Germany – Berlin Rabbi And His Six-Year-Old Daughter Become Victims Of A Hate Crime


    File - Dieter Graumann, President of the Central Jewish Council in Germany,Germany – Berlin police are investigating after a 53-year-old rabbi and his six-year-old daughter were allegedly attacked by four Arab teens in downtown Berlin. The rabbi required treatment for head wounds at the hospital.

    According to the Jüdische Allgemeine (, the rabbi, who was wearing a kippah, was approached by one of the teens and asked if he was a Jew. The youth then proceeded to repeatedly beat the rabbi on the head, while spewing anti-Semitic insults and offensive remarks about the rabbi’s mother. The group also threatened to kill the rabbi’s daughter. Berlin police have classified the assault as a hate crime, while Berlin’s mayor condemned the attack saying, “Berlin is an international city in which intolerance, xenophobia and anti-Semitism are not being tolerated. Police will undertake all efforts to find and arrest the perpetrators.”

    Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany said he was certain the police would capture those responsible for the vicious assault, adding, “This despicable attack on Jews in the middle of our capital is outrageous and shocking. It is not just an evil attack on Jewry in Germany but an attack against all of us, and against our common values of tolerance and liberalism. It must not be downplayed. However, we Jews won’t be intimidated by such callous attacks. We will continue vigorously to build our Jewish future in this country.”

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    1. Matzav just yesterday reported a crime where a 19 year old Jewish man from Michigan State University was beaten and had his mouth stapled shut by a group of antisemitic neonazis on the college campus.

      • Yet another example of how hyper-tolerance can lead to intolerance. Witness the Munich massacre, where fealty toward an open society and mild pro-Arabism led to murders.

      • Germany IS NOT the problem.

        The problem is that Jews have a short-lived memory.

        How many more Holocausts do we need to finally realize that Germany – or the rest of Chutz La’Aretz for that matter – is not safe for Jews.

        Eretz Yisrael is our beloved Homeland.

        • Get off your high horse you fool. 1)Jews are supposed to BE in golus. 2) what makes you think Israel is any safer (only about 20 incidents a day against Jews) 3) I take it from your post that you do not live in Israel. So don’t preach living there. 4) Only when Moshiach comes will we be safe anywhere. This is the way it’s SUPPOSED to be now-suffering in Golus!

    2. How the arabs love to call eretz yisrael the new nazis; they are really talking about themselves. They are the real nazis and they want to control the world

    3. I am sure the irony of it didn’t escape anybody.

      Berlin. Some shkotzim approached a man and his little daughter, asked him if he was a Jew (probably they are very dim because the rabbi was wearing a yarmolke) and proceeded to mercilessly beat him. Berlin police promptly classified it hate crime.

      East Lansing, Michigan. Some shkotzim approached a man, asked him if he was a Jew and proceeded to mercilessly beat him and stapled his mouth. East Lansing police doesn’t deem it hate crime.

      Where would I rather live?


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