Brooklyn, NY – BQE Billboard Warns Jews That Manhattan Is Unkosher


    File photo by Eli WohlBrooklyn, NY – “Dear Jew: You are entering a dangerous place. Shield your eyes.”

    That’s the Hebrew-language text on a huge billboard that an Orthodox group has paid to post alongside a Brooklyn highway.

    The “dangerous place” is Manhattan. The danger isn’t specified, but it’s clear they’re not talking about muggings.

    Presumably directed at ultra-Orthodox Jews traveling to Manhattan for work, the billboard is sponsored by an organization called the Congregation of Yad Moshe, which appears to have ties to New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

    There’s no explanation on the stop sign red billboard, but the message is clear: Manhattan is unkosher. Stay in Brooklyn.

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    1. They are right. As someone (a woman) who spends a lot of time in Manhattan usually not be choice, I see disgusting things definitely not by choice. You have to look at the sidewalk sometimes!

    2. Excellent idea! Brilliant! One of the best community services ever!!!! I am proud to be a frum jew!!!!!!! Next should be a sign that being honest is a minhag, maybe that will cause people to be straight!

      • “Next should be a sign that being honest is a minhag, maybe that will cause people to be straight!”

        So true, And there ought to be one pointing out the issurim of a gay lifestyle—and maybe that, too, will cause people to be straight.

        Because, as we all know, spending tens of thousands of dollars on simplistic billboards has a major effect on everyone’s actions and hashkafos.

    3. And tomorrow we’ll find out that Congregation Yad Moshe has commercial real estate interests in Brooklyn . . . (or maybe not, but this doesn’t smell right).

    4. Its time to stop these nonsense and shut up!! Its just enough what’s going on internally, no need to advertise all the mashigasen, its only increasing anti semetism, instead let the rabunim preach for the communitys (in the right way)

    5. where did it say Manhattan on that sign? all it said was guard your eyes. if that’s important enough to someone to spend on, why should it bother anyone

    6. 18 very well said maskim utzum to you avu kumt arein mishkav zachor vitriol you must be one track minded or something you see a man and automatically think hes gay

    7. all those people who think that such a billboard is good or normal ought to move to the amish country. live without running water and electricity, without cars, cell phones , etc…i’ll take manhattan!

    8. People should spend their money any way they want. Why their next sign might include a warning about the danger to young children posed by some frum men in Brooklyn.

    9. Does anyone else see the irony of posting “shield your eyes” on a billboard adjoining a busy highway? I prefer that people keep their eyes on the road when they are behind the wheel. I wish that ANY and ALL billboards along busy roads could be prohibited so as to not cause drivers to take their eyes off the road to read a catchy advertising slogan. It only takes a minute for tragedy to happen. As far as “dangerous” Manhattan is concerned, I commuted into the city five days a week for twenty five years and despite all that went on, I’m still frum after all these years!!! If one’s inner character is strong, nothing outside can affect it.

    10. Some commentators here are outright apikorsim. The Torah forbids staring at immodest dressed women and considers homosexuality a capital offense.

    11. I dont understand what any of this has to do with Dov Hikind. Why does the article bother mentioning him at all?? Can someone please explain the connection?

    12. We need to make use of the billboards. We need sighns sponsored by frum yidden against gays,evolution and other such issues. Also if the secular Israeli government seeks to draft yeshiva boys in August, let’s campaighn here against them. We frum yidden can outvote any supporters of Israel if they refuse to pressure Israel to stop harrassing the frummer in Israel. I think I will speak to some wealthy askunim here in Boro park for ad money.


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