New York – U.S. Senator Gillibrand Stands Up for Jacob Ostreicher


    New York – As the outrage over Jacob Ostreicher’s imprisonment in Boliva continues to build, a New York U.S. senator has called upon the Bolivian ambassador to the United States to intervene on behalf of the jailed Brooklyn businessman.

    In a letter sent today to General Freddy Bersatti Tudela at the Bolivian embassy in Washington DC today, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand expressed her concern about the lengthy legal wrangling in the Ostreicher case, which has included twelve cancelled hearings and several different judges but has so far not included giving Ostreicher the opportunity to defend himself in court, despite his eleven month incarceration.

    Senator Gillibrand cited Ostreicher’s poor health and the hunger strike that he has recently undertaken in order to draw attention to the injustice in his case and requested that Bolivia not tarnish its reputation in the international community by depriving Ostreicher of the opportunity to defend himself in a proper legal venue.

    “I am deeply concerned by the treatment of Mr. Ostreicher who has been held without a full hearing and denied the ability to practice his religious beliefs,” said Senator Gillibrand in a statement released to VIN News. “I am hopeful that he will be given a chance to present his defense and refute these charges in court without any further delay.”

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