Jerusalem – Rabbi Lau Condemns Germany Over Bris Milah Says Since When Do Germans Care About A Jewish Baby’s Cry?


    Jerusalem – Following the criminal charges filed against Rabbi David Goldberg of Hof, Germany for performing a circumcision in violation of the Cologne ruling that “circumcisions for religious reasons constitute illegal bodily harm,” Former Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau condemned the German government for their opposition to bris milah.

    Yediot Ahronot reports that ( Rabbi Lau said, “It is an amazing thing (to see) German speakers discover they are sensitive to a baby’s cry…I did not experience this in my childhood,” he sarcastically remarked. “The Jewish child’s life was meaningless to the Germans in his time, to be treaded upon by every Gestapo (officer’s) boots and the German people cooperated or watched from the sidelines.”

    In an interview with Kol Chai radio, Rabbi Lau noted, “We do not need a license from them (Germans) to live as Jews. If this is the state of affairs we have no reason to be there (Germany). Perhaps it is all for the best and the Jews who are there will understand that they don’t belong there.”
    Rabbi Lau also criticized the plan to have German doctors train mohels in the performance of a circumcision saying, “This is anti-Semitism. Our mohels have vast experience. Rabbi Goldberg circumcised over 3,000 children, he says without fault.”

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    1. Not very tactfully said, no matter how much truth there is in it.

      How many babies die in car accidents? I am sure they would have preferred to stay safely at home. Perhaps it should be illegal to drive babies in cars.

    2. Someone needs to tell these rabbis and Jewish politicians that you can’t use Holocaust guilt forever as a tactic against German politics. Younger German generations do not feel responsible for the actions of past generations but Israeli figures continue to alienate German relations with their petty Holocaust guilt tactics.
      Not all Germany wants to ban bris mila. Not all German politicians support it. There is an intelligent approach for Jewish leaders to protest this ban and work with German leaders for a swift resolution, but using cheap Holocaust guilt tactics will only alienate the Germans that are on your side of this debate.

      • your parents probably were in the USA before the war and never experienced the holocaust…My parents did and they know very well that the Germans have NO rachmunis on jewish children…This is plain Anti semitisim and the world will not allow this to happen…Yidden have sacrificed thousands of years to perform bris milah and they will continuse till moshiachs day..

      • I usually refrain from commenting on other comments and in general I think I agree with your premise however it is a little too broad. Judging by your username I will take it for granted that you are intelligent and are willing to at the very least listen to another point of view even if you disagree. You are right that the current generation of Germans have distanced themselves from the past and have taken great strides in that direction. That being said, there are still many and especially in the government that are still not very removed from that generation and perhaps still harbor not so good feelings towards Jews. We see throughout the world, Peru, Iran anyone?, that blatant anti-Jewish sentiments are rampant and that it is not slowing down anytime soon. While I agree that perhaps Rav Lau was a bit too shall we say painting with a broad brush, he is not necessarily so far from the truth. One need not seek hatred, hatred will find you.

        • Who cares about them?. Lets show HKB”H that we will start teaching our kids the exact opposite of the theology of our oppressors. And that is to love and worry about the health and property of every Human Being, regaldless a Yid or a Non-Yid.
          We will be a light onto all nations

      • There is no such thing as cheap holocaust tactics, six million isn’t cheap. Do you think it can’t happen again? Remember the apple does not fall far from the tree, look at the German youth, did you not see the article before this one (German State Cracks Down On Neo-Nazis)? Not saying that they all are like that but, when were you last in Germany dressed as an authentic Jew? If only looks could kill, wake up to reality.

      • As part of business travel in Europe I have found true Germans to be respectful and sorry for the Holocaust. I found this in all areas and in big cities as well as villages. I only felt disrespect (and true fear) when I was once surrounded by moslems in the airport lower level.
        It seems this issue is being pushed by a few rotten to the core anti-Jews YMS.

        I would rather go by my hands on experiences than get my information from VIN readers that have not been in Germany.

        • I wrote the previous post.
          I am ranting against the know it alls that comment stupidly. IN NO WAY do I argue or disrespect Rabbi Lau, please place my criticism where it belongs.

      • When was the last time u lived in Germany or had continuous contact with Germans? Yes many are not like their parents on the surface, but those of us who live amongst them quickly discover that the slightest thing we do in their eyes will bring out the true German in most of them – either in a leftist or rightist way, but always anti. Be it in disguise of anti israel, “humaneness” or outright nazism.

      • “cheap holocaust guilt tactics”! now you’ve gone too far! maybe you’re over the holocaust but not the rest of us. you sound like a spokesman for the palistinian authority.

      • Find me 1 survivor (or yid) that shares your opinion. Lo nishkach lo nislach! No matter how long! That cursed nation! We didnt start a war with them! Yet they led us katzon latevach! Do you grasp at all what they did? Go read up on the Holocaust! Speak to survivors! Dearest bro, what they did and im referring to the nation as a whole (minus the fraction of rightfull) is just not simply forgettable! They are such anti semites! Were you ever in germany? Try going with a yarmulka there. Ask the local jews how the general population treats them, what they think about them. Sorry brother, but your statement seems to be insensitive at the least and resentful.

