Jerusalem – Rabbi Lau Condemns Germany Over Bris Milah Says Since When Do Germans Care About A Jewish Baby’s Cry?


    Jerusalem – Following the criminal charges filed against Rabbi David Goldberg of Hof, Germany for performing a circumcision in violation of the Cologne ruling that “circumcisions for religious reasons constitute illegal bodily harm,” Former Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau condemned the German government for their opposition to bris milah.

    Yediot Ahronot reports that ( Rabbi Lau said, “It is an amazing thing (to see) German speakers discover they are sensitive to a baby’s cry…I did not experience this in my childhood,” he sarcastically remarked. “The Jewish child’s life was meaningless to the Germans in his time, to be treaded upon by every Gestapo (officer’s) boots and the German people cooperated or watched from the sidelines.”

    In an interview with Kol Chai radio, Rabbi Lau noted, “We do not need a license from them (Germans) to live as Jews. If this is the state of affairs we have no reason to be there (Germany). Perhaps it is all for the best and the Jews who are there will understand that they don’t belong there.”
    Rabbi Lau also criticized the plan to have German doctors train mohels in the performance of a circumcision saying, “This is anti-Semitism. Our mohels have vast experience. Rabbi Goldberg circumcised over 3,000 children, he says without fault.”

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