Brooklyn, NY – Orthodox Young Woman Vying For Parker’s Seat


    Michael Long, Chairman of Conservative party, New York State, Mindy Meyer, Jerry Kassar, Chairman of Conservative Party - BrooklynBrooklyn, NY – A 22 year old law school student who hopes to shake things up in Brooklyn’s 21st District is challenging Kevin Parker for his state senate seat and will be running unopposed on both the Republican and Conservative lines.

    Mindy Meyer, an Orthodox Flatbush resident, who is currently employed as a judicial intern for Judge Francois Rivera at the King County Supreme Court and attends law school at night, admits to having always been fascinated by politics.

    “I met Mayor Giuliani when I was twelve,” Meyer told VIN News. “When we went to Washington for our 8th grade graduation trip, I tried to coordinate a trip to meet the president at the White House.”

    A graduate of Touro College and one of five children, Ms. Meyer chose law to study law as a segue into politics.

    “I think many of the people who are in office right now, such as Kevin Parker, are disconnected from the younger generation,” said Ms. Meyer. “They want people who are young, innovative, have new ideas and someone who can relate to the people. When I went around collecting signatures within the community, many of the people didn’t even know who Kevin Parker is. He isn’t involved in the community and is out of touch with his constituents.”

    Ms. Meyer does not see her lack of experience in the political arena as a drawback, pledging to work hard for her constituents if elected and citing her religious background and values as an asset.

    “I can tell you one thing,” vowed Ms. Meyer. “I don’t have experience in corruption. That is how politics has to change. There is always corruption but I plan to stick to my values and ensure that none of that goes on in my district.”

    If elected, Ms. Meyer would advocate for school vouchers, battered women and would create programs to divert young adults who are involved in gangs to educational programs that would help them earn a degree. Ms. Meyer also pledged to tackle the issue of police brutality, particularly when racially motivated.

    “We endorsed her,” said Jerry Kassar, chairman of Brooklyn’s Conservative party. “We filed her petitions on the conservative party line and we anticipate her being a strong candidate. We were very excited after we met with her and I say she will be formidable and a strong contender. She has a maturity and an ability well beyond her years.”

    Should she defeat Parker in the upcoming election, Ms. Meyer would transfer to a law school in Albany which would enable her to continue her studies as well as carry out her duties as a state senator.

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      • Although, if given the choice, I might not vote for her…What are you talking about? Are you worried that she might shake hands with someone? Are you afraid that….oh well what is the difference what you might be afraid of. I certainly hope that you have had a chance to find a job that is fitting for you.

        • I think his problem with her getting. Elected to this job, is very troubling with him and people who think like him is, that she will need to have internet.

          Give me a brake, they should go for it, and do what they feel doing, and be happy with them selves, instead of being depressed mothers who stay home

      • What is her job? To people like you, it must be to make babies and kugels. She can do all of that – and more – and perform a great service to her people. Fortunately, she has a head on her shoulders which does more than serve as a bosis for a tichel!

    1. If she can pull getting at least some support from the African American community she might have a chance, but she needs to be careful not to alienate Frum Voters who might not be comfortable with pictures such as this of her b/t 2 men.

      • Again people are focus on the wrong issues. How else this picture could have been taken? Besides one can not live his / her life based on what makes other people comfortable.

    2. Reply to #2 – you are nuts. There is nothing wrong with her wrunning for government office?wHat do you want her to do? It is a job that will help her support a family and give us another voice in government.

    3. Good luck Mindy! Sources have reported that you took off your first year post high school to study abroad?? Rock on!!
      A fellow M’lossite (’08-’09) Raizel (y) j

    4. Elected to office or not, I think should would be a great match for one of the Tischler brothers. And, yes, although it’s my idea, I won’t demand any shadchanus gelt.
      Mazal U’bracha

      • Sorry, it’s not your idea. The Tischler family already had a Committee set up on her behalf last month at a family member address. She’s older than them so maybe you can get the NASI program funds.

    5. An inexperienced 22 year old couldn’t accomplish any less than Kevin Parker has accomplished. And I assume that she won’t attack traffic enforement agents or newspaper reporters. I had great hopes for Parker when he first ran, but he’s been a complete and absolute disappointment in every way.

    6. If she can inturn for J. Rivera, she can do anything. He’s a very strait smart judge that works hard and demands from all around him to give it 100%.

    7. Wow another idiot from New York running for state senator! She is quite unintelligent and has no idea about anything in politics. She couldn’t even name basic politicians they showed her on Fox News! She does not represent our community, she does not represent Orthodox Jews, and is a shame to Brooklynites in general. When someone uses Kim Kardashian and Legally Blonde as their foundation, you know they are insane. Her other ideas probably were: free candy, a hello kitty flag for New York, and the license plates should all be bedazzled.
      Parents please drill into your kids a sense of normalcy. Do not be afraid that you will be a dream killer if you tell your child that they have an absurd ambition. You will save your child from much grief and pain.


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