      • Almost exactly two years ago I was sent by my employer on a field trip to Essen, Germany. My feelings about this, and how I had to wrestle with my conscience, are not a subject to be discussed here and now.

        In the course of the 36-hour visit I had occasion to meet and to converse with a very erudite 30-year old German man who knew that I wasy Jewish, based on my surname.

        He brought up the subject of ‘Nazionalsozialismus’ – not me – and he declared that a Germany ignoring NZ or “trying to sweep it under the carpet”, as he put it – would be an even worse crime than that committed by his forebears during the 1930s and 1940s.

        He continued by telling me that the need to atone for the atrocities of the Nazis is a responsibility that he, his countrymen and the entire German nation will have to do for an infinite period. He was all in favor of his government supporting the State of Israel in every way possible and for as long as possible.

        The issue of ‘milah’ was not raised, but this young man did praise the Jewish people for staunchly maintaining its customs, no matter what & under all circumstances.

        And yes, I got the business contract I was there to obtain.

      • Roll over and die you “enlightened Jew” todays German doesn’t “feel” responsible. They don’t get the choice to decide if they should feel guilty or not. They are guilty for ten generations until they earn their innocence for as far as we know they would participate just like the grandparents did. And as far our “heimish ” guys driving mercedes and other german Luxury symbols now that their Survivor zaidys have died, how dare you??????!!!!

    3. say it as it is- to all the apologist jews and closet jews- stop hiding the germans will discover you.

      be proud say it as it is – do not be afraid to speak Truth- as it is

      Thank you Rabbi Lau- and by the way to answer your question, They do not care about the cry of the baby jew- they actually want to see you go- to the chambers or at least out of the country- Judenrein

      Frankly nothing has changed- that is the reality.

      dont believe me ask them – they arent afraid to speak the truth- they will tell you- where they want you.

    4. A relative of mine was traveling on a train in Germany after the War. As he was quietly eating his lunch in the far end of a dining car, a Conductor approached him asking him to remove his cap as it is not polite to eat with a cap. He answered as a religious Jew he needs to cover his head. The conductor came back a few minutes later saying the passengers will not stand for that behavior in a dining car. He told the conductor they were able to tolerate while 6 million Jews were being killed but him wearing a cap during a meal they cannot! Needless to say the Conductor did not return.

    5. I don’t think anyone has a right to criticize Rav Lau’s approach. He was only a small child in Poland when he was torn away from his parents and taken to a concentration camp. He never saw his parents or most of his family again, and consequently became an orphan. B’chasdei H’, he was the youngest survivor of Buchenwald. I don’t think any of us who did not live through the Holocaust can understand what he went through.

    6. #7 Quote
      can’t use Holocaust guilt “forever”
      Maybe not forever but perhaps at least as long as there are people living that have lived through this holocaust then they can say how they feel. BTW his book is excellent and you may feel differently once you have read it.

    7. For all of you that are not aware, Rabbi Lau was in a pile of death kids when a man passed by & saw his foot moving he removed him & was revived after medical attention was given to him. So now you intelegiant people can give him the rights what he can or can’t say about the Germans.

    8. The Germans butchered one and a half million Jewish children, and now they worry about Jewish children being hurt by bris milah? And to those who think that we can’t use Holocaust guilt forever I say you are wrong. We can speak and cry about these crimes yes, FOREVER, because such crimes can never be forgotten or forgiven, to the end of time.

    9. When they came for our bodies we did nothing.
      Now they come for our souls!

      The Chafetz Chaim and many others held that we should wage war against the communists because of things like this.

      Normally speaking, I’m not a fan or a proponent of terrorism, but sometimes it’s in order!

    10. Morai verabossai,

      Can we all step back for a moment, take a deep breath and take stock, please?

      A single German judge in a lower-degree court in a single province of Germany (North Rhine Westphalia) handed down a single verdict on the circumcision of a single 13-year old ***MUSLIM*** youth.

      His verdict will be overturned.

      The government of Germany is totally embarrassed by this matter, and is doing all it possibly can to revoke the judge’s decision. As all of us know, that country’s recent history on religious observance is most definitely NOT in its favor, so all us may be assured that a complete and total ban on ‘milah’ is extremely unlikely.

      That said, Rabbi Lau shlita is absolutely right to ram – and to continue to ram – this crucially important matter down the collective German throat.

    11. I agree with #25. Once, I traveled to Frankfurt, West Germany on the way to and from EY. I had to stay overnight, near the airport. From my limited contact with some Germans, I found that some of them are still farbisen. I couldn’t wait until our flight left. I was amazed at all of the new modern buildings in Frankfurt, until I realized that the city had been rebuilt with the aid of the Marshall Plan. Unfortunately, a leopard does not change its spots. The surviving civilian passengers of the Entebbe hijacking in 1976 all stated that the German female terrorist was the most brutal of all of the terrorists, even more so than the Arabs with her.


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