Washington – Report: Bloomberg Turned Down World Bank Job In Favor Of A Future Without A Boss


     (AP File Photo/Shannon Stapleton, Pool)Washington – New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg turned down an offer from the Obama administration to become president of the World Bank, according to a published report.

    The report, in the latest issue of New York magazine, says — without attributing to any sources — that Bill Daley, then President Obama’s chief of staff, had “discreetly called the mayor and asked him if he wanted to be head of the World Bank” after the departure of Robert Zoellick. But Mr. Bloomberg declined, because “Bloomberg did not want to have a boss, and he’d already begun to retool his life for his post-mayoralty,” according to the magazine.

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      • The Board of Directors of the World Bank, who are finance ministers around the world. Bloomberg is correct for not wanting to get pulled in multiple directions simultaneously. He’ll live longer and happier…

    1. Bloomberg has a boss, or more precisely, 8 million of them. His Imperial Idiocy may consider them his subjects, but he’s responsible to those New Yorkers who elected him, and for that matter, those who didn’t.

      This stinking little shmendrik is gonna learn that lesson the hard way.


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