New York – Space Shuttle Enterprise Damaged after Crashing Into Bridge


    Photo by Shimon GifterNew York – When the space shuttle programme was in full swing, even the tiniest fault could have devastating results.

    But as the iconic spacecraft head for retirement, they no longer seem to be treated with the same extreme caution as in the past.

    On Sunday, the shuttle Enterprise was damaged after colliding with a bridge in Jamaica Bay off the New York coast.

    The damage, which was apparently the result of 40mph winds, is believed to be only ‘cosmetic’, according to an expert who witnessed the crash, and has not affected the shuttle’s interior.

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    1. Twelve American astronauts landed on the moon, and returned safely to earth, from 1969-1972. The Russians were beaten to the moon. Afterwards, NASA wasted billions upon billions with trips to the space station. How have the trips to the space station with the shuttle benefited mankind? The next President should abolish NASA, and let private enterprise engage in the exploration of space. There are enough problems on earth, without wasting additional money on questionable space probes.


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