Paris, France – Toulouse Shooting Prompted Anti-Semitic Attacks


    Security was tightened at Jewish schools across France after the Toulouse shootingsParis, France – The recent attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse “triggered an explosion” in anti-Semitic attacks across France, according to the French Jewish community’s protection service.

    The Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive, or SPCJ, made the observation in a statement about its report released Monday, which documented more than 90 anti-Semitic incidents in the 10 days that followed the March shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse that left four dead.

    In total, the ministry recorded 148 anti-Semitic incidents in March and April. Forty-three of those incidents are classified as violent.

    The SPCJ report was released two days after the violent anti-Semitic attack on June 2 against three Jews at Villeurbanne near Lyon.

    The report relies on data compiled by the French Interior Ministry since the March 19 Toulouse shooting, in which Muslim radical Mohamed Merah killed three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school.

    In March and April, the French interior ministry listed 24 and 19 violent anti-Semitic attacks respectively, compared with four and 10 incidents in the corresponding months of the previous year.

    Authorities also recorded 69 instances of anti-Semitic intimidation and threats in March and 36 such incidents in April, compared with 17 and 37 in March and April 2011.

    The last violent incident recorded in the interim report occurred April 30 in Marseille.

    A Jewish man and his friend were assaulted by people who self-identified to the victims as Palestinians and promised to “exterminate” the Jews, according to the report.

    The perpetrators assaulted the man, causing him internal bleeding.

    SPCJ called the situation “deeply worrisome” and added that it reflected “empathy” on the part of some attackers toward the actions of Toulouse shooter Merah.

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    1. Either get out of France or organize a defensive force where all you French Jews will be able to defend yourselves and make the rotten antisemitic Arabs pay for attacking Jews Do not rely on local police who are either incompetent or uninterested in safeguarding the jewish French citizens.
      Create a strong brutal Shomrim Group and hit the hard!

      • As a shomrim founders wife I agree with you completely, this is what was necessary after the holocaust due to continuous crime.Nowadays if a yid is suffering within seconds they are swarmed by loyal shomrim members immediately however, in europe antisemitism is on the rise and action must be swiftly taken. The more the loosers get away with it the more they try.

      • “either get out of France…” why don’t you live on an island where maybe no one will see you’re a jew so you won’t attrack antisemitism on you !

    2. We jews are not afraid of anything, no terror will ever scare our people. Otherwise israel wouldn’t still be here. This is G-Ds war that terrorist are fighting and will surely never succeed. G-d says we should not fear terror, if someones afraid he/she must strengthen their faith. We the jewish people have existed the longest out of anyother religion. Clearly we have a higher source thats has watched and continues to even this very second.

    3. I am very angry at France because there is not much of a response from the French government. A powerful and brutal reply to anti-Semitism from the government there is necessary.
      Here are some ideas they could use there! The French government should give long prison terms to those convicted haters, investigations of entire Muslim families immigration paperwork, and police presence in Jewish neighborhoods, plainclothes police patrols.
      Question: Why haven’t the French done much?
      Answer: Because it does not affect the French Catholics…YET.
      Also, now we all see why people make fun of the French about them always running to grab the white SURRENDER flag. They are afraid. They are especially afraid of the Muslims especially after they allowed them to pour into France like a large slit in a bag of sand.
      SHAME on you FRANCE!!!
      France screams, “Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood” but they forgot how to spell the word, JUSTICE.

    4. This is a country that does not learn the error of its ways. Israel is filled with French Jews because they know that they are not safe in France. France has done nothing to convince its Jews to stay. They rolled over for the germans now the muslims. France’s future will be dismal without Jews. I agree with the comments made above, the Jews in France need to take a proactive position for their safety.


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