Five Towns, NY – Maid Accused Of Stealing a Combined of $42,000 from 3 Houses


    Five Towns, NY – She cleaned their homes and then cleaned them out of their prized possessions.

    That’s what police in Nassau County are saying about a Queens woman who worked for several families in the Five Towns area.

    Osmina Guzman of Far Rockaway is accused of stealing cash and jewelry from three homes totaling $42,000. Guzman was employed for more than a year-and-a-half by working moms with small children.

    Police said Guzman worked in Woodmere on Lark Court and Howard Avenue, and in Cedarhurst on Arlington Road. Families noticed missing valuables for months but never dreamed that it was the work of the trusted maid.

    “You take someone into your house, she lives with you and you hope for the best,” Woodmere resident Toby Wolfson said. “You don’t know.”

    In the end, it was the disappearance of an entire set of sterling silver that prompted the homeowners to confront Guzman. A victim’s relative said that she confessed, but the silver was long gone.

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    1. There have been similiar stories in Brooklyn about cleaning ladies from certain Eastern European Countries stealing from their employers. It has been the view of many chashuve rabbonim for many years that heimeshe yidden should take care of their own homes and not employ goyim to do what they can do for themselves. In this case, the consequences are clear and should be a warning to those that go against the views of gadoyley yisroel.

      • Yes. Everyone understood the reference to Polish maids.

        What I see that’s far worse are the people who entrust their precious children to Polish babysitters. Nothing is sadder than to see Jewish children in the park with Polish babysitters rather than their parents, especially on Shabbos.

        I find it tragic that these people would never dream of giving the babysitter thousands or millions in cash to watch, but they willingly give holy neshamos which are far more valuable. So sad.

        • The funniest episode I can recall was back about 5 or 6 years ago when we were visiting our kids in BP and we took our grandchildren to the park and there were several clusters of little childrens with payos dressed in the traditional chassideshe lvush for kids (probably Bobov) and it was clear they were being supervised by 2 or 3 Polish nannies. What caught our attention was the kids singing along in what sounded like Polish (but it could have been another Eastern European language) a wonderful rendition of that all time yiddeshe favorite nigun “Silent Night”. Obviously, the kids has no clue of what they were happily singing as they marched around the park.

      • I happen to know a number of gadolim, some are still with us and some that are not zt”l, who employ(ed) goyisher servant women, most typically polish, some part time, some full time. So it’s not clear. Besides, if I can afford to have a goyta clean my bathrooms, why should I make my dear wife do it? Ours happens to be American, but in the past we had polish and Latin ones.

    2. After going to police i beleive they should go to their Rabbi to kosher their kitchen because obviously she wasnt scared to steal all that money so do you think she was scared to make herself an omelette when NOBODY was looking???

    3. PLEASE be careful and install webcams in your homes if you are going to have eino yehudim working there. We had a babysitter who had worked for three different frum families and came with glowing recommendations. When we setup a webcam we learned that she was yelling at the kids. After she was no longer working for us, our son told us that when they were in the park she used to eat her “medicine” that wasn’t for him, but if he was good she would let him have some. This medicine was sunflower seeds. She knew she couldn’t give it to him in the home, but when they weren’t in the house she let him eat it.

    4. Look around in the Yeshivas, stores and restaurants who the help are and you will see that it is not Yidden. Yidden don’t want to do this type of work and at the rate of pay that these people get.

    5. In my many years of marriage, I only employed a non Jew once to help me clean, because I was sick and needed help, and it was with my supervision, there were other members of my family in the house at the same time. If I ever need help again, I would never leave the help unsupervised.

    6. Why any Yid would hire an anit-semite is beyond my comprehesion. The Polacks are the worst bar none. They will smile at you and when given the chance steal, call you a “brundy Zyd” behind your back, feed trief to your children and all sorts of other acts, while taking your money. Why not hire a Jewish housekeeper? There are plenty of our own people who would be pleased to have a job and a parnassah.

      • If I could find a Jewish woman who is willing to clean houses for pay, I would definitely consider it. But there is no such thing. American shiksa of Italian ethnicity that we have now is the best we could find.

      • Who said this woman was Polish? (She’s NOT) She was employed by Jews for over 20 years and never did anything before. That is why these families trusted her. She also worked for other very prominent people in the community before and once again, never did anything.

    7. How I wish those gedolim who impart such wisdom would also be clear that it is the husband’s responsibility to make the parnasah so the wife and mother can care for the home and the kids. And if she needs help she can supervise the help more carefully. It should be made clear that gedolim do not expect women to support their husbands, work outside the home as well as take care of the home and kids all by themselves. I am sure they don’t think we are super humans or superwoman who wear red capes and can fly, and lift heavy objects with our pinkies.

    8. My mother never allowed a cleaning lady in her house. I had it done a few times when i was working long hours and my wife was sick with morning sickness. After that, i did all the cleaning and I have been helping out ever since. You people with your cleaning ladies are asking for it. You spend time doing everything but tending to houses and kids. I see it every day. It is mind boggling.


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