don’t know….however…the freedom to express is not limited to any group or cause…It is simply allowed…
          Just because you don’t believe in “their” cause, doesn’t make them wrong…or you right .It makes you anti-them, which you are allowed…as they are.

      • First of all, please learn how to spell English and those are fighting words. The act of burning an Israeli flag goes to the very core of hatred. Yes, burning a flag is their right but so are boycotts of all satmar institutions associated with this Rishas. Until these BeHaymos get a life – especially a spiritual life- there will be proud Jews fighting this lunacy

        • So…nobody is stopping you from boycotting.
          Everybody is entitled to their opinion…as you are to yours. Satmar Rebbe was strongly anti-zionist and let himself be heard loudly regarding the State. His chassidim are entitled to voice his message and not shy away from it. He never did. He was not afraid of what “you” would say or anybody for that matter. He had his principals based on his Chochmas Hatorah…and nobody will dispute his gadlus or tzidkus. If you don’t subscribe to those feelings or interpertation, you are highly entitled to that…but they are entitled to theirs. This is what I don’t get.
          Those that are against Satmar and their shita are doing exactly what you claim “they” are doing. Those against satmar claim that they ARE DIFFERENT AND STAND SEPERATE IN THEIR IDEAS ABOUT ZIONISM…BUT YOU,are trying to force ‘YOUR’ ideas onto them…so what gives.. Are you not doing the same…telling me I am wrong and you are the right one??? There are different paths to G……..d..we are entitled to choose ours..and you are entitled to yours. Hillel and Shammai didn’t hate each other because they saw things differently..
          We come from different places in our hearts.

        • “boycotts of all satmar institutions “

          No kidding which satmar institutions are you supporting? The genius of satmar that it’s self sufficient in most manners, you need them much more than they need you! So I would say to the children having fun burning a rag “mission accomplished”!

          • Stop,and think for a moment all this years Satmar SAID so much HATE TOWARDS MEDENA ISRAEL .NOW the two SATMAR REBBES are fighting with each .When YOU teach hate against another JEW IT COMES TO BITE YOU.

            • Mixing two things up. Both Satmar Rebbe’s are on the same wavelength when it comes to Israel…strictly anti=zionist…
              Secondly…the Rebbe’s really are not the ones fighting….it is the chassidim and the “arrangers” that are involved in all of it…
              They both have their kehillas….and everything will straighten out..

    7. Big deal they made a lag bomer fire, and at the end someone thru in a flag,
      Not worthed to make a big deal out of it!

      I’d rather make a big deal when israili police throws a chusid into jail for No good reason!!

      • As boy I saw Yidden beating other Yidden in Lodz, I was called Yekke even though we davened in the Belzer Klaus and a gedile the yekkes are going to Marysin, in Buchenwald I heard Lengyel Szydow and Magyaren, and only in the gas chambers frime, bundisten, shomrackes and agudisten stood still and inhaled Zyklon B and afterward alle verbrennt in the crematorium. The Satmarer Rebbe was saved by money given by rich Satmarer chasidim to Kastner who worked for the Sochnut. We are told you should not go to a goyishe court but where did Satmar settle their millions of dollar dispute but in a N.Y. District Court. We have the NK sitting with those denying the gas chambers when my mother waas killed in Chelmno ,my cousin and brother in Birkenau. If every one volt zich gezorgt far zein olem haboo and far yenem olem haze there would be sholem in the world.

    8. it starts with the burning of Israel Flag and what will be next??/ these idiots need to be brought to justice once and for all.. itsa BIG chiluull hashem that will hurt all yiden

    9. The biggest chilul hashem is what the Israelis this yiden in Belgium are making a chilul hashem .do you know who’s name they are mechalel ? The Medina’s Yisroels name and they are mekadesh Shemaya shoomayim

    10. The Kotzker said “If I am me because you are you, and you are you because I am me, then I am not me and you are not you. But if I am me because I am me, and you are you because you are you, then I am me and you are you.
      The whole existence of this anti Israel group is centered around being anti-zionist. Its a rallying call for their hooligan youth. Why not teach them to be honest with themselves. Love fellow Yidden. How could they even think of aligning with the biggest sonei Yisroel of our generation. Are they blind to the damage they can do to the safety of ehrliche yidden in the whole world. The goyim don’t understand the difference between Israel and jews.
      Besides which, what Zionism is left to fight? The government that evacuated jews from Gaza killed the zionist movement. Israel is just a country of jews. Come to Israel and show the irreligious that the way of Toroh is Noam.

