Maryland – Rabbis Issue Alert For Baltimore Jewish Community About Registered Sex Offender


    convicted sex offender Rabbi Stanley Levitt.Maryland – Baltimore’s Orthodox Jewish community may be getting a new member – convicted sex offender Rabbi Stanley Levitt. Levitt, 66, pled guilty last month to molesting three Boston-area boys in the 1970s.

    The Baltimore Jewish Times ( writes that Levitt, who was sentenced to 10 years probation, was directed to wear a GPS monitoring device and was told to abide by the sex offender registry laws wherever he resides.

    Because Levitt has connections in Baltimore, Rabbi Shmuel Silber of the Suburban Orthodox Congregation Toras Chaim has been warning congregants that Levitt may decide to come back to Baltimore. In an email to his members, Rabbi Silber wrote, “We have an obligation to be vigilant and ensure that the shul remains a safe place for our children. . . If you see Mr. Levitt enter our shul, please notify me or one of the shul officers immediately.”

    Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer of Shearith Israel has followed suit. He posted a letter along with Levitt’s photo in his shul with the following warning, “Stanley (Zusia) Levitt…has faced multiple accusations that he molested young children in both Philadelphia and Boston. He recently pled guilty to these charges. This, of course, warrants our being cautious about him.”

    Abuse experts have said that Levitt is a classic pedophile who has never shown remorse or taken responsibility for his behavior, and is, therefore, unlikely to change his ways.

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