Berlin – Prosecutor Dismisses Complaint Against Second German Rabbi Charged For Violating Bris Milah Court Ruling


    AP File photo: Rabbi Yitshak EhrenbergBerlin – Prosecutors in Germany’s capital city dismissed a criminal complaint lodged against popular local Rabbi Yitshak Ehrenberg over “causing bodily harm” by performing ritual circumcision, according to a document obtained by The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

    A complaint was filed against the Jerusalem-born Rabbi on July 12, and dismissed as unfounded in an August 15 letter. The prosecution’s dismissal document concluded that there is no proof to establish that the Rabbi’s conduct met the “condition of a criminal” violation. In response to Ehrenberg’s appearance on the German talk show “Anne Will,” the Rabbi announced that “we will continue” with circumcisions because it is a core feature of Judaism.

    The Post learned on Wednesday that the city of Berlin, which is one of sixteen Federal German States, is considering not implementing the June Cologne court decision outlawing Jewish and Muslim circumcisions. The Berlin prosecutor office’s document suggests that the Berlin government rejects the Cologne decision. According to the prosecutor’s letter “even if a non-medical circumcision were to take place it would not meet the elements of severe bodily harm.”

    A German doctor filed a criminal charge earlier in August against Rabbi David Goldberg for performing circumcision. Dr. Sebastian Guevara Kamm from Giessen in the German state of Hesse, lodged the complaint on the basis a June ruling in Cologne, the North Rhine- Westphalia state, that non-medical circumcision is a “serious and irreversible interference in the integrity of the human body.”

    The local prosecutor’s office is still investigating the complaint against Goldberg. The mohel, or person trained in the practice of Jewish circumcision, sees the complaint as part of an anti-Semitic campaign spreading throughout the Federal Republic.

    Content provided as courtesy from The Jerusalem Post

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    1. It is now obvious that the federal German government has been very seriously embarrassed by the judgment handed down earlier this year by the judge in Cologne.

      Aside from anything else that might transpire, somehow I do not think that the hapless judge’s career will progress any further.

    2. There seems to be somthing in the “German DNA” that pushes them to go after anything that has a yiddeshe ta’am, even 67 years after the defeat of the Nazis Y’S.

      • Comment 1 writes: “There seems to be somthing in the German DNA that pushes them to go after anything that has a yiddeshe ta’am, even 67 years after the defeat of the Nazis Y’S.”
        If that’s the case, why did the German prosecutor dismiss the charge? And why has almost the entire country of Germany — including all the political leaders — strongly condemned the ruling of the Cologne court? Obviously your remark about German DNA is wrong. But I know it makes a lot of frum Jews happy to lump all non-Jews together and make it seem like everyone hates us. Even when a frum Jew breaks a law or acts reprehensibly, it’s anti-Semitic to call him to account. We’ve cheapened the very meaning of anti-Semitism to the point where no one takes it seriously.

        • El-Al has a service agreement with Lufthansa , the reason reliability and security. Weizmann Institute has a stem cell program jointly with the Max Planck Institute in Berlin. The German submarine Dolphin includes electronic guidance systems made by Elbit an Israeli company which also makes electronic systems for the Merkava tank. It is unfortunate but a fact that the country of Buchenwald ,Dachau and auschwitz is a big partner with Israel. I was liberated in Buchenwald


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