Berlin – German Chancellor Merkel Re-Assures German Jews On Circumcision Ruling


    Berlin – Despite a Cologne district court ruling which declared that the practice of circumcision in Germany is illegal, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has sought to re-assure German Jews that they will still be allowed to continue performing circumcisions.

    Haaretz writes ( that Merkel’s aide, Dr. Rudolf Teuwsen, head of the Liaison with Churches and Religious Communities Unit at the Chancellor’s office, has sent a letter to Menachem Margolin, Director of the Rabbinical Center of Europe, saying that the “German government sees a special obligation to nurture the Jewish culture and religion.”

    He added, “The German chancellor is grateful for the fact that the Jews have once again found a homeland in Germany. Thus, the German government sees a special importance in this issue, and is working intensely to reach a proper and swift solution to the issue of religiously-motivated circumcisions.” Dr. Teuwsen also noted that, “religious freedom is an essential component of our democratic society and there mustn’t be a doubt regarding this issue.”

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