      • Expelling Jews from Gaza was a Zionist act, because the State of Israel wants to maintain a Jewish majority, by not annexing the land they won and by kicking out Jews from their homes. The idea of a Jewish State is what Zionism is about.

    11. To #5. Believe what you want, but don’t change history.
      Jewry in Lithuania and environs (very few chassidim there), Germany, Ukraine and others were completely decimated. Lithuanian Jewry was almost wiped out 100%.
      Hungary (where Satmar comes from) suffered “PROPORTIONATELY” much less.
      This is why Chassidic customs have so overwhelmed general Orthodox customs.
      Examples of such chassidic customs that after the war were adopted by the few remaining “Litvisha”, “Yekes”, and others include haircuts at the age of 3, fires on Lag B’omer, long payos, black hats, etc.
      To say that “PROPORTIONATELY there were more chasidim killed than of his kind” is sheer ignorance!

    12. When you burn an Israeli flag, that is a hate crime! It is so painful to watch a Jewish person burn an Israeli flag in a European country. We are hating ourselves!!! We don’t have enough Europeans hating us? Have we lost our collective minds? To me, the Israeli flag stands for safety and a haven for Jews everywhere.

      Are these hate-filled, flag burning people going to come to your rescue should you find yourselves in trouble?

      • It is precisely the sentiment that you rely on that flag as “safety” , as a “haven”….
        And satmar is informing you of an inconvenient truth, that the state of Israel is NOT our last hope. Satmar is here to remind you that you are a Jew NOT because you own
        a sliver of real estate in the middle east.

    13. As disgusting and tasteless as it is, the man who wants to rat them out is adding fuel to the fire. The world will never suffer a shortage of fools, but to bring worldwide attention to them doesn’t help us a whit.

      • this is what you get when you teach in satmar yeshiva’s that the holocausts happened because of the secular and the Zionist from the teaching of the satmar rebbie

    14. Nut jobs!!! This wasn’t the way of that satmar rav reb yoilish, when the satmer buchurim were dancing at reb Itche meir levin’s passing the rebbe was upset and called them “tipshim” . Its a shame what so called “chasidim” have become , instead of. Being a light unto the nations they have become looked down upon, as a dirty parasitic selfish people r”l, these people have lost their way completely , and lo and behold they really think they are the real jews that hashem loves,


    15. what a terrible chilul this how they want their children to grow up?hating their fellow jew?this is exactly what brought tisha baav.sinas chinum.there arent enough jew haters,so we must hate our own?

    16. There is one thing I never understand. Most people here hate these people (Satmar or NK) because of what they’re doing – burning a flag.. First of all – why again is that a Chillul Hashem? What exactly does a flag has in common with Hashem?

      But you scream: Why all the hatred? You should “LOVE EVERY FELLOW JEW”. So you call the Zionist, who are not observing anything of the Torah, none of the TARYAG MITZVOS, eating pork and on Yom Kippur, eating Chametz on Pesach, Marry each other without the required halachas, no TAHARAS HAMISHPACHA, etc. etc. yeah, you call them FELLOW JEWS, and everybody’s gotta LOVE THEM.

      On the other hand, we have thousand of EHRLICHA YIDEN, who try to observe everything from our Holy Torah, and adding even more Chumros, but they do have (supposedly) one big Aveira, burning a Israeli flag. And OMG – all of a suddon, no more love, hate is in the air, they should arrest them, they should teach them a lesson… What’s the difference? Aren’t they fellow Jews as well??

      Especially that they are brought up that this is not an Aveira, But rather a big Mitzvah, and Hashem loves them when they do it. Why should the NOT do it?

      • Many Zionists daven 3 times a day (I do), don’t eat pork, follow Halacha,etc. Many others are Tinokot Shenishbu. I did not spend my teen years in Bergen Belsen, nor on a socialist kibbutz.
        I don’t hate a Satmar who does his own thing, and does not believe in the concept of a Jewish State. I don’t believe that it is necessary to wear a shtreimel, but I don’t tell the world that Chassidim are wrong. I believe that Meshichist Chabad is apostasy, but I don’t burn Yechi flags. In fact, I don’t burn crosses, Qurans,etc.
        When you come to the Israel parade and side with the Palsetinians, when you burn our flags, you stop being an innocent and become the enemy.


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