Brooklyn, NY – Fatal Bicycle Accident


    A Jewish woman was biking down Bedford Ave. when she was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Empire Blvd. She was pronounced dead by paramedics upon their arrival. Brooklyn, NY – Emergency response units are on the scene of a bicyclist that was fatally struck by a truck in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.

    The 20-year-old female was hit at Bedford Avenue and Empire Blvd and has succumbed to her injuries.

    Chesed Shell Emes on the scene, NYPD Highway Accident Investigation Squad is responding to the scene.

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    1. This kind of thing always reminds me of Unasaneh Tokef on Yom Kippur….my sympathies to this poor woman’s family.

      That being said, however, I am not that surprised that this occurred. I drive in that part of Brooklyn almost every day. With the gentrification of Williamsburgh and Crown Heights has come a wave of yuppie types who ride their bicycles everywhere. They wear helmets but are very unsafe, weaving around and between moving vehicles. Once a bike rider grabbed hold of my car to let him gain speed more quickly. I don’t know if this person was one of them, but if she was, I hope her lesson won’t be lost on the others.

      • As a fellow 5 towns-er I am shocked by your insensitivity. The blood of this girl has not even been cleaned off the streets and you are making one idiotic comment after another. Was she a yuppie? Did she grab hold of a car to go faster? Why would you paint her picture in that way? I’ll tell you why you do it: as a defense mechanism. It’s much easier to be cynical than cry over the sad news.

        • Um, did you read the first two lines of my post? The part where I send my sympathies to her poor family?

          And also, did you read the part where I said “IF” she was one of the yuppie types?

          And how am I being insensitive? I feel bad that this poor girl died in this accident. But I’m simply saying that IF she was one of the yuppie types, I hope that what happened to her should be a lesson to other yuppies and to be careful of how they ride on Brooklyn streets. That’s being insensitive?

        • As a Crown Heights resident who does not know the nifteres A”H, thank you for your common sense & sensitivity. This is a terrible tragedy, no matter where it happened or to whom, Jew or Gentile.

      • “Once a bike rider grabbed hold of my car to let him gain speed more quickly. I don’t know if this person was one of them, but if she was, I hope her lesson won’t be lost on the others…”

        What a stupid and insensitive to say. Should you find it in the depths of your aching heart to go be manchem aveilim, please DON’T repeat this foolish statement to the family.

    2. to 5t- the sad part of your comments is after people pointed out to tou how tottaly insensetive you are you are reapeting your stupid comments and thoughts

    3. It seems that both the cyclists and the truck driver, both made major safety driving errors.

      The Truck driver should have been arrested for reckless driving since there are no skid marks, indicating that the truck did not even make any effort to stop. Even after the front wheals of the truck ran her over, he made no effort to stop and ran her over again with his back wheals too!

      The cyclists also made major error in driving the wrong way on the wrong side of the street, especially down-hill and at high speed.

      Bedford ave at the corner of Empire, is a 2 way street and has 2 bike lanes in 2 different directions. A contributing factor was that the cyclists was driving on the wrong side of the steet, the wrong way and at high speed.

    4. I once heard a cyclist saying Tefilas Haderech, asking Hashem to keep him safe.

      A “BAS KOL” from heaven echoed back asking the cyclist to:

      “Give G-d a break and and help out a little by at least following some of the rules of the road, sometimes”.